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Zip code: 475000

Location: East of Henan Province is located in plains, the lower reaches of the Yellow River alluvial fan southern wing.

Area: 6,444 square kilometers, of which the urban area of 395 square kilometers.

Population: total population of 4.6 million, of which the urban population of 801,000 people.

divisions: urban administered, the Gulou District, Long Ting, Shun and the District, the South Gate area, suburbs, Qixian, Tongxu County, Weishi County, Kaifeng County, Lankao County.

is Kaifeng cities in Henan Province. East of Henan Province in the plains, 70 km west of Zhengzhou the provincial capital.

Legend has it the seventh World Xia Zhu relocation of the capital Dili in the old Hill (near today Kaifeng), until the 13th before a world-yin moved to River, a total of six World calendar, as the then political, economic Kaifeng Centre. A feudal city has 2,700 years of history, the Spring and Autumn Period, Zheng Zhuanggong (previous 743 before a 701) to expand the Central Plains, the South is not in this town near the ancient city of Xian village to build the city, the unsealing of a name (to avoid because of the early Han Dynasty Emperor Wen Liu Hui, to Kaifeng). This is the Old City of Kaifeng. Kaifeng City today for the Spring and Autumn when the town, when the Warring States for beams. Warring States period, Wei hegemony for the Central Plains, hui WANG in six years (before 364) from the capital relocation beams Anyi, this is a history of Kaifeng examination of the first Capital. Wei Li in a total of 6-Jun beams 140, the reunification of the war in the Qin Yuqin Wang Cheng 22 years (before 225) to the Qin out. Qin Junyi will girders to home county. After Junyi, Kaifeng County, for the rule, are not subordinate. Dong Wei balance until the first year (534) are Liangzhou to Junyi for the state governance, Kaifeng County jurisdiction. Northern Zhou, Liang Zhou renamed Bianzhou. Soon SUI ulcers Dili open economic channels, with its yellow, Huai communication, development of water transport, Bianzhou increasingly prominent position. Tang Yan and the first year (712) Bianzhou people in Kaifeng County and the city, county and Junyi same as the first of Guo County, the original village of the ancient city of Kaifeng City, thus increasing Feichi. TANG Xing yuan the first year (784) Xuanwu Jiedushi Zhisuo by the Army Song, (now the Shangqiu) Bianzhou to shift and become the most powerful Tang Dynasty Fan Zhen. Late Tang Dynasty, Xuanwu Army Jiedushi Zhu Wen, Tang Zhaozong Qianduluoyang first coercion and ultimately abandoned Tangdi and self-reliance, in Kaifeng Later Liang Dynasty established regime. Zhuwenchengdi, or Bianzhou to Kaifeng House, have said the East, Luoyang for the Capital, said the West are, Chang#39;an is reduced to Yongzhou. Since then, Kaifeng constantly expanding the jurisdiction of the House, Later Liang Dynasty, exempted 15 counties. Kaifeng

to Houjin, after the Han and Later Zhou Dynasty and the Northern Song Dynasty have been in Kaifeng Capital, Kaifeng House also expanded jurisdiction of 18 counties 24 towns. Kaifeng, Junyi said Chek County, and the remaining cities and counties said Ji, Song Zhenzong Xunyi County in large and medium-sized Xiangfu 2002 (1009) renamed Xiangfu County. Kaifeng was the most prosperous period in the Northern Song Dynasty, Capital for 167 years. Year 1127, Jin Renqing by broken, destroyed Bingxian. Jin Renqing has propped up in Kaifeng Zhangbang Chang, Liu Yu two puppet regime, which eventually spurned by the people due to mortality. Jin Renqing will be reduced to Bianjing Kaifeng Road. Hailing Wang in 1153 to Kaifeng to Nanjing, as the southward advance of the base. To 1214 Xuanzong Wanyan Xun forced to Mongolia, the relocation of the capital here, still said the Nanjing. Mongolia eliminate the Jianyuan, in the establishment of 11 National Executive Secretariat, as Xing Xing. Located in Henan Province in Central China Jiangbei Executive Secretariat, this is the beginning of Henan Province said Kaifeng, the capital of Road and governance are located in Bianliang Road Kaifeng. Liu Fu-Yuan Mo rate of peasant uprising in the military Longfeng four years (1358) to capture a feudal States, only to maintain - years and three months in the military siege of yuan in back all the old Anfeng. Hong-the first year (1368) in March, Zhu Yuanzhang scored Kaifeng, to Bianliang Road to Kaifeng House to Kaifeng for Beijing, soon after revocation of Kaifeng County, the county into Xiangfu, from the end of a city divided by the two counties Situation. Hongwu 1922 (1378) also abolished the title of Kaifeng Beijing, and Zhu Xiao closure of five weeks for Wang, guarding Henan. Since then has been the capital of Henan, followed by the Qing Dynasty. In two years (1913) House waste diversion. Xiangfu County to Kaifeng County, Henan Province, East Henan Road is, is still the capital of Kaifeng and East Henan Road Zhisuo. In three years (1914) to the east of Henan, Kaifeng Road. In 16 (1927) Waste Road, in 18 (1929) was established in Kaifeng City, city and county of the city are not, at Kaifeng in Henan Province will. In 27 (1938) in June, Japanese troops occupied Kaifeng, the capital of Moving to Western Regions. The following year in March, from Anyang in Henan Province by Japanese and Puppet Armies moved to Kaifeng. 1945 Japanese surrender, for the rehabilitation of Kaifeng in Henan Province will. October 1948, the People#39;s Liberation Army took over Kaifeng, in November the establishment of Kaifeng City, the capital remained. The county government is still based in Kaifeng city, in May 1949, the county government moved to Kaifeng Zhu Xianzhen. October 1954, moved to the capital from Kaifeng, Zhengzhou, and Kaifeng into provincial cities. 1955, Zhengzhou, the Office of the Ying Yang moved to Kaifeng and renamed the Office of Kaifeng, Kaifeng County jurisdiction, such as 1 o counties. 1983 approved by the State Council, the "City with the county" system, the revocation of the Office of Kaifeng, the original jurisdiction 5 Xianzhu Kaifeng city leaders.


Kaifeng in China#39;s six ancient capitals - and rich cultural relics, urban pattern formed earlier, the style of the ancient city of rich, unique North Shuicheng, which embodies the ancient city of a long history of traditional and Rich cultural connotations. 1982 by the State Council as a national historical and cultural city. In history, Kaifeng with vertical and horizontal in rivers and lakes, irrigation development, a mild climate and convenient transportation of the favorable conditions, is China#39;s earliest development of the region, its Chengyuan ambitious, brilliant culture, ancient Chinese had "Qi Shu Mingxia Wu Fenglou, Yi Mun Since ancient times, emperors, "the poem. Especially during the Northern Song Dynasty, as the capital of Kaifeng in Tokyo, is China#39;s political, economic, military, scientific, technological and cultural centre, was the world#39;s most prosperous one of the city. Its plan for construction of a unique idea, particularly ambitious Chengyuan City, in the City, Imperial City, Mie castle, the three moat. Compatible with the city traffic surface, unimpeded. In the layout, breaking the closure of the Square in the system and replacing it with commercial and open form of the street, the city implemented Square One, the expansion of the public sectors of the population to reach 15 o million.

Kaifeng The increase in non-agricultural population, the city led the development of the handicraft industry and business, trade and prosperity of the region developed into "an Bahuang Cou, Xiantong Nations," the metropolis. The construction layout. After the Song Dynasty capital of feudal building far-reaching impact. Tokyo, the garden also very characteristics. History on the Tokyo City Gongyuan Royal Park, the Temples have more than 100 blocks. "Presumably capital of Sakon are all style, with Barry, there is no fallow land." Renowned Royal Garden "Yin Yue", the Chinese name Yue-all characteristics in the mountains - Park, Park-sik Qihua, said wood, stocking Zhen divorced beast, historians called the history of Chinese gardens in the future masterpiece. Kaifeng has many cultural relics, including five state-level heritage conservation units, 18 provincial and 26 municipal, county 136. The world famous Eiffel Tower, Xiangguo Temple, the concept of Yanqing, Yu Wang Taiwan, Tajikistan, and other things, has a high historical and cultural value. Henan focus as one of the three stone, Kaifeng in the collection and preservation of relics from the Han Dynasty on the next only in the types of treasures more than 1,000 pieces of stone, is to study history, science and technology and art of calligraphy of valuable information.