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JiuJiang - JiangXi

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Zip code: 332000

Location: East pillow Poyang Lake and Yangtze River North Bin, even the screen Fushan Mountain West, Nanping Lushan

Area: 18,823 square km

Population: 4503100

administrative divisions: exempted Hukou, Xingzi, Pengze, Yongxiu, De#39;an, Jiujiang, Chang, Wuning, 9 Xiushui County, Ruichang City, Au-Yang, Lushan in the two districts.

of Jiujiang, is seen at the earliest, "Book? Yugong, "" Jiujiang Kong Yin "," Jiujiang to the Dongling "and other records. Jiujiang title of the origins of two, first, "9" for the ancient Chinese people believe that the greatest number, "Jiujiang" means "a local public pool of water," "9" is false that the second is "that the lake-9 Water (that is, Gan river, the Po Lake water, while water, Xiushui, Gan water, examining water, Shu water, Nanshui, Pengshui)-Ze Li Peng also, "that is, nine pool of local rivers," 9 "is really means. In the waters of the Yangtze River flows through Jiujiang and Poyang Lake and the Jiangxi, Hubei and Anhui provinces adjacent to the river pool, the Sea to the sea, water potential Hao-miao, Jiang face tremendous.


history of the development of Jiujiang earlier. Xia, Shang period, Jiujiang is Jing, Yang, the two domains, the Spring and Autumn at Jiujiang is the Xijing Wu, Chu east of the territory, resulting in "Miss Chu Mei head," said. Jiujiang as the administrative divisions first appeared in the Qin Dynasty, the emperor designated all 36 counties, there Jiujiang County. Since then there Jiujiang Jiangzhou, Chaisang, Au-Yang, Runan, Pen River City, Gucheng, such as Germany, but mainly in Jiujiang, Chaisang, Au-Yang, Jiang Zhou known for the world.

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Jiujiang things throughout the 270 km long, 140 km north-south width, the total area of 18,800 square kilometers, accounting for the total area in Jiangxi Province for 11.3% of the population 4.6 million, of which the urban planning area of 118 square kilometers , Built area of 48.4 square kilometers, the urban population of 510,000 people. Jurisdiction of Jiujiang County, Wuning County, Xiushui County, Yongxiu County, Dean Xian, Xingzi County, IN DUCHANG COUNTY, Hukou Xian, Pengze County, and other nine counties, and Ruichang City and Jiujiang Yang, Lushan two regions, economic and technological development in Jiujiang , Gongqing development zones and Lushan Mountain Scenic Area Authority.

Jiujiang City in Jiangxi Province, the North Chui, South Shore middle reaches of the Yangtze River, Lushan in the north, Dong Bin Poyang Lake, is a history Jiujiang picture oldest of the ancient and beautiful city, Gu Cheng Au-Yang, Chaisang. Qin located in Jiujiang County, "Au-Yang Jiang to send nine points," said Gu Ming Jiujiang, also known as the Jiangzhou. It "Jin Jiang with Lake", according to the three provinces-要冲, military strategists battleground for the past, Su said, "Jiangxi portal." Jiujiang ancient books said, "According to the Sanjiang the day, when four of the Qu", connected seven provinces, set to merchants, is modern China#39;s "four rice City" and "three Chashi", is now a major industrial city in the northern part of Jiangxi and The only foreign shipping ports, Chang nine key industrial corridor in the open zone.
Xia and Shang Dynasties period, Jiujiang is Jing, Yang Second Island City, the Spring and Autumn Period of the Miss East Habitat, the Xijing Chu, known as "Miss Chu Mei head," said. After the emperor to unify China, located in Jiujiang as one of 36 counties. 2,000 years, since before the Qin Dynasty, had used Jiujiang, Chaisang, Jiangzhou, Au-Yang, Runan, Pen River domain, and Germany a total of seven names. Jiujiang has been used since the Ming Dynasty names.

Jiujiang Jiujiang Tourist Attractions and Tourism is divided into six districts, 2:00, the front line, a total of more than 300, its taste of elegance, the rich connotations, the entire category, the density of silk, it is the only, World rare. Six major scenic spots: Lushan scenic spot chan Ling, Shannan Lushan scenic spot, the Lushan Mountain area of Shanxi, Yongxiu County area, Au-Yang area, a total of Qingcheng scenic areas; 2:00: Dan Zhongshan and the Hukou Xian Pengze County Yonggungsa hole; frontline: the Yangtze, Poyang Lake water upstream.

Jiujiang traffic blessed, not only recapped Yu, Han, Nanjing, Shanghai#39;s water transport要冲is also Jiangxi, Hubei, Anhui, Hunan surface transport for the port; through north-south Beijing-Kowloon Railway, Feijia a bridge north-south, the Yangtze River into a thoroughfare in this Tianqian.

Jiujiang beautiful scenery R, many relics, the rich tourist resources, tourist attractions since ancient times. Now gradual development of tourism resources, scenic areas, improving the building of attractions, services and facilities gradually improved, the reception capacity of beginning to take shape, the country was opening to the outside world as a city.

"9 to send Jiujiang-gun, clear drawing." The magic of nature has given Jiujiang is extremely advantageous geographical location and spectacular scenery-US Shengjing. In vertical and horizontal more than 18,000 square kilometers of land, the length and breadth of the more than 400 attractions landscape, showing a cliff a thousand competing show, Wanhe dispute flow, Fanyu towering, Shengji forest landscapes such as volumes, to form a Lushan Mountain "leading", including "Six Area" (chan Ling, Shannan, Shahe, Yongxiu, Au-Yang, Gongqing), "2:00" (Dan Zhongshan, Yonggungsa hole), the "frontline" (water in Poyang Lake Tourism line) Major tourist areas.

Jiujiang famous, were Jiang, Lake, in one city, there are more than 400 attractions landscape, has developed 120 scenic spots, tourist routes more than 30. A state-level scenic spots and places of a provincial level scenic spots 8. 2001 was rated as China#39;s outstanding tourist city.

Jiujiang Lushan for key national scenic spots, "40 best tourist destinations in China," one of UNESCO in 1996 was approved as China#39;s only "the world#39;s cultural landscape", included in the "World Heritage List." The whole mountain more than 80 attractions, all types of buildings more than 1,500 Chinese and foreign villa. Shannan area is the Tang Dynasty poet Li Bai wrote "望庐山瀑布" the famous ancient Xiufeng, the Jin Dynasty poet Tao Yuanming, such as Shengjing Culture and Taoyuan.
urban areas are the main attractions of Jiujiang Yangtze River Bridge, the square outside the Yangtze River embankment, Zhou Yu点将Taiwan - breathing Shuiting, as Bai Juyi, "pipa," named after the pipa SONG Jiang Ting was drunk and that anti-poetry, such as the Xunyang Lou Attractions, the center of Kom Tong Hall, the south gate of Hubei and Hunan, covering 1.2 million square meters, Hubei and Hunan the embankment of the Tang Dynasty Gong Li Bo Jiang Zhou Cishi built.
distribution in the counties of the main attractions of the Eastern Jin Dynasty poet Tao Yuanming Taojing Festival Temple, the mother of the Song Dynasty national hero Yue Fei#39;s tomb, successive military strategists battleground of the political arena Suoyue Dan Zhongshan, the focus of the temple, one of the Yunju Shan真如Temple, a total length of 2,700 meters underground cave hole and the Palace of the Dragon King "000 Island Lake," said the Zhelin Reservoir, and so on.

third in the world, China#39;s largest river Wan-li Yangtze River, the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau since the origin, development and expansion all the way, the mighty come to the area of Jiujiang, Jiang-open, Shi Cheng Xun Yangjiang. Au-Yang River Bank, R scenery, rich products, old times. Historically, the interpretation of the number of moving story: Yu Teng Shu Jiujiang Lushan, Guanyingzhucheng Kam wave wells, water points Gong Jin-jun Kom Tong Hall, Xinglin save the Dong Feng Li-Min, Yuan Ming kinds of beans Nanshan, head of Lotte#39;s sense of pipa, Taibai five old Lan Xiuse, Dongpo, Yetan stone bell…… to the Koto, Lang Tao Jin eternal Fengliurenwu.

Jiujiang Poyang Lake in Jiangxi Province in the north, the middle reaches of the Yangtze River south coast, between Nanchang and Jiujiang. It Ying Yangtze River North, West Screen Lushan, Bibowanqing, linked to water days, Miao Wu Ji Ya. Ching-yue, the floating light, Zhou Xiang, the birds; vast cloud water when rain, wind waves urgency; Zhao sunset, Qixiangwanqian. Wang Bo in the Tang Dynasty, "Teng Wangge poem sequence," written in "Hong Yu Pin Ji, Choi Che-Yun Qu. Laxia and solitary Wu Qi Fei, a total of Autumn Water Tianyi color. Yuzhouchangwan, horn poor Li Peng coast……", Poyang Lake is the description of the scenery.

era of huge waves through the baptism of Jiujiang, is a solid pace, a new attitude towards the world, the wave of the future, and Jiujiang in Jiangxi Province, the first rise.