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Location: Laiwu, located east longitude 117 ° 19 #39;~ 117 ° 58#39;, latitude 36 ° 02 #39;~ 36 ° 33#39; between. Located in central Shandong Province, Mount Tai Dong Lu, north of Jinan City under the jurisdiction of Zhangqiu City, east and Boshan District of Zibo City Yiyuan County, Nanlin Tai#39;an City under the jurisdiction of Xintai city, west Tai#39;an City suburbs.

Area: total area of about 2,246 square kilometers.

Zip code: 271100

population: more than 100 million population.

Administrative Region of: Laiwu Shixia Lae, Gangcheng two districts, a total of 30 townships (office). Levin City exempted 25 townships (office), 906 administrative villages, townships Gang Chengqu exempted 5 (office), 164 administrative villages; city a total of 1,070 administrative villages.

Laiwu City in Shandong Province in the central part of a total area of 2,246 square kilometers, population 1.24 million, exempted Levin City, Gangcheng Qu, a provincial-level high-tech development zones and five provincial parks, 19 townships (Office) . Laiwu Gucheng win, MU, is the birthplace of one of the Qilu culture, a history of 3,000 years of smelting. In Timor-culture is an important component of the Dawenkou Culture Ministry Laiwu points, well-preserved Qin Qi Great Wall than the Great Wall more than 400 years earlier, the Spring and Autumn Period long spoon the famous battle took place in Laiwu. Laiwu is well-known essayist Wu Boxiao#39;s hometown.

Laiwu Qilu is the intersection of culture, steeped in history and heritage, beautiful. Laiwu has a long history and splendid culture, is an important birthplace of Qilu culture, is very rich in tourism resources. Timor-cultural sites of the Dawenkou Culture is an important component of some 100,000 years ago has been the history of culture long spoon to reproduce the Shang period of the local people in production and daily life style; Spring and Autumn period of great educators, Thinker Confucius had come to the ceremony, the abalone in the points here. Here are the Spring and Autumn period of precious relics "Yesterday Once comb" and the Han Dynasty three baht money Fan; civil singular of "treasure gourd" and "lentils seeding crutches." There are better preserved than the Qin Dynasty Great Wall more than 400 years earlier the Qi Great Wall; Spring and Autumn period of the famous "long spoon battle" sites, the AU will Qilu Jiagu sites; details have deep historical and cultural mining and metallurgy. More than 40 years ago, again shocked the world of the "Battle of Laiwu," shines through the annals of history. Have occurred during the liberation war in the famous battle of Laiwu Memorial Hall, and other tourism resources in the humanities; Laiwu natural tourism resources mountains, water, forest, Tung, Gap, Lake, waterfall, Quan, a broad range, Laiwu known as the Eighth Shengjing, 10 The mountains, on behalf of the Laiwu unique scenic spots to attract a lot of the history of the Wenrenmoke given to choir to sing. Since ancient times, "the Yellow River to the West", "Jiang" to Kyushu East rivers into the sea, CD-Wen He of revised, rolling West to become a major miracle; spring and summer season, and the sun through different density of gas, obviously refraction, and often The surface features of the air show, the singular Huanjing, Shicheng "Mine was Swiss." Xueye Lake in prime locations, beautiful environment, is the modern Fanpuguizhen, the ideal place to return to nature.

Laiwu Laiwu is rich in resources. 650 million tons of iron ore, ranking the first in east China, reached grade iron ore powder 62-66 percent of coal reserves of 500 million tons, the coal city is the focus of one of granite reserves of 1 billion cubic meters more, "Laiwu Black "granite plate on the international market as the" treasures. " ?Laiwu is" Shandong steel production and deep processing base, "and" the country#39;s new materials industry base ", the city#39;s steel production capacity of 7 million tons, deep processing capacity of 2.5 million tons, the h-beam, in broadband, bearing steel, steel and powder metallurgy gear Deep-processing products such as the potential formation of the city from the exploitation of iron ore to pig iron smelting to steel rolling mill, from casting to the processing machinery to improve production of new materials supporting the steel industry system, and further lengthen the steel structure processing, auto parts Processing, strip processing, environmental protection machinery, such as iron and steel processing industrial chain. Laiwu is "Chinese ginger village", "Chinese pepper village", "Chinese gold peach town." "Laiwu three harsh" (ginger, garlic, onions Coprinus), "Laiwu three black" (Black, black chicken, black goat) great potential for development, agricultural product processing industry is developing rapidly. At the same time, textile, paper, building materials, and other industries are more developed.

Laiwu infrastructure perfect functions, excellent investment environment and has access to "national-level health cities" and "comprehensive management of the urban environment of outstanding city", "garden city in Shandong Province," and so on. Levin has in the magnetic, Xintai two railway lines and Taylor, bleomycin, Levin three new expressway, the second Jiqinggaosu roads are in the planning and construction. From the Jinan International Airport 80 km, 240 km away from Qingdao port. In urban local telephone network, mobile communications networks, optical cable transmission network, Internet, data communications network covering the entire multi-function, such as the modernization of communication networks. Laiwu power plants and power plants Lae total installed capacity of 2 million kilowatts, a power grid in Laiwu of Shandong Power Grid West-East Power Transmission, South, the North sent an important channel. Urban central heating, gas supply, water supply and sewage treatment fully functional. Laiwu customs Chun-Hou simple, honest and hardworking people, hospitality, mercantilism pro-business, emphasize practical work.

Laiwu In recent years, Laiwu city party committee and government to vigorously develop an open economy, introduced as the city#39;s economic and social development of the "No. 1 project", "two bases" in the building as a strong foundation, Laiwu development of the environment as the lifeline of the market-oriented reforms and mechanisms to accelerate the development of innovation as the fundamental driving force, the help of foreign forces, launched Min Li, rely on the strength of large enterprises, the play of market forces, the greatest degree of cohesion and development efforts to speed up the building " Green Gang Cheng. " ?Gdp in 2003 the city completed 17.005 billion yuan, total fixed asset investment of 7.667 billion yuan to complete, the total import and export 300 million U.S. dollars, of which exports 195 million U.S. dollars, foreign capital actually utilized 61.56 million U.S. dollars; local financial revenue Completed 758 million yuan; urban residents and per capita disposable income per capita net income of farmers reached 8,469 yuan, 3,844 yuan. First half of this year, the city realized gdpl05.2 billion yuan, up 15.6 percent of the total gdp share of income, income tax accounted for the proportion of the total, respectively 10.74 percent and 93.8 percent, ranking the province are Forefront. 1-8 month, the local revenue of 634 million yuan, up 31.9 percent; municipal tax were below the total at the province ranked No. 14, the first increase in three Habitat province; tax increase in the total full-Habitat In the first four; completed 7.073 billion yuan in fixed assets investment, import and export volume 389.69 million U.S. dollars, respectively, an increase of 53.64 percent, 104.4 percent; foreign capital actually utilized 75.15 million U.S. dollars, up 91.5 percent.

History: Laiwu, and the Spring and Autumn Muguo-win for the town, town and state level. LU Guo Muguo of the client country, Guzhi Chengdong in this town 10 kilometers of the Daxinzhuang Zhao Quancun; win town of Qi, Guzhi sheep in this town northwest town Chengzihe County village; Laiwu-state in the western town. Qin County home win (this rule of the Chengzihe County Village), the North County economy. Mou County home by the Western Han Dynasty (governance of the Laiwu this Zhao Quancun), Mou County, in northeast China Laiwu County home, because Zhisuo in Zi Laiwu Valley water basin, Gu Ming Laiwu, Guzhi this Zichuan 21,5 km southeast of the oral Xiang Cheng-Chuang. Win, MU, Laiwu three counties belong to Taishan County. Eastern Han Dynasty, San Guowei, Jin followed unchanged. County Zhisuo win when the Northern Wei Dynasty moved so far towards the south for the village. At the same time the withdrawal in Zichuan Laiwu County, the northern region included in the Zichuan Beiqiu County, southern counties were assigned to win and Mou County. Northern Qi Dynasty Tianbao 2007, withdrawing Mou County, into Bo County. Sui Dynasty Emperor opened 16 years, home-Mou County, the great cause of the early win also incorporated into the county, from Mou County does not appear again. Tang Zhenguan first year (AD 627) withdrawn win the county, into Bo County, the county again from this win does not appear. Tang Changan four years (AD 704), the Northern Wei Dynasty win in the Old City County (now the South for the village)-Laiwu County home. Since then, Laiwu County Zhisuo started in this territory of Laiwu City. Yuan and 15 years will Laiwu County into Qianfeng County, Taihe County, the first year of rehabilitation home Laiwu, Zhisuo text is still South Village, the Yanzhou Lu County. Lu Song of Yanzhou County, following the passage of a House-Lu County. Jin Dynasty, by repealing this Lae in the supervisor in charge of refining the Laiwu, Dading 12 years will be located in the South for the South Village, Laiwu County supervisors moved to the former site of Laiwu, a state in Tai#39;an. Yuan, Ming Dynasty followed the same. Tai#39;an, a Qing Dynasty. 1915 is the Jinan Road. 1925 is Taian Road. 1928 directly under the Shandong Province. 1941, the anti-Japanese democratic regime will Laiwu and Boshan, Yiyuan, the syntax of the small number of areas designated as the merger of Laiwu, Levin East, Lainan three counties, be reinstated after the victory of the Anti-Japanese War. August 1983, approved by the State Council, the withdrawal of Laiwu County, to set up provincial jurisdiction county-level cities, from Tai#39;an City hosted. November 1992, approved by the State Council, Laiwu City, was promoted by county-level city and prefectural-level cities, exempted Lae, Gangcheng two districts, 30 townships, offices. December 2000, approved by the Shandong Provincial People#39;s Government, Laiwu City district will be 30 townships, offices, adjusted for the merger of four offices, 14 towns, a township.

Laiwu is the old revolutionary base areas, Yimeng Mountain Revolutionary Base is an important component of the liberation war period, because of Marshal Chen Yi, the command of General Su Yu, "Laiwu battle" and were contained the annals of history. Laiwu Laiwu the liberation opened a new chapter of history. The leadership of the CPC, the people of Laiwu Laiwu than 50 years of hard work, Laiwu to the economic and social outlook has undergone profound changes.

Laiwu, located in Jinan, Tai#39;an, Qufu, Shandong Zibo, and between, the deeper the cultural impact of Confucius and Mencius, re-etiquette, stresses integrity. Laiwu customs Chun-Hou simple, honest and hardworking people, hospitality, mercantilism pro-business, emphasize practical work. Spoon long period of the Shang culture to reproduce the local people#39;s production and life style; Spring and Autumn period of great educator and thinker Confucius had come to the ceremony, the abalone in the points here. Here are the Spring and Autumn period of precious relics "Yesterday Once comb" and the Han Dynasty three baht money Fan; civil singular of "treasure gourd" and lentils seeding crutches; world-famous "Let#39;s Great Wall" site. Here is the famous slave uprising leader of the plantar Liu#39;s hometown; Spring and Autumn period, had a well-known "long spoon battle" over 40 years ago, again shocked the world of the "Battle of Laiwu," who set the annals of history.