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Zip code: 121000

position: the coast of the Bohai Sea is located in the Liaoxizoulang.

area: the city#39;s total area of 10,301 square kilometers, of which the urban area of 440 square kilometers

Population: total population of 3.071 million, of which the urban population 845,000.

administrative divisions: exempted ancient tower, Daling, Tai Wo 3, Yixian, Montenegro and two Linghai County, North-two county-level city.

Jinzhou City, Liaoning Province in the southwest, East and Panjin, Anshan, Shenyang City connected with the Huludao City, adjacent to the West, South Bin Liaodong Bay Bohai Sea, according to Chung Ling Mountains and the North Chaoyang and Fuxin city borders, Ling Haishi administered, Beining City, Yixian, Montenegro four counties (cities) and the ancient tower, Wo, Daling, economic and technological development zones, high-tech Industrial Development Zone and Southern District Station 6, Jian Zhizhen a total of 48, township 33, 1637 the village committee. The city#39;s total area of 10,301 square kilometers, of which the urban area of 440 square kilometers, built area of 52 square kilometers. Total length 97.7 km coastline. Total population of 3.071 million, of which the urban population 845,000.


Jinzhou City is a long history of the ancient city. He is only the first of Jinzhou, the Warring States Period, the Jinzhou-yan, Qin Tongyiliuguo, most of the Liaodong are Jinzhou County, the Han Dynasty, a period of three Youzhou Changli County, the state-of the Western Jin Dynasty in Changli county, the Northern Wei Dynasty, Dong Wei, Northern Qi Dynasty Camp for the state jurisdiction, the Sui and Tang Dynasties are Liucheng County, the county Yan, Tang Anton House district for all. "Jinzhou" one said from the beginning of the Liao Dynasty, the Jinzhou in Liaoning Province, Beijing Road, the road is a Tokyo, Beijing Road. Executive Secretariat of Liaoyang yuan jurisdiction, the Ming dynasty Liaodong have a Secretary, the Qing dynasty, Li Feng Tianfu, to the Jinzhou Jin County. In a period of Jinzhou in Liaoning Province jurisdiction. After new China was founded, located in western Liaoning Province, the provincial capital in Jinzhou City, western Liaoning Province in 1954, Liaodong merger of the two provinces, the Jinzhou in Liaoning Province.

Jinzhou photos Jinzhou has a long history. According to archaeological excavations show that since time immemorial, Jinzhou came home to have human labour, history Legend has it, must not populated, and the Central Plains have close cultural ties. Xia, Shang and Zhou period of slave society, here is a view, You and the state. Yan in the Spring and Autumn Period of Warring States, a county in western Liaoning Yan. Qin and Western Han Dynasty around the western Liaoning Province, Liaodong County, the Eastern Han when the subordinates Liaodong dependency. When the three countries are Youzhou Changli County, the state-of Jin Dynasty in Changli County. Liu Cheng is at the Sui Dynasty (this Chaoyang) County, the county in the eastern part of the Yan. A camp in the early Tang Dynasty (this Chaoyang) in charge of House jurisdiction, after the House for an Anton are exempted, waste to the House after平卢节度使jurisdiction. Belonged to the Liao Dynasty in Beijing, and Tokyo, exempted. AD 911-926, Liao Dynasty Yelv A Baoji "Han Jian Jinzhou captured," the name of Jinzhou began at this time. Liao, Jin Dynasty to the system for the road system, then Beijing Road is exempted, the Yuan Dynasty belong to the jurisdiction Fu Lu Ning Road and Quang Ninh. Wei-Ming Army, under the by-then-buy Quang Ninh, Quang Ninh, after the left and right, (this Jinzhou) Tuen Wei, and Sinuiju, Wei, Wei Ning-yuan, the first of the Liaodong Duzhihuishi Secretary, after the Liaodong Xunfu jurisdiction. Qing Emperor Kangxi in the first year and Quang Ninh, left, right, for the three Tuen Wei Jin County; Ning Fu-based Kangxi 2003, and soon removed; Kangxi Kam Chuen House for four years.

Jinzhou picture after the founding of the Republic of China spent House in the county, when all counties are exempted Feng Tiansheng Liaoshen Road; 1928, the abolition of the system, renamed in 1929 in Liaoning Province, Liaoning Province, then counties Zhili: 1931 " September 18 "Incident, a pseudo-Bong counties are large province in 1934 located in Jinzhou, the jurisdiction of counties; 1937 I-Wei Zhengquan the purposes of the city, located in Jinzhou City before, in the county divided, pseudo-provincial, city, Corruption in the county are Jinzhou. After the victory of the Anti-Japanese War, the Communist Party was once the establishment of western Liaoning Province and the Office of the Jinzhou municipal government. October 1948 after the liberation of Jinzhou, the Jehol Province of East exempted the agency, set up in January 1949 in western Liaoning Province, the provincial government in Jinzhou, in August 1954 for the merger of the Liaodong western Liaoning Province, Liaoning Province, the provincial cities of Jinzhou City, after Two zones set up in Jinzhou, in 1968 after the implementation of the Urban Area revocation system has been leading the county.


geomorphological structure in Jinzhou City, the "three mountains-a two-thirds water, roads and two sub-manor." Topography of the northwest, southeast low, from the mountain 400 meters above sea level, south gradually reduced to 20 metres above sea level coastal plain below. Enjoy the rolling mountains, north-east have Yiwulvshan vein, a Chung Ling Mountains north-west, big and Xiaoling He, daughter of the river running through the territory.