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Source: ChinaTravelGood   Author: Kylie  Date: 08-15 2008  
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capital: Nanjing

position: in the eastern part of China#39;s Yangtze River, the lower reaches of the Huaihe River, north of Shandong, south of Shanghai and Zhejiang, Anhui, west, Dongbin the Yellow Sea.

Area: 102,600 square kilometers

Population: 71.48 million, the population density of 715 people per square kilometre

administrative divisions: 13 prefecture-level city jurisdiction, 31 county-level cities, 33 counties Jiangsu map

Jiangsu, referred to "Su", which means lush vegetation, abundant fish meters, has always been China#39;s most affluent one of the regions, Tongjiang Dahai, known as "Yumizhixiang" said. Because in the original "Jiangning," "Suzhou" two governments, the first word which comes "in Jiangsu."

Jiangsu Shanmingshuixiu, sites around the major north-south. The province to the Yangtze River, Grand Canal, Taihu, the main coastal scenery, constituted a "water-based, to landscape composition of wins," the unique tourism resources. Nanjing, the remains of the Six Dynasties, the classical gardens of Suzhou, Wuxi Taihu Shengjing, Yixing in Zhuhaidongtian, Xuzhou the remains of Qin and Han dynasties, the Haicheng landscape of Lianyungang, Huai#39;an plains scenery, the Zhouzhuang Water Xiuse are Mingwenxiaer tourism Resort.

Jiangsu magnificent natural scenery, landscapes phase grounding Shuitianyise, mountains, water, holes, springs, rich tourism resources, there are things Hengwo the Yangtze River, north-south aspect of the Grand Canal, the Taihu Lake Yanbo Hao-miao, the Hongze Lake , Qingxiu Junli the Slender West Lake, Xuanwu Lake, Lake Yunlong, Xiongzhi riverside Langshan, Jinshan, Beigu Shan, Long-Huju the Purple Mountain, the magic wonderful Huaguo Shan; variety of good-Vol. , ZHANG Gong hole, Ling-dong, Li Mu-dong, Xi Shi-dong; Mingyangtianxia the cold seeps in Zhenjiang, Wuxi Hui Springs, Tang Springs, Jiangpu Tang Quan, Pukou Zhenzhu Quan.

both moved to Tai Bonan, Wu Yue plans gangsters, or Chuhan of the dispute over North Korea Xingfei 10, all of Jiangsu left a valuable historical and cultural heritage. Jiangsu has thousands of temples, tombs, several hundred years ago the city walls, former residence of celebrities, there are relics of the past clustering of large Museum of History, all kinds of special folk culture museum, Gangnam unique classical gardens, past the famous painting inscriptions.

With the development of tourism, Jiangsu constantly emerged in the new King new, many human landscape and tourist resorts are for the Jiangsu Tourism adds a new color. Park in Suzhou, Wuxi, as in Ying Shicheng, Dinosaur Park in Changzhou, Nanjing Underwater World, with "Shenzhou first Buddha" Mountain Giant Buddha in Masan Wuxi Taihu Lake Resort District, Suzhou Taihu Lake National Tourism Resort, Changzhou and other Tianmuhu Lake Tourist Resort This is your "Jiangsu trip" to a more leisurely and exciting.