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JiaYiXian - TaiWan

Source: ChinaTravelGood   Author: Evan  Date: 07-23 2008  More Attractions
Location: Chianan Plain Upper East

area: more than 60 square kilometers

Population: 250,000

Chiayi formerly Chulo, Ming Tianqi 2 (1622), Zhangzhou in Fujian people who Yansi Qi rate since Bengang (now the Yunlin and Chiayi Newport Peikang area) landing reclamation, is Taiwan#39;s oldest settlement of Henman 1. 51-Qianlong (1786), Lin Shuangwen uprising, soldiers and civilians to Chulo Shoucheng, after the Ching court for recognition of local military and civilian Yiju, then Chulo changed its name to Chiayi, Chiayi City, since the temple is still retain the meantime Historical Relics . Tropic of Cancer by the province of Chiayi and Hualien County, Chiayi water in the countryside has a monument Liaocun (position 120 degrees east longitude in 24 minutes and 46 seconds 50, latitude 23 degrees 27 minutes 04 seconds 51). In addition internationally renowned scenic Mount Ali in Chiayi County is also the region is the cypress forest areas, the Millennium Shenmu in the above can also be seen climbing on the train can also tour the whole film Forests, the shuttle in the embrace of nature, and I wish Mountain sunrise, shows the mountains between the clouds and the bright dawn of the United States; Swiss mountain in the scenic beauty of the valley is also a novel experience.
trip to the coast, coastal bag an oasis in a white Yantian, the exposure under the sun crystal moving, so beautiful scenery, only you personally to the Council can fully understand feelings of Chiayi.