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JinZhong - ShanXi

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Location: Jinzhong, located east longitude 111 ° 23 #39;─ 114 ° 28#39;, latitude 36 ° 39 #39;─ 38 ° 06#39;. Shanxi Province in central, east by the Taihang Mountains, along the Fenhe River Water West, North and adjacent to the provincial capital of Taiyuan.

Area: total area of 16,376 square kilometers.

Population: 300 million.

administrative divisions: 9 Xianxia 2 City County.

Jinzhong of Shanxi Province in the central part of a total area of 16,404 square kilometers, the total population of 3.02 million. As early as in ancient times, there is human life in this hot land for. Here a mild climate, four distinct seasons, simple folk customs, old times, is the important birthplaces of Chinese civilization, culture is also the birthplace of Shanxi.


historical accumulation of rich heritage left to the Jinzhong, where many cultural relics, abundant natural resources. Jinzhong of Shanxi hometown. Ming and Qing Dynasties, China#39;s Shanxi Xiongju 10 to help the first, to create a "Hainei the most" brilliant. Cibei Wong, Qitunshanhe,尽显Merry, the world Qinyang. Its peak period, Shanxi votes, around the major north-south, both within and outside the Great Wall, rural towns Mo, border overseas. Jushang ethnic aspect universal,独步the world, Chizhafengyun, Huitong Kyushu. Financial Niuer the hands of bailiffs, billowing into the wealth of Jinzhong.


Shanxi Chenxiong the world, Choi Poly Culture. Deluxe Juzhai拔地而起, Wang Jia Taiyuan, Qiao Jia Taiyuan, the Drainage Jia Taiyuan, Cao over three appear, often family manor, are the magnificent structure, the momentum of the spectacular, Diaoshi micro, moods Kong Ling. Cover days Que cents Yun, concentrated Palace House Ling-hui, the magnificent, fascinating; like Keke pearl inlaid on the land in Jinzhong, "China#39;s No. 1" - Chang, or votes, is the originator of China#39;s financial industry. Pingyao ancient city of Qixian County and the county now have a national historical and cultural city.


Jinzhong the natural landscape to Taihang Mountains, Taiyue Mountain for many famous wins. Meanwhile, Gao Jun wins mountain range,幽深valley, lush forests, water Congcong. It can truly be said more spectacular mountains and rivers, people Xiuse full meal. World-renown Jiexiu Mianshan, Bili 1000 Ren, sea of clouds Cangmang, Feipujituan, eagles back to 100, "Kan and Sanshanwuyue comparable."


renowned Shanxi#39;s Lingshi gypsum mountain, towering mountains, steep peaks Qi, Chang-Lin Ye Qu, the river winds along the ditch, like in the days throughout the world. Jan overseas Dazhai Hutou Shan, Luan-Cuise, Xuan Cong Long Road, layers of terraced fields, numerous fruit, harmonic situation to the one-day Habitat. Ukraine#39;s newly developed Yuci Jinshan, Shouyang the mountain, Hwasun Yunlong Shan, Zuoquan Longquan Mountain, Mountain Qifeng Jiong, water Che Juan River, R scenery, with King wins, is also a good place for boarding.