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JieYang - GuangDong

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Zip code: 522000

location: in Jieyang City, Guangdong Province, south-east, across longitude 115 ° 36 ˊ to 116 ° 37 ˊ 39 ", latitude 22 ° 53 ˊ to 23 ° 46 ˊ 27". Mei-north, south Bin South China Sea, east of Shantou, Chaozhou, Shanwei the west.

administrative divisions: Jieyang City and Jiedong Xianxia Rongcheng District, Hui, Jiexi three counties, hosted Puning City (county level).

Jieyang in Jieyang City, Guangdong Province, south-east, across longitude 115 ° 36 ˊ to 116 ° 37 ˊ 39 ", latitude 22 ° 53 ˊ to 23 ° 46 ˊ 27". Mei-north, south Bin South China Sea, east of Shantou, Chaozhou, Shanwei the west. Land area of 5240.5 square kilometers. The mainland coastline of 82 kilometers, more than 30 coastal islands; inland rivers mainly Rongjiang, Long Jiang#39;s three major river systems and training.

Jieyang terrain from west to east toward the low mountain valleys and plains Gaoqiu staggered phase, the uneven distribution of the northwest and southwest for more hilly, mountainous, central, south and south-east are vast fertile Rongjiang Alluvial plains and the coastal plain deposition. - "Yumizhixiang." To the end of 1999, the city#39;s area of arable land (including paddy fields dry) 97,700 hectares, accounting for 18.8% of the total area.

Jieyang session of the humid subtropical monsoon climate, ample sunshine and abundant rainfall, snow all year round no less cream. The average annual temperature of 21. 4 c, an average of 1,723 mm of precipitation. Between summer and autumn often attacked by strong tropical storm, sometimes because of monsoon activity or unusual cold wave hit, there will be dry winter and spring or early spring cold rainy weather.

Jieyang rich natural resources. Chief of the city#39;s rivers 1097.5 km, with an average annual runoff of 6.2 billion cubic meters. Hydraulic reserves of 448,700 kilowatts, of which development can be installed 162,200 kilowatts, accounting for 36.2 percent of the reserves. Rich mineral resources, there are tin, tungsten, copper, iron, gold and a long stone, granite, rare earth, porcelain clay, and so on. The city#39;s existing forest reserves 3.255 million cubic meters, the forest coverage rate 46.9%. More than 1,130 kinds of plant species, of which more than 20 kinds of rare plants, such as in Ukraine, cypress trees, and so on. 15 kinds of rare animals such as giant Xi (Ipomoea cairica), the giant salamander (Wawa Yu), pangolins, and so on.

Jieyang Jieyang ancient town is the eastern Guangdong, has a long history, have been found containing the history of 2200 years, the ancient name in the Five Ridges, one of the Jieyang Ling, the Spring and Autumn when the Baiyue. Is the Qin Shi Ping, after 33 (214 BC) the establishment of Jieyang Shushou area, the South China Sea under the gun. Han Wudi Yuanding six years (111 BC) formed Jieyang County, the jurisdiction is the Chaozhou-Shantou, the Taiwanese-and-Longxi, Zhangpu, and other places. Cheng Di and six years into the Eastern Jin Dynasty (AD 331) for the Analysis of Jieyang Haiyang, Chaoyang, Henin-Hardenne. Sui-4 counties. After rehabilitation after the repeal, Zhisong Shaoxing 10 (Year 1140), and the establishment of Jieyang County. After new China was founded, Jieyang County has attached to the Chaoshan area, the eastern Guangdong Administrative Region, Shantou area, Shantou City. December 7, 1991, the State Council (the letter [l991 "84,) the approval of dismantling the county built in Jieyang city (prefectural level).


Jieyang City Rongjiang River and practicing the history of the regional economy is more developed eastern Guangdong one of the regions. Foreign trade has a long history. As early as the Tang Dynasty, and at Fort Rongjiang God Quangang, and Jing and Southeast Asian countries on the harbour transport, promoting local economic development; Ming and Qing Dynasties era, the handicraft industry, commerce industry more developed, in the early, with the input of modern industrial technology, A simple mechanical processing of the hardware industry, garment processing industry and the cotton textile industry; late to liberate the eve of the Sino-Japanese War, Jieyang economy was paralyzed; October 19, 1949, Rongcheng the liberation of the urban area, from around the beginning of a thriving Jieyang And vigorous development of socialist revolution and construction of the new era. Reform and opening up, especially Jianshiyilai, Jieyang rapid economic and social development, building of the two civilizations have made great progress.

Jieyang to greater odds of Hope, successive leaders Chester come forth in large numbers. Goldsmith retro Wu Song, Ming Shang Shu Weng Wanda, the Qing Dynasty scholar Lindh yung, Zhili Governor Jin Cheng, Jieyang, all of the membership will be re-Famous Official. Nanchang Uprising south Forces Command decision-making meeting held in quicksand, Zhou Enlai, He Long, Ye Ting, Liu Bocheng, Guo Moruo and other revolutionary forerunner to the Rongcheng, quicksand, Cotton Lake, and other places; second revolution in time of war the major guerrilla Nanshan 2008 War, leaving behind a memory of the Heritage.