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Kizilsu in the southwest of Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, known as "fig town" reputation, is located in the south of the Tianshan Mountains, the western margin of the Tarim Basin. Qi east of Afghanistan, Keping County, Jiashi south Bachu, the reduced pay three counties, only Wuqia County, West, North and the Kyrgyz Republic for the sector. Things wide, narrow North-South, South-lying North High Low. Most of the northern mountains, plains and valleys to the south. City, state Department of latitude hinterland of the Eurasian continent, is a temperate continental dry climate. Its main features are four distinct seasons climate, ample sunshine, drought and little rain, a long frost-free period, the temperature on the amplitude.
Kizilsu has a long history and origins a long, as early as the Paleolithic, there is proliferation of our ancestors here habitats, Xinjiang is the birthplace of ancient humans. A long history and culture, unique tourism resources, strong national conditions and customs, rich cultural accumulation bred here colorful culture and customs of ethnic minorities. Autonomous Prefecture are already open metol GA special, Yi Erke Shitan two major ports and to be open again and again in other ports, border tourism development with the unique advantages of shopping.
Kizilsu many attractions, different styles, mainly the natural landscape has karakol Lake Scenic Area, Mushitage-climbing expedition, Black Sheep Glacier Park, Kunlun three-scenic areas, the largest in southern Xinjiang Its high mountain pastures-Tashi scenic areas, Qiakelake grassland scenic areas, Qiaer Long Shui Jingkuang Scenic Area; famous heritage sites are the ancient city of Artux Su Wen, Han Foku three Cavity, the Han Dynasty Mohr pagoda, Han Shule of the sites, Karakol Khan dynasty Wang Tingda sites, Su Tong