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JinShanQu - ShangHai

Source: ChinaTravelGood   Author: Evan  Date: 09-03 2008  More Attractions
The banks of the Hangzhou Bay is located in Jinshan District in Shanghai, Hangzhou, Ningbo and Zhoushan Islands regional economic center, Shanghai is the gateway to the southwest. Rich in land resources, 23.3 km of coastline and deep-water port built in natural conditions, constitute a unique geographical advantage, environmental advantages and economic advantages of radiation. Covers 586.05 square kilometers and a population of 530,000, with 14 towns and one street, Shanghai, the largest land area of a district.
convenient traffic Jinshan, Shanghai-Hangzhou Railway, the railway extension and Jinshan Wei Ting Road, the new north-south cross-road, crossing the 320 National Road East and West. Shanghai Jinshan car passenger ferry terminal building, opened in Shanghai to Ningbo, and other places, sea blue channel. With Shanghai to accelerate the pace of highway construction, to 2005, Jinshan will be formed in "three vertical and two horizontal" highway grid ( "two horizontal" refers to Xin Feng Ting-feng of the highway and the highway, "three vertical" Refers to Shanghai-Hangzhou Highway, and the three countries, and the highway Ka), Jinshan traffic conditions will have a qualitative leap.