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JingDeZhen - JiangXi

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Zip code: 333000

Tickets: 20 yuan ancient Ciyao

Location: Jiangxi Province in northeast, northwest and at the junction of Dongzhi County of Anhui, South and adjacent to the county years, Bo Yangxian border with the West, Northeast reliance Qimen County, Anhui Province, Wuyuan County and adjacent to the southeast, is located In Huangshan, with the Yushan Yumo Poyang Lake Plain and the transition zone, ranking longitude 116 ° 57#39;-117 ° 42 #39;, north latitude and 28 ° 44#39;-29 ° 56#39;, a subtropical monsoon climate, adequate in the light, with plenty of rainfall, mild Moist, four distinct seasons, cascading mountain, river clouds, mountain water around the ring, beautiful scenery.

Area: 5,256 square km area

Population: 1.52 million population

administrative divisions: one municipal jurisdiction of a county district


are Jingdezhen porcelain, China#39;s historical and cultural city in east China#39;s Jiangxi Province in northeast. Its hills, rivers aspect, the beautiful and prosperous. As a provincial cities, the jurisdiction of a city in two areas, namely, Leping City, Fuliang County, Changjiang, Chu mountain. The world total area of 5,200 square km, population 1.4 million, with urban Changjiang, the Pearl River two districts, an area of 124 square kilometers, population 380,000.


Jingdezhen has a long history, the Millennium kiln fire continuously. "The new Ping Ye Tao, Han began the World." Since the Han and Tang Dynasties known to the world abounds in ceramics, Jingdezhen in the Ming Dynasty when Zhu Xianzhen and Henan, Hubei Hankou town, the town of Foshan in Guangdong and China as four major towns.


SONG Jing, Germany, Zhenzong life here Shaozao "Royal", the porcelain produced by the end of all "Jingde," the word, then called Jingdezhen here. Ming and Qing Dynasties, where a large-scale GUANYAO. Now there are urban Hutian, City Street, Smithfield, Ciyao first-class large-scale ancient ruins.


Jingdezhen porcelain produced by a "white Ruyu, that if a mirror, thin paper, such as the Qing sound" style, unique and sleek, diverse, rich decoration. Guo Moruo Chan had said: "Chinese porcelain, to the country, this is the peak Ciye all."


Jingdezhen ceramics were heard not only of Chinese and foreign, and beautiful scenery. The hills, Changjiang, Nanhe flows through urban areas such as the belt. Foyin lotus pond-Dutch Bingdi, West Park 5 Fengge orange osmanthus fragrance, is an excellent tourist destination.