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JinNanQu - TianJin

Source: ChinaTravelGood   Author: Henry  Date: 07-22 2008  More Attractions
Jinnan District of Tianjin is one of four Central City. In the southeast of Tianjin, the lower reaches of the Haihe River south coast. Total area of 420.72 square kilometers, 22 million mu of arable land, population 420,000, exempted eight towns and the Evergreen office is located in the urban areas. Here economic development and social prosperity, specialty products and fertile and pleasant weather. Tianjin is known as the "Golden Triangle" said. Is a beautiful affluent Yumizhixiang, is the rise of export-oriented industries are heavily.
Jinnan District is located in coastal areas, dynamic economic development of various undertakings made great progress, and continuously enhance the comprehensive strength. In 2000 the region gross domestic product 5.48 billion yuan, with more than 2,100 industrial enterprises, in 2000 the total industrial output value reached 10 billion yuan. Has been formed machinery, chemicals, light industry, textiles, building materials, clothing, casting, metal products, electronic instruments, such as environmental protection equipment in more than 20 industry categories. Industrial and commercial, construction, transport, clothes comprehensive development of agriculture, forestry, animal husbandry and fisheries industries with special characteristics. "Rice station," Zhuangruo Abas, the aroma of thick, long renowned, Chimingzhongwai. "Jinnan Green Leek," "Jinnan real-qin," "Southern cooking", "West cuisine" and other famous vegetable flavor unique.
Jinnan District of reform and opening up policy and adhere to the "outward-led" strategy, the development of export-oriented economy as a strategic focus. A solid industrial base, developed culture and education, a good investment environment, preferential investment policies, both at home and abroad merchants to provide a good investment conditions. And today has more than 20 countries and regions in Jinnan business investment, the establishment of more than 300 foreign-invested enterprises, foreign investment amounted to more than 500 million U.S. dollars. After the approval of the Government of Tianjin Jinnan Economic Development Zone, situated at the two-Gangzhen adjacent to the urban areas and near the Tianjin Port Shuangqiaoshan town, the region is opening up the window, home and abroad investment base. Towns of the region to establish industrial park in attracting foreign investment projects within the carrier. After several years of construction, development zones and industrial parks have been a good investment conditions and to develop a very preferential policies to encourage investment.
Jinnan district people are hardworking, honest, frank and hospitality, promoting unity and hard work, pragmatic innovation, seize the opportunity and courageously first to the spirit of the Jinnan, is to build Jinnan, and strive for the development of Jinnan, Jinnan District is ushering in a full take-off In the new period. We warmly welcome Chinese and foreign enterprises and people of all circles to invest home buyers for a better future.