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JinHua - ZheJiang

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Zip code: 321000

position: in the Zhejiang region in the Wu Jiang Liangan, Zhejiang is one of the important transport hub.

Area: total area of 10,917 square kilometers

population: a total population of over 440 million

administrative divisions: Xian Xia Wu City, Kim Dong-2, Lanxi, Yong Kang, Yiwu and Dongyang four county-level city and Wuyi, River, three Pan#39;an County.

About Us: "Urban Landscape, Xianyou resort" is known for Jinhua has a history of 1,700 years of the city, because the mother river named after the Wujiang River, "Wu states."

"Wen said Sungai spring is still good, but also to be pan-Qingzhou. Zhikong Sungai Ze boat, Zaibu Dong many worry about." This is the Southern Song Dynasty poet Li Qingzhao female guest at the Jinhua wrote, "Wu Ling-chun." The "Sungai" is the East Yangjiang, Jiang Zemin interchange in the Wuyi the Wujiang River. It seems a Yudai Wanting and a ring. Zhejiang Province is located in the centre of the central and western cities - Jinhua.

Jinhua, Gu Cheng Wu, because "Wu is located in Venus and two female stars of the dispute," the name, with 1,800 years of history and brilliant culture. Xian Xia Wu City, Lanxi City, Yiwu City, Dongyang City, Yongkang City, and Jinhua County, Wuyi County, Pujiang County, Pan#39;an County, a total area of 10,917 square kilometers and a population of over 440 million. Is a blend of humanities, education heyday of the historical and cultural city, is the beautiful mountains and rivers, the environment elegant tourist destination, it is a good ecological environment, light green and clean, civilized, orderly, living a comfortable modern landscape garden city.

Jinhua build long, is the ancient country, Qin Hui Ji County. Since the first year of the three countries Wu Baoding (AD 266) Zhijun beginning of Dongyang. After the calendar of Jinhua, Wu states, or the county, state, Road, House Road, or the zones and regions. 1985 dismantling of Jinhua City to set up.
Jinhua absolutely beautiful show, the old times, Jinhua urban terrain is a two-Hill folder. That is, in Beishan (Jinhua Mountain) and Nanshan (Xianxia Ling Yu Mo) the middle of this "in Jinqu Basin," the central most fertile land. Jinhua Beishan Ssangyong is the state-level scenic areas,嶂Cengluan again and again, towering trees, caves strange, stone water, wind and fog Dongtian wonders. Especially in "open water wearing rock-bottom, the introduction of cave-Chá days," the Shuanglong Dong, "a waterfall down empty, snow-hole" Curling holes and "Spirited Away-and-drop-clock, first through photovoltaic Days Gate "North Korea really the most famous hole. Scenic areas within Hong Kong and Macao compatriots in Taiwan are familiar with the ancestral Wong Tai Sin Temple.

Jinhua Qixiu the landscape has attracted numerous scholars Aston, left many Mingpian works. Southern Song Dynasty poet Li Qingzhao female board floor, Fu Yong-eight words: "Merry ages 8 Wing House, and later generations to stay in Jiangshan worry about. Shui-Southland 3000, the pressure Jiangcheng 14 states." Easy to justify the generosity of the song堪称8 Yong-Song of the floor. Yuanji, "Deng Jinhua Mountain", "Jinhua Shanse and days-a-Yu Path to Danti. Step by step before the board near the Han-ching, low clouds always look back" to describe that Beishan scenery. Mr Ang of the "concept of Deng Jinhua," Meng Haoran#39;s "send Pinus densiflora Taoist priest," Su Shi#39;s "lying Yangshan," Wang Anshi "Hill Bridge", and so on, the more Jinhua Shanguangshuise Zenghui lustre. Xu Xiake travel home in the Ming Dynasty, "Yu Jinhua Mountain in mind" in a vivid description of the Beishan King all three holes. When modern times, Yu Dafu "Jinhua Beishan," Ye St. Tao#39;s" mind Jinhua of the two caves, "written Weiwei touching, interesting fun. After the founding of new China, Mao Zedong, Zhu De, Soong Ching Ling, Peng Dehuai and other party and state leaders have successively visited Ssangyong. December 1996, former NPC Vice Chairman Tang Fei Xiaotong, 8 Wing House is pleased to Fushi: "Wu Jiang allocation of water long and easy to worry about the Piaobo invincible, Miles River this Shengxi, 8 Wing Shengyun the dumping of China."

Jinhua splendid cultural heritage around. Is a famous Taoist mountain in Jinhua, Shuanglong Dong "Dongtian 36", or in Hong Kong, Southeast Asia, North America and other places incense in Wong Tai Sin was born a very religious cents to the existing ancestral Wong Tai Sin Temple. Taiping paternity Palace, is currently in China to maintain the appearance of integrity, the most abundant art murals, the largest of the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom construction sites. Basilica also Tianning Temple, 8 Wing House, Horyuji Jingzhuang, the moon House, Chenghuang Temple, the ancient city wall, a number of kiosks List historical and cultural sites. City domain has five state-level key heritage conservation units and 20 provincial-level key heritage preservation multiple units.

of the Jinhua-days, and celebrities come forth in large numbers. Such as: Luo Binwang, Guan Xiu, Zongze, Lü Zuqian, Chen Liang, Zhu Danxi, Song Lian, Li Yu. Modern, Huang Binhong, Qi Zhang Shu, and Wu Fu#39;s, Chen-optional, Shaopiao Ping, He Bingsong, Chen Wangdao, Feng Xuefeng, Wu Han, Pan desert, and Ai Qing, Lang Ching Shan, Yan Jici, Cai Xi Tao, and so on. Their achievements, success shines in history, left for future generations a valuable asset.

Jinhua is the culture of state, said of the "mini Zou Lu." Song, set up in the state of Wu. To Lü Zuqian, Liang Chen Jinhua as the representative of the school, Kang Yong-school time of sowing the Four Seas. Song Lian its text "send Dongyang MA Sheng order" to have been studying the Qinxue, exhorted junior night of studying with great concentration,堪称immortal Mingpian.

Chongwen re-education, talent cradle. Jinhua people advocating education, attention to human capital investment, "Shuxiang door first," "Geng Reading Family Style" proud. After new China was founded, Jinhua was a rapid development of education. In recent years taking colleges, technical secondary school in each of the 50 candidates, 6,000 people, taking the number of the province rank the top. Tens of thousands of students Xueyeyoucheng, scattered both at home and abroad. Dongyang City, "a city 100 Dr. Meeting, 1000 with Professor hometown," Chuan for the story. Jinhua talent is a big advantage, through the implementation of "the city through science and education" development strategy, will help to achieve economic integration through science and education and promoting.

Jinhua with a long history and profound culture trend of educational background, another local personality, poetry opera, come forth in large numbers masterpiece; article painting, and a player. Jinhua Opera goes back to ancient times, 400 years of history Wu Jinhua drama is the wonderful work in the arts and culture, with Hunpu ruggedness, unique singing, music rich, the art of Kung Fu Kyo characteristics. 1962, Zhejiang Wu went to Beijing to perform the drama "Broken Bridge", Premier Zhou Enlai as "Tianxiadiyi Bridge."