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LaiBin - GuangXi

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Zip code: 546100

position: Laibin Shi at latitude 23 ° 16 #39;to 26 ° 29#39;, longitude 108 ° 24 #39;to 110 ° 28#39; between the central place in Guangxi, it is "in Guangxi," said. Laibin Shi North and Liuzhou, Guilin, at the junction of Hechi City, East and Wuzhou City, Guilin, Guigang City, adjacent, West and Hechi City, the intersection of Nanning City, South and Guigang City, adjacent to the city of Nanning.

Population: 2410000

Area: 13,400 square km

divisions: the regional jurisdiction of Liuzhou in Laibin Xian, Wuxuan County, Xiangzhou Xian, Xincheng County, Jinxiu Yao Autonomous County and Heshan City (county-level cities), the Laibin Shi-to-pin area < p>

Laibin Shi, an ancient city; Laibin Shi, a young star.

said their oldest, because she has 2000 years of history highlights; said their young, because she is December 28, 2002 before the official level was set up in the city, still dissatisfied with the two years . Only the old, more details are attractive; only in young, and the resulting see vibrant vitality.

located in the central part of Guangxi Laibin Shi, known as "in Guangxi," said. The whole city area of over 13,400 square kilometers, the population of 2.45 million people, exempted-bin, Heshan City, Xincheng County, Wuxuan County, Xiangzhou Xian, the ethnic autonomous counties 4 Jinxiu County District 1 City 1, in the Zhuang, Han, Yao More than 10 nationalities live in harmony.

obvious geographical advantages. Xiang-Gui railway, Guihai highway through the urban, industrial city of Liuzhou in Guangxi Beiju 60 kilometers, the capital of Nanning City in Guangxi Nanju 156 kilometers, is indispensable for access to the sea southwest of the organic whole, is focused on the development of Guangxi#39;s Red River Economic zone an important part of the territory of three of the four provincial highway, through its neighbors, the Red River and the city ,500 - 800 tons of ships can direct Guangzhou, Hong Kong and Macao.

culture distinct features. As early as 3 million years ago in the Paleolithic, known as the ancestor of the Zhuang home, "Kirin Shanren" on the proliferation of interest-bearing here. Qin unified Lingnan, in the first set in this Laibin Shi Jian county-level administrative rule, has been the history in 2216, Han, the three countries, in the Northern and Southern Dynasties are located in Guilin Junzhi. The experts and scholars study confirmed that the guests culture is an important birthplace of Pangaea, has been kept to a myth as the core of the Pangu Pangu including temples, places, festivals, dance, scripts Changci, such as the original ecology of Pangu culture.

diverse types of products. Rice, sugar, peanuts, tea, fruit, star anise, and other agricultural and sideline products has long known, Jinxiu Yao Autonomous County of Hope vanilla, Gynostemma, Wuxuan County, the three-Lee, longan, Xincheng County, the honeysuckle, pigeon, Xiangzhou Xian Pueraria thomsonii, such as the famous tou Mingwenxiaer. At present the city#39;s forest coverage rate reached 43.4 percent, Kim Soo as the "land of the Chinese star anise", is the region#39;s largest water-lam protected areas.

energy-rich mineral deposits. At present all kinds of minerals have been found more than 20, Xiang Zhouxian the barite stable for many years exports of Guangxi first in Heshan City, the coal reserves of over 670 million tons, "Guangxi is coal," said; in thermal power , Is very rich in hydropower resources, in addition to the guests outside the plant, also has China#39;s first foreign-invested projects bot guests thermal power plant b, a mountain plant is the largest thermal power plant in Guangxi, the installed capacity of 600,000 kilowatts of Xincheng Le Ertan Hydropower Station Extension of the first units can be completed the end of this generation. Hydropower and guests Qiaogong Jinxiu Rokko hydropower stations are under planning and construction, after the completion of all projects, the city#39;s total thermal power installed capacity of hydropower will reach 4 million kilowatts, Guangxi will become one of the largest energy base, state, "West-East Power Transmission "Vanguard of the project.

industry beginning to take shape. The city#39;s more than 600 existing industrial enterprises, electricity, sugar refining, smelting has become pillar industries, paper, building materials, pharmaceuticals, minerals, agricultural and sideline products processing industry have a certain scale of a number of advantages in resources and local characteristics of the industry Have emerged, a group with strong market competitiveness of leading products stage appearance. August 1 Ferroalloy Plant is the largest manganese ferroalloy production base, the rule of indium guests smelter project in each of indium output of the world#39;s indium output of 1 /4; city#39;s 13 large and medium-sized sugar, pressing the total capacity of 50,000 tons; new Planning the industrial park, to "high, new, strong," as the goal, in accordance with complete functions, advanced technology, beautiful environment of modern industrial park designed, has now started.

travel a good prospect. Been called "the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous National Palace Museum" Xincheng County Her Chieftain Yashu, is Asia#39;s largest existing and preserve the integrity of the Tusi buildings; have a "first hot springs and South Africa", Huachi reputation as the hot springs, is leisure Wonderful place, about five kilometers of Wuxuan 100 Cliff Grand Canyon, is the best choice Xunyou Adventure; Jinxiu the church Hill, Lianhua Mountain scenery of unlimited, the entire Dayaoshan is national forest park, the National Nature Reserve , Dongnuanxialiang, fresh air is rare summer resort; Zhuang "March 3," Yao "was Wang#39;s Day" national holiday, and so full of strong Local Color; Laibin Shi is also a well-known Kistler Rural, Red River Kistler, flower-stone to form different, good quality and well-known both at home and abroad, "the guests Kistler Jia Tianxia" reputation.

good investment environment. Built the city over the past two years, urban infrastructure and municipal construction progress by leaps and bounds, the city#39;s transportation complex is taking shape, an adequate supply of water and electricity, communication development, urban functions, improve the infrastructure of the new pattern. At the same time, the city#39;s comprehensive improvement of government efficiency, the merchants of "escort" services for investors parties to create a good business park. France Northern Electric Group, the Asian Culture and Sport of the limited liability company, British Sugar Industry Group, Guangdong Dongguan Sugar Group Company, such as a large number of foreign countries, outside the large enterprises have settled down in Laibin Shi. Guests, merchants are becoming home buyers party hot land for investment.