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JiangMen - GuangDong

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Abbreviations: 0750

capital: 529000

position: in central and southern Guangdong Province, the western Pearl River Delta

Area: 9,541 square kilometers

Population: 3950000

administrative divisions: administered Taishan, Xinhui, Kaiping, Enping, five Heshan City

About Us: Jiangmen City is China#39;s best tourist cities in the southwest along the Pearl River Delta and strategic location, recapped with the Xijiang River in western Guangdong#39;s coastal traffic portal.

Jiangmen City in the beautiful and affluent Pearl River Delta, the frequency A South China Sea, TAIWAN BISHAMON Lin, Hong Kong and Macau, water and land transportation convenience. Land from Guangzhou, Zhuhai 100 km, 95 sea miles by sea to Hong Kong, Macao, 53 sea miles. Jiangmen City in western Guangdong and place southwest of the Pearl River Delta and Guangdong provinces to the transport hub of Hong Kong and Macao, highlighted the West River and coastal transport of the gateway to the west of Guangdong Province, the Pearl River Delta economic zone at the centre of the city.

Jiangmen Xianxiapengjiang Jiangmen City, Jianghai, (c), Taishan, Kaiping, Enping, Heshan four county-level cities (commonly known as "Wuyi"). Total area of 9,541 square km, population 3.8 million people. Among them, Jiangmen area of 180 square kilometers, the population of 420,000 people.

Jiangmen FDBWA known as "China#39;s first overseas Chinese." Jiangmen#39;s Wuyi ancestral home of overseas Chinese, Chinese, Hong Kong and Macao compatriots to 3.68 million people (including overseas Chinese, 2.15 million Chinese people, Hong Kong and Macao compatriots 1530000), the overseas compatriots about 1 /10, all around the world 103 Countries and regions.

Jiangmen City is the Pearl River Delta land, marine resources is extremely fertile areas. Land area of the Pearl River Delta area of about 1 /4. The whole city area of 213,800 hectares of arable land available for development and utilization of o.82 million hectares of barren hills and wasteland. The city#39;s sea (Island) 615 km long coastline, the province accounted for 1 /5, rich marine resources, development has great potential. Jiangmen is a subtropical oceanic climate, a mild climate and less cream without snow, sunny, Four Seasons evergreen. Jiangmen the natural environment has been very good that the city#39;s beautiful countryside Fengmei, in Guangdong Province, the first batch of city greening standards.


Jiangmen FDBWA history goes back to ancient times, had nurtured the late Ming Chan Pak Sha-famous science, modern reformers on behalf of Liang Qichao, the forerunner of democratic revolution Shao-Bai Chen, the Chinese top flight division, and other famous figures such as Feng. Jiangmen rich tourism resources, with many relics, such as the Eastern Han Dynasty ruins the new Yu Tai Temple, Tang Nhat Hanh astronomical observation of the tea off: Temple, the new Yamen ancient battlefield, Chan Pak Sha Temple, Liang Qichao house from top to bottom and Taishan new Kawashima Council birdie heaven, Hoi Ping Li Park, Heshan Dayan mountain, jungle, and so on.