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JingHaiXian - TianJin

Source: ChinaTravelGood   Author: Anna  Date: 08-17 2008  More Attractions
Tianjin exempted counties. Located in the southwest of Tianjin. Area of 1414.9 square kilometers, the jurisdiction of the Mong, Jinghai, Tang Guantun, Chen Guantun, independence flow, I Wang, Taiwan#39;s head, Ziya eight towns, Chengguan, the East Shuangtang, Dafeng pile, the first beam, floor, North Xiao , Liangwangzhuang, Fujun Temple, and Xu Chuang Tzu, the Fort and along the village, East beach, the big Tuen, West Zhai Zhuang, the largest Haozhuang, Mission Park, caigongzhuang, even Hu Zhuang, Yang Chuang, Dazhuangzi 28 townships. The county government is located in Jinghai Road sedation, on the 22nd. The county population of 492,800 people.
in low-lying West High East, North South high-low, the Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal and the Haihe River Basin Ziya River, the River, alone by the river flow, Race Course by a river five rivers flowing through the whole territory, in total length About 200 km. Wadian larger corporations have parked depression, jiakou wa, Higashiyodogawa, West amylin, Mission Park depression reservoir covering 6,000 hectares, is a good bird nature reserves. Reservoir near contains rich geothermal resources, the water temperature of 82 ℃, the total reserves of more than 80 billion cubic meters. Climate is temperate continental monsoon climate, the main Nongfu specialty products are: Tianjin Dongcai, Jinghai reed screens, Tianjin Red Bean; valuable jujube Chinese wolfberry and Watkins, of the Green Weixian tender for Chinese cabbage; Laocu flow, such as independence.
69,946 hectares of arable land throughout the county, abounds in wheat, corn, soybean, sunflower, watermelon, apples, peaches, pears, and so on.农机总动力601,000 horsepower, the mechanization level of 80 percent or more. Industrial mainly engaged in textile, apparel, leather products, light industry, chemical industry, machinery, electronics, building materials, such as more than 20 industries, county, township and village industrial enterprises over the past 23, 24 Sino-foreign joint ventures, production of export products of enterprises 216, exports of 17 categories 350 products exported to over 30 countries and regions. A total of 21 shopping centres throughout the county, supply and marketing cooperatives 20, a county larger department stores, hardware stores and shopping malls Fusi. A market 22 to Jinghai town, the town-alone, Tang Guantun Town, and Wang Zhen in the four larger market. Larger residential areas for urban workers, cultural, Red Star, Xinhua, all the way north latitude and four settlements. The county 7968000 existing trees, forest coverage rate reached 10.46 percent, in the extensive highway, the Beijing-Shanghai railway and the Beijing-fu Route runs through north-south highway, Route 5 general, the county highway 12.
urban and rural areas throughout the county building with each passing day, Jinghai Hotel, 000 Stadium, an indoor swimming pool will be completed. There are 51 secondary schools throughout the county, 299 primary schools, hospitals more than 10 medical institutions. Historical Sites in more, Guangxu five years to build the gate and vent 9 Jianzha inscriptions, "the ancient city of Note" sites, the ancient city of the Han Dynasty, the Song Dynasty and the Han Dynasty tomb Jinghai wooden vessel known as the "three ancient."