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Zip code: 650000

Population: total population of the existing 3.79 million, a 26 nation

Area: total area of 15,561 square kilometers in Kunming

Location: Central is located in Yunnan Province, surrounded by mountains, east of Kinmen and Matsu Hill, south of Pak Hok Shan to Xibi chicken Hill, north of Chang Chong-shan.

divisions: Panlong Qu, Wu Huaqu, Guandu District, Xishan Qu, Dongchuan District, Anning City, Fu Minxian, Songming County, Chenggong County, Jinning County, Yiliang County, Luquan Yi and Miao Autonomous County, Shilin Yi Autonomous County, the Yi Autonomous County of Xundian Hui.

is located in Kunming, Yunnan-Guizhou Plateau Central, with 2,400 years of history, the town 1,891 meters above sea level. South Bin Dianchi Lake, San Mianhuan Hill. A low-latitude mountain plateau monsoon climate, the southwest Indian Ocean due to the impact of warm air, sunshine long, Shuangqi short, the average temperature of 15 degrees Celsius. A mild climate, with summer heat and winter cold is not, the seasons like spring, a pleasant climate, is extremely prestigious "Spring City." To this end a poem describing its predecessors is characterized by: Kunming Layue can be no Qiu, San Fu light cotton sweat does not flow, Mei Xiang Zhan winter-Man, Liu Shu-year-old new leaf will be thick. The annual arrival of December in March, a group escape the North Sea winds of black-headed gull, Wanlitiaotiao from afar, were charged habitat in Kunming city. altitude in Kunming 746 to 4247 meters, covering 15,942 square kilometers, built-up areas of 98 square kilometres, directly under Pan-long, five-, Western Hills, Guandu district and four in Chenggong, Jinning, tranquillity, enrich the people, Songming, Yiliang, South Road, Paul Persuaded eight counties. Population of 3635212 people, Han, Yi, Hui and white, Miao, Mongolia, 25 national and ethnic minorities, accounting for 12.6 percent of the population, the urban population of 1611969 people. 25 million years ago, some ancient human activities in Kunming. From the 13th century, Kunming, Yunnan Province, to become the political, economic and cultural center. Mainland China is linking Southeast Asia, "ancient Southern Silk Road" and Sichuan - Yunnan - Vietnam#39;s hub and the channel. Kunming is a great navigator Zheng He, the musician Nie Er#39;s hometown. Safeguard the country, sports, "January 21" and other patriotic and democratic movement in China has contributed to the democratic revolution. A long history, diverse culture, formed today in Kunming, "has a long history and heritage, beautiful scenery and landmarks, the humanities, a Chinese celebrities, the development of an earlier, more exchanges," the distinct characteristics. reform and opening up , Kunming has always been to maintain rapid and healthy economic development of the good trend, overall economic strength into the advanced ranks in the western region. After years of development, formed a cigarette, electrical and mechanical, biological resources, information, tourism, commerce five pillar industries. Agriculture sustained, steady and coordinated development, structural adjustment, notable results have been achieved, the prominent characteristics, "Dounan Flower", "Chenggong vegetables" has become well-known brands at home and abroad. Industry formed a mechanical, metallurgical, processing, and other tobacco-based system is the industrial base in Yunnan Province and the southwestern region of the important industrial city. The tertiary industry in the proportion of the national economy growing, trade, tourism, information, the rapid development of modern service industry, the city#39;s economic and social development played an important role in promoting and stimulating role. Kunming is China#39;s historical and cultural city is one of the natural landscape and cultural landscape of vibrant place. Is also China#39;s best tourist cities. As the Expo will be held in Kunming increase the visibility of the world. Summer here without heat, no cold winter, the four seasons such as spring, the perennial flowers, known as "Spring City" reputation. Kunming in the beautiful mountains and rivers. A long history, many of the nation, and the unique natural conditions, to Kunming, leaving a wealth of cultural relics and scenic spots. Among them, state-level scenic spots and places of three, state-level key heritage preservation unit six, provincial, municipal-level focus on hand protection unit 66, 30 scenic tourist area, more than 100 tourist spots, 11 state-level tourism routes, provincial-level scenic spots 1, Yunnan has the characteristics of national conditions and customs, large-scale ethnic village one, more than 50 hot springs, more than 400 varieties of flowers ...... formed a Stone Forest in Kunming, Dianchi Lake Scenic Area as the focus, along the peace -- Stone Forest Road Tourism to the forefront, led the city of Kunming, the province#39;s radiation-tourism, resort, entertainment as one of the tourism system. Kunming is the capital of a multi-ethnic city, capturing the imagination of its national conditions and customs and heritage, natural landscape and the Humanities King wind Xiangying Shenghui, depict magical blur the picture. Kunming City in Yunnan Province is the transport hub, the communications hub for Southeast Asia and China#39;s ports. Kunming Airport is China#39;s one of the five major international airports, flew to Yangon, Bangkok, Singapore, the six international routes, one to Hong Kong to the domestic and regional routes in major cities of about 40 routes, and the province Seven routes. Existing Kunming to Chengdu, Kunming and Guiyang, and Kunming to Hekou, such as the 12 stem extension, to Kunming, Nanning, and the majority of the province, Yu-kun, such as the railway. Kunming highway connected, more than 5,000 kilometers of roads throughout the province to neighbouring countries and Linsheng. face New situation and new tasks, establish a new modern building in Kunming#39;s development strategy, speed up the process of building a well-off society. To the Dianchi Lake as the center and the implementation of "traffic around", "Sewage Interception around," and "eco-around", "around New City" project, and further optimize the urban environment, urban and rural areas comprehensively enhance the image and enhance the city#39;s comprehensive strength, Kunming into economic prosperity, cultural development, beautiful environment, with perfect functions, "Spring City" and "historical and cultural city," eco-city landscape garden features prominent, and the South-East Asia, South Asia regional modern international city.