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Karamay in the northwestern margin of Junggar Basin, southeast of the city 400 km away from Urumqi, is the birth of New China in the Gobi desert after the establishment of the first oil town. October 29, 1955, to Karamay oil wells on the 1st, found that the Karamay Oilfield.
"Karamay", the Uyghur word for "black oil," it gets its name from a suburb of natural asphalt Hill - and Aburayama.
1955 in this state started a new China#39;s first oil campaign, officially established in 1958. Shixia Dushanzi, Karamay, Baijiantan, Wuerhe four, and nine towns and two townships and six neighborhood offices.
after 40 years of hard work, today from the South Dushanzi in Karamay, to the north Wuerhe, 200 km north-south in the ground, the rig is the proliferation of wells Qibu, high-rise row upon row, flat straight asphalt road, Cement Road Zonghengjiaocuo. Urban construction has become a modern oil industry Metro.
in Karamay City, Xinjiang#39;s tourist products of the North and midline, a type of rich natural and human resources, Traffic stronghold, is in obvious advantages. From Karamay City, more than 100 kilometers, has a typical Yadandimao City, referred to as "Mo Guicheng," "Wind City," the experts, here is a national-level tourism resources. "Mo Guicheng" in different seasons, different chrono, different perspectives, different performance of the United States, the international award-winning film "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon" select "Mo Guicheng" as a location. Karamay around the Gobi desert on the Evergreen 100 years, not to bow to desert the "heroic tree," HU Yang, a petite and beautiful Hongliu. Hongliu spring flowers and artless, flashing gold leaf fall HU Yang, Wu Ji of the desert suddenly has become particularly fascinating