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KuiQingQu - XiangGang

Source: ChinaTravelGood   Author: Angelina  Date: 08-10 2008  More Attractions
From Kwai Chung and Tsing Yi Island of the Kwai Tsing District, an area of 1,991 hectares, the population of about 426,900, more than 75 percent of residents in public housing. Kwai Tsing District, in addition to a world#39;s busiest container port, a number of important infrastructure projects in Hong Kong also located here, including the Airport Railway, Route 3 and the Lantau Link, it makes the area to become Hong Kong#39;s most important transport Hub. In addition, the region has also retained a lot of historical relics and traditional customs. According to the 2001 Population Census and Statistics Department#39;s preliminary report showed that the Kwai Tsing District#39;s population of about 426,900, the median age was 36, the family of the median monthly income of about 705.