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Jiangjin is a long-standing historical and cultural city, is located in the Yangtze River to Yaojin named. Jiangjin in the Chongqing Yangtze River southwest coast. Jiangjin city of Chongqing with similar climatic features, but integrated meteorological indicators is superior to Chongqing.
Jiangjin堪称scenic village, unique tourism resources.
domain at the southern end of Chongqing City, Sichuan, Guizhou with the Department of key national scenic area surrounded by mountains, forests as the keynote to Danxia landform features to Waterscape as bright spots in Miangen Baili, four Feibao. Four southern Shanxi, Sichuan bear even a Buddha-Jiang National Forest Park, also in Guizhou water key national scenic spots, national Chishui Alsophila spinulosa protected areas, Chishui Zhuhai National Forest Park, Chishui state-level ecological demonstration zones, Siduchishui-expanding national cultural relics, Guizhou Xishui Nature Reserve, China#39;s unique combination of the first super-large ecological park, is one of the same latitude every instrument of the largest area of the protection of the most well-subtropical evergreen broad-leaved forest and rare species gene pool.
domain in the southwestern city of Black Rock Hill - Roller Ping provincial (city) level scenic areas across the three towns were the two rural area of 125 square kilometers, and from Rock Hill, roller Ping, who Yuandong, River waters Qingyuan Palace and five independent area modules, and Rock Hill in half a century ago the United States published in the world selected scenic dictionary.
Jiangjin City, the eastern part of a domain Luo Lai-shan city-level scenic spots, Luo Lai-99, Long mountain climbing, and Zi Jingshan Lake and other scenic areas of the roof, the dragon mountain was built in Ming Dynasty, the emperor of the refuge, Luo Lai mountain of pig-mouth Tian Jiyun, who was sleeping comrades place.
Jiangjin City, a landmark in the northwest domain trough Hill municipal scenic area, a major milestone landscape mountain cave trough group, the Shihmen large Buddhist temple, Nieshuai former places of residence, stalagmite mountains, clouds Ping, Lee Ji-bridges, while the Shihmen Buddha for the section of Yangtze River A Buddha, the ninth of the world#39;s largest Buddha and Guanyin Buddha stone statue.
domain southwest of the city to a lake, waterfall scenery ditch stream consisting mainly of municipal scenic area.
Jiangjin civilization has a long history and rich cultural heritage, has found that 603 fixed objects, including ancient ruins 11, 265 ancient tombs, 67 ancient buildings, grottoes and stone 93, 17 historical sites in modern, modern 3 representative construction, other fixed objects 127. In these fixed cultural heritage, belongs to the Neolithic age of three, the Han Dynasty 49, Song 19, 79 Ming dynasty, the Qing Dynasty 414, modern 39, of which 266 have been included in the "Chinese cultural relics Atlas. "
Jiangjin majority of visitors to the charming open-minded, embrace you! welcome you!