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Source: ChinaTravelGood   Author: Valeria  Date: 08-29 2008  More Attractions
Chiayi City in the Chianan Plain Upper East, Mountain Mianhai and convenient transportation, area over 60 square kilometers, the population of 25 million people.
ranked province in central Chiayi City fortress, Dongbin Renyi Lake, the water west, south sector Pachang Creek, north Pu Zaixi. Because of the Chianan Plain is a part, has fertile land, irrigation facilities, because of nearby tropical temperature, the four seasons such as spring, features Tiancheng. Chiayi City was also known as the Peach, the result of the Qing Dynasty when the territory seemed peach Chiayi City, Chiayi and people-to people Peach City claims. As traffic
fortress is located, has been Chiayi County is still an important tourist attraction. Chiayi City, many well-known attractions, such as the Pan-Lan Tan, Amitabha Xiao-Zhong, and Chiayi Park, Botanical Garden, February 28 Memorial Park; due to the development of Chiayi area very early, the temple forest, and there are many historic sites, such as Chenghuang Temple , Dual allegiance Temple, Jen Wu Gong, congenital Yu Xugong, and possession of Um, both are 100 years old temple, and the Fukang An Park in Chiayi Shengci monument, the Confucius Temple, it is a long history of the monument; In addition, lasted 300 Temple of God in the traditional swinging game, Georgia is unique, both folk very fun.
air from Taipei Sungshan, Hualien, Makung, Kinmen and other airports have direct flights water Chiayi Airport.
the longitudinal section of the railway through Chiayi City Centre, although only in a Chiayi station, but trains were calling at all levels, and more than 000 facilities.
highway from western Taiwan are the main township passenger steam Taiwan, reunification of the passenger around the Chiayi City, Chiayi County have also each township, Chiayi County and Chiayi passenger bus operators to contact the urban areas in Chiayi. Chiayi City Bus (County camp bus) station and the surrounding as the center, sent to Chiayi cities and counties around the Linsen Xi Road, Zhongshan Road are multi-bus traffic; Chiayi for the passenger to the base camp in the mountains, heading for Yunlin and Chiayi western plains, the coastal township.