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location: Shanxi Province is located in south-east, in line too, the southern tip of Taiyue Mountain, the small northern foothills of the mountains, living in the central basin Zezhou. Geographical coordinates of longitude 111 ° 55 #39;─ ─ 113 ° 37#39; north latitude and 35 ° 12 #39;─ ─ 36 ° 3#39; between

Population: total population of 19.39 million people

Area: total area of 941.5 square kilometers

administrative districts: All Shixia one city, one district, four counties (Gao Ping Jin, Ling Chuan, Qinshui, Yangcheng, the County of Jincheng, and so on).

Jincheng in Shanxi Province, south-east, East trip pillow too, the south central plains, Xiwang the Yellow River, the North-You-yan, Shanxi is a major gateway to the Central Plains. Exempted City, Cao Bang, Zezhou, Yangcheng, the Qinshui and Lingchuan six counties (cities, districts), the total area of 9,490 square kilometers, the total population of 2.2 million. Jincheng Guchengzezhou, China#39;s development is one of the regions earlier, is also the birthplace of Chinese culture.


Since ancient times, of here, Tianbao, old times. 160 km long in the East and West, North and South width of 100 km underground, the reserves of coal, gas layer, manganese iron ore, bauxite, copper, zinc, gold, silver, marble, crystal stone, and so dozens of mineral resources. The whole city area of 280 mu of cultivated land tenure, and a mild climate, abundant rainfall, suitable for wheat, corn and other crops grow. Here is not only monkeys, giant salamander habitat, but also had hundreds of rare plant garden.


here Coalfield is located in Qinshui the southern end, the coal-bearing area of 5,350 square kilometers, accounting for 56.4% of the total area of the city#39;s total reserves of 80.8 billion tons, of which 27.1 billion tons of proven reserves , The country#39;s total anthracite 1 /4, Shanxi Province, accounting for 1 /2, by the state as a national coal chemical fertilizers and chemical raw materials base. This piece of local water resources for the total 2.149 billion cubic meters, is relative in North China#39;s water-rich area. Here rich vegetation, area of 319 hectares of forest, the forest coverage rate reached 22.8 percent; natural grassland animal husbandry slope 254,700 hectares, is one of Shanxi#39;s animal husbandry base.


here silkworm silk industry not only has a long history of traditional, regional and wide, has a broad mass base of textile and planting and breeding experience, is well-known in North China Sericulture silk village, but also At present North China#39;s largest silk sericulture base. Here is very rich in tourism resources, R natural scenery, cultural relics everywhere. Go Lingchuan County was the birthplace of the government departments concerned as the ecological environment of the important tourist attractions, the Yangcheng County Mang River, the Qinshui County of Pope Alexander was designated as National Nature Reserve. Yu Huangmiao "Ershibasu" sculpture, is a valuable cultural heritage of the Yuan Dynasty, Qinglian Dian Temple Lohan#39;s "500 arhats name of the monument" is the world#39;s rare treasures.