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JingMen - HuBei

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Zip Code: 434500

code: 07267

Area: 12,400 square km

total population: 3006000

position: Jingmen City in Hubei Province is located in the heart centre, located in the beautiful and rich northern part of the Jianghan Plain.

Jingmen Jingmen City in Hubei Province is located in the heart centre, located in the beautiful and rich northern part of the Jianghan Plain. Known as "the next Jianghan, door locks Jingchu," said that since the Shang and Zhou (16 century BC), in the past have set up home in the county, Zhunbing plot grain, as military strategists battleground. Jingmen City as provincial cities, Xian Xia Jingshan, Shayang County and Zhongxiang City, Dongbao, Duo knife, Qujialing Management District, the total population of nearly 3 million, 12,400 square kilometers of territory.

"Chu Cypriot Sanxiang Next, Jingmen-9 to send." Waters of the Han River running through the whole territory, Jiaozhitielu longitudinal North-South, 207 State Road, Jing Qian Road, Han Yee Road transport network connected the main line, the airport#39;s air passenger Jingmen Direct Beijing Today, both geographical Jingmen Road skeleton, water gold Road, rail artery, another pipeline transport routes and air transport line, the sky is the underground air are intertwined, making the other more beautiful.

Jingmen City is the birthplace of Chu culture of the first one was classified as historical and cultural city in Hubei province (district Zhongxiang City is the state-level historical and cultural cities). Among them, as a key national heritage conservation units, 4,600 years ago, "Qujialing culture sites." Known as "underground treasure house of Chu culture" Chuhan Muqun and the country#39;s largest single Mausoleum "clear-Ling"; 1998 excavations unearthed the "Warring States woman," 23 years ago, is still intact, lifelike, by the National Heritage Board identified as "Xi Shi national treasures"; City#39;s southern suburbs Duo stone knife, was a famous Guan Yu unmanning of the three countries to ; City also has a Sui Dynasty pagoda in Dongshan, Jian Yuqing behalf of the Longquan College and the "three eight scenic spots", Yishanbangshui of Mongolia, Lung, Shun, Wai-chuen, and so were the four.

Jingmen photos Jingmen City is a Juanxiu land. In the pleasant scenery, R scenery, colorful natural scenery, magnificent picturesque. The country#39;s eighth largest artificial lake Zhanghe River Reservoir water quality Chunqing, Bibowanqing; In addition, there are Xiongqi a critical situation, Lung Poon tiger from the Jingshan Nakhon, Zhongxiang Huang Cavity; steam cloud-Xia Wei, ZHONG Ling Yu Xiu Da Hongshan scenic areas of national forest and Sandy Park.

city in a variety of mineral resources, abundant reserves, phosphate rock, coal, gypsum, marble, rectories, barite, and other four townships around 8.30 He, high-quality, easy exploitation, including phosphate rock mining Capacity and rectories reserves are first in the country, limestone, gypsum reserves in Hubei Province of the first Habitat for the development of building materials, chemical industry has provided exceptional conditions.