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JingAnQu - ShangHai

Source: ChinaTravelGood   Author: Gabriel  Date: 08-23 2008  More Attractions
Jingan District, Shanghai is the center city, exempted kilometers to 7.62 square meters, population 380,800. Shanghai spindle in the middle of things development and strategic location. Jingan District in the city centre district abdomen, as in the famous temple named after the Jing#39;an Temple. Set in 1946, After the liberation of Shanghai Yinxiweigai. 1956 revoked its eastern incorporated into the new district, west into the Changning District. 1960, the original Jiangning District into new areas and the original part of rehabilitation Jingan District.
Jingan District, Shanghai is the main culture, one of external activities, the Shanghai Exhibition Hall, China Welfare Institute Children#39;s Palace, Shanghai hotels, guesthouses Jingan, Jing#39;an Hilton Hotel, International Club, and other units. CPPCC Shanghai Municipal Committee and Shanghai Federation of Literary and art workers, Shanghai Television also in the area. District Huadong Hospital, Huashan Hospital, Shanghai Sixth People#39;s Hospital, Shanghai No. 1 Hospital maternal and infant health, disease prevention and treatment by Shanghai, Children#39;s Hospital, and other municipal hospitals, Shanghai Theatrical Institute, and other colleges and universities. City commercial corridors Nanjing West Road on a number of well-known stores. District commercial centre in the Jing#39;an Temple, Cao Jiadu, Shek Mun Road area.