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JinChang - GanSu

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Location: Jinchang city is located in the eastern section of the Hexi Corridor in Gansu Province, in east longitude 101 ° 04#39;35 "-102 ° 43#39;40", north latitude and 37 ° 47#39;10 "-39 ° 00#39;30" between.

Area: total area of 8,896 square kilometers area.

Population: 46 million people.

administrative divisions: Xianxia a county, district, eight town four townships, and six neighborhood offices; Jinchuan district exempted two towns, six neighborhood offices.

Jinchang Kim Chang has a long history, since ancient times is a multi-ethnic populated areas. As early as over 4,000 years ago, the original clan society, there is humanity in this proliferation of interest-bearing. Shang and Zhou period, to the West Rongmu. Spring and Autumn to Qin, the clan Zhumu on this. Early Han Dynasty, Wang Tu of the Huns jurisdiction to break. Since the Western Han Wudi County, home to the Early Yuan Dynasty over 1,000 years, has set up bird-luan, and Fan, Li Ge stem, in the United States, Fan Wo, such as Yan-county, county, home yuan Yongchang Road, the home-Yongchang, - To Yongchang County, used to date.

1912年3, Yongchang County, Gansu provincial government to the jurisdiction of the Republic of China. November 1936,中国工农红军Xilu Jun stationed in Yongchang, the establishment of the Chinese Soviet Yongchang districts (counties), only 23 days. September 1949 Yongchang County, liberation, the establishment of Yongchang County People#39;s Government, under the Wuwei Prefecture Administrative Office. February 9, 1981, the State Council approved the establishment of Jinchang city, exempted Yongchang County.


Kim Chang-lying tilted from southwest to northeast. To mountain terrain, mainly plains, deserts, oases, the desert things start North-South turnover, with phase. The characteristics can be divided into three categories: cold-southwest of Qilian Mountain Ridge and spur, because of the magnificent tall and straight, "Qilian recent days," said Long Ridge for the cold in the peak, 4,442 meters above sea level, nival, Hill Distribution of natural forests, alpine meadows, vegetation coverage rate of 75%, which is important Jinchang Water Conservation District, has always been there, "Qilian-Ai Ai, Jessica Yan-grass", is famous for the natural pasture. Central Qilian, rhubarb, Wudang, Lung between the first Zhushan Yongchang, Qinghe at Sanbao, such as Oasis, about 1,800 meters in elevation, is flat, fertile land, is the main crop-growing areas in. Northeast of around 1,500 meters in elevation, with the exception of Ning-yuan, double-Bay Oasis, the rest of the Gobi, sand dunes, desert and semi-desert steppe.


Jinchang rich tourism resources. In many cultural relics have been found at more than 200. Neolithic is the mandarin duck pond, the dam site; Li Ge of the Western Han Dynasty period of dry sites, Han and Ming Great Wall and the large number of Han Tomb Group; Tang San Yung Sita; known as "Sky One column in the Hexi" Yongchang of the Ming Dynasty bell Gulou; haizita mainly north of the ancient buildings, and other scenic areas, snow-capped mountains, grasslands, Songtao, the wave Xiangyingchengqu scenic rivers of the West, is a good tourist destination.