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Zip code: 454100

Location: Henan Province in the northwest, according to Taihang North, south of Yellow River

Area: 4,071 square kilometers

Population: 3.3 million

administrative divisions: exempted Qinyang, the Mengzhou City, Wenxian, Wu Zhi, Xiuwu, love four counties, and liberation, Sanyo, in the station, Ma village, five high-tech areas.

Jiaozuo City, Henan Province in the northwest, north on the border of Shanxi Province and the Taihang, the south and the Yellow River in Zhengzhou, Luoyang across. Xian Xia 2 City 4 County District 4 and a high-tech industrial development zones with a total area of 4,071 square kilometers, the total population of 3.455 million, of which the urban population of 807,000, the urban population 1331000.

Jiaozuo Jiaozuo has a superior geographical advantages. It is located in China#39;s north-south crossroads of East and West with the Department, but also a new Eurasian continental bridge in the centre of the territory of China, with dong and the west, north ditch Nantong hub status.
Jiaozuo has a convenient transportation advantages. It is located in north and south of the Yellow River channel, recapped the two provinces of要冲Jin Yu, Yu NT has always been an important distribution center for supplies. There are coke sticks (Jiaozuo - Zhicheng), coke too (Jiaozuo - Taiyuan), a new coke (Jiaozuo - Xinxiang), Hou (On Shan - Houma) four railway lines, on mountains, Daiwang Two larger freight marshalling yard, rail transport facilities.公路总里程the city of 4,953 km, the highway density of 121.6 km /100 square kilometers, far higher than the province and the national average. Zheng has been built in the Coke, Coke Jin two high-speed, the traffic mileage of 72.8 kilometers, is building coke temperature, the new Coke economic, three high-speed Luo Ji, "15" at the end of Jiaozuo will achieve "high-speed county-the goals of" City to cities and urban centres can achieve high-speed connectivity, will build a half-hour economic circle, the city#39;s expressway network will also work with the Beijing-Zhuhai, Macao too, and even countries such as Huo Highway Route connectivity, Jiaozuo in central and western China The geographical advantages will become even more obvious that economic radiation capacity further enhanced.


Jiaozuo has a unique natural resources. First, is very rich in mineral deposits. There are more than 40 kinds of mineral resources, has proven reserves of coal, limestone, bauxite, refractory clay, such as pyrite over 20 kinds, including mining reserves of coal field could be 600 million tons, a single high-quality anthracite, is the chemical and steel The ideal of industrial raw materials; refractory clay buried shallow and easy exploitation, production ceramics, refractories for high-quality raw materials, has proven reserves 50.49 million tons; maintain iron ore reserves of 27.26 million tons Jiaozuo, industrial reserves of 7.406 million tons, mainly magnetite , The iron content of 32 percent limestone reserves of 10 billion tons forecast, the production of soda ash, acetylene, cement and other products of high quality raw materials; pyrite maintain reserves of 34.755 million tons, accounting for 41 percent of the province#39;s reserves. Second, the abundant water resources. Jiaozuo is rare in North China#39;s water-rich areas, many in the river, the river basin area of 100 square kilometers in the river over a 23, with Qin drainage, drainage Kwong Lee two artificial drainage, Qunying, Qingtian He and white Wall-Stream, and other large reservoirs, the forthcoming construction of the diversion project will also Xiechuan over the city centre, which has brought all of Jiaozuo abundant surface water resources; particularly important, Jiaozuo City is a natural Survey of underground water basin, the northern mountainous area and Jindong Nan mountain about 1,400 square kilometers of the vast region, are Jiaozuo groundwater recharge, the shallow groundwater in these areas and some precipitation, in a complex geological structure under the control of a collection to the city, A relatively rich in water resources in karst, has proven reserves of 3.54 billion cubic meters of groundwater. In addition, the Taihang Mountains in the south of the northern part of Jiaozuo distribution of about 500 sq km of gravel Piedmont Kong and tilt the ground, hard solid geological formation great endurance, and the neighboring mine, water, transport route and towns, it is ideal for the industrial land, At the same time is also very suitable for the construction of high-rise building.
Jiaozuo is rich in tourism resources. Excellent geographical location and several years of history of cultural accumulation, where rich and created a unique natural landscape and cultural landscape. Has now completed the development of state-level scenic spot Yuntaishan, Qingtian He, Shennong Hill, Qinglong Xia provincial-level scenic spots and peaks Gap, Qinglong Xia, the city of Temple scenic area, and CCTV Jiaozuo Ying Shicheng, LONG Yuan, such as Lake Paradise Modern leisure entertainment. By Yuntaishan, Qinglong Xia, peaks Gap, Shennong Hill, Qingtian He composed of five parks Yuntaishan Geopark world, is the world#39;s first UNESCO set 28 world geoparks one of the historical plot Yun-rich, Fu Cheng owned sites, such as Jiaying of six key national heritage conservation units. 2003, Jiaozuo City into the ranks of China#39;s excellent tourist cities, landscapes Jiaozuo brand in the country began Shouting loudly, the country has become a new tourist destination city, Yuntai Mountain area has been occupied for six Golden Week province#39;s scenic areas the number of visitors, ticket sales The first dual-leading position in 2004 "May 1" Golden Week, Yuntaishan scenic spots in the national monitoring of 99 key scenic areas, the number of visitors has also obtained Section 8, Clause 5 of the ticket sales a good performance. Jiaozuo

Jiaozuo city with better infrastructure. In recent years, in Jiaozuo City, according to "rely on the Old City, the development of the new district, the ring expansion, and rolling development" of ideas, adhere to the new district development and transformation of the old city simultaneously, widening of the Donghuan Lu, Xi Huanlu, Tanan cities such as road traffic corridors, Jiaonan delegation to strengthen the comprehensive, high-tech zones in infrastructure construction, the new district#39;s main road has been completed, the party and government organs, the central bus station, Henan Polytechnic University has completed the southward migration, urban open space for development obviously, in urban centres Area has more than 70 square kilometers. Major state projects throughout the project and had to wear, Jiaozuo use of natural gas pipe network has been completed, the city#39;s energy structure has been markedly improved. Launched a large-scale creation of China#39;s outstanding tourist city and the National Health and cities, vigorously training in the old city#39;s appearance, landscaping, greening, Liang Hua, significantly raising the level of purification.