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JiaXing - ZheJiang

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Long-distance code: 0575

Postal Code: 312000

position: the Yangtze River Delta in the Hangjiahu Plain, east of Shanghai, Hangzhou West Link, north of Suzhou, Hangzhou Bay South Bin, a coastline of 121 km.

area: the city#39;s total area of 3,915 square kilometers

Population: Population 3.32 million people

administrative divisions: exempted Discovered City, Jiashan and Xiuzhou District, Pinghu, sea salt, Henin-Hardenne, Tongxiang five counties (cities).

Jiaxing City in the Yangtze River Delta south side of the Hangzhou-Jiaxing-Huzhou plain, east of Shanghai, Hangzhou Bay Bin South, the West even Hangzhou, Suzhou north, is a horse-Hung culture (since 7000) The birthplace of the Tang and Song dynasties have been the southeast coast of China#39;s important foreign trade port, the reputation of a "Yumizhixiang, silk of the House." Today#39;s approval of the State Council in Jiaxing is the first coastal open economic zones and major industry and trade city in Zhejiang Province, administered Jiashan, Pinghu, sea salt, Henin-Hardenne, and show Tongxiang City, Xiuzhou, and other seven counties (cities, districts). The city#39;s total area of 3,915 square kilometers, population 3.32 million, of which the urban area of 968 square kilometers, the population of 880,000 people.

Jiaxing is the Neolithic culture of Ma-the birthplace of Hamamatsu, since 7000 the former Urban Habitat ancestors are engaged in hunting activities Nongmu Yu. Spring and Autumn Period, the names of water, also known as Li Zhi, Wu Yue角逐the two countries in this situation. Warring States Period, Chu assigned to Habitat. Qin home from boxing County, Haiyan, a Huiji County. Han Dynasty at sea for cooking salt and Cultivation of grain. Wu Jiang at the top three countries, boxing out by the South County Habitat, the home Yanguan Xijing Haiyan County. Miss Huanglong 2003 (231) "from boxing since the wild rice", Wu Dadi Sun Quan that Auspicious, changed from boxing for Hexing, Chek Ukraine five years (242) renamed Jiaxing. Jin Dynasty, Northern and Southern Dynasties, Jiaxing further development, "while one-year-old Nim few counties or forgotten hungry." Sui Dynasty built Jiangnan River, Hangzhou, Jiaxing to Zhenjiang by the Grand Canal, Jiaxing to bring the benefits of irrigation Zhou Ji. Tianbao decades Tang Xuanzong (751) Analysis of Jiaxing Prefecture development and sea salt, Kunshan and other parts of the county jurisdiction to home Huating County. Tang Jiaxing Cultivation 27, "Tuen three western Zhejiang, as the Golden Harvest", Jiaxing has become an important yield of southeast China, "a Rang Golden Harvest, Hong Jianghuai it; Jiahe an apology, Jianghuai it frugal". . Five Dynasties and Ten States period, Wu Yue State House in Jiaxing set Kaiyuan, from Jiaxing, sea salt, Huating three counties, Jiaxing is the first time for a state-level regime. Houjingaozu Tin Fook five years (940), the Wu Yue Wang Qian Yuan Guan of the Zouqing, in Jiaxing, home show, from Jiaxing, sea salt, Huating, Zonta four counties. Discovered in the Northern Song Dynasty to the county for the Golden Harvest, the first year of the Southern Song Dynasty Ningzong Qing yuan (1195) or the county for the House, after the army changed Jiaxing. Yuanshizhu Emperor Yuan for 13 years (1276) to the Jiaxing Army House for the Jiaxing An Fusi, was promoted to Jiaxing Rotary Road Explorer House. Song and Yuan Dynasties, Jiaxing more developed economy, known as the "Baigong skills and Jervois, and other", "tooth and cargo Choi Fu Fan, for the most western Zhejiang." Zhapu, Gan Pu, Tsing Lung, and so frequent foreign trade port, shipping is booming. Five years that the Xuande (1430) Analysis of Jiaxing Xian Northwest Habitat for Xiushui County, northeast Habitat for the Analysis of Jiashan County; Analysis of Haiyan County, home Pinghu; Analysis of Zonta County home Tongxiang County, Jiaxing House administered seven counties, said the government, the seven counties . Since then, Jiaxing Siwubainian basic system of prefectures to change. The time, in agriculture and handicraft development on the basis of increasing economic prosperity of goods, silk cotton marketing North and South, far from overseas, Jiaxing Wang Jiang Jing town of Silk "clothing world," the reputation of Jiashan "to the West Buwan Tong yarn, "the saying goes, Tongxiang Puyuan town of Silk" Nissan 10,000, "Mingwenxiaer. Ming Hongzhi "Jiaxing#39;s History" record: "for the western Zhejiang Jiaxing big House", "Jiang will have one."

the early Qing dynasty, the Qing government to the tax reform and rectification, and many times along the seawall on the Hangzhou Bay to build and continually improve the socio-economic Jiaxing, more prosperous town. Decade-Xianfeng (1860), the Taiping army after another in Jiaxing, listen Palace built for the local military and political leadership. After the mid-Qing Dynasty, by imperialism and feudalism, the predatory exploitation, Jiaxing city and the economic outlook and Rijiancuiluo slump. November 7, 1911, party member recovery of the Revolution of 1911 in Jiaxing, the establishment of military and political points of Jiaxing House. In the early repeal of the county government, called Jiahe County, said after the rehabilitation Jiaxing Xian. Early August 1921, the Communist Party of China National People#39;s Congress the first time in the Nanhu Lake in Jiaxing closing on a cruise ship, declared the founding of the CPC.

since reform and opening up, Jiaxing economic and social undertakings have developed vigorously. The next year, the city#39;s GDP reached 60.9 billion yuan, the total income of 5.35 billion yuan, and exports valued at 2.22 billion U.S. dollars, the comprehensive strength continuously increased. District five counties (cities) have entered the country three times in a row overall strength of 100 counties, all counties (cities, districts) were named as "well-off county of Zhejiang Province."

Jiaxing City, the state of Taihu Lake basin, the Water Village Zeguo, for the people living in Ancient Yue. Spring and Autumn when the cross-Yue Wu, Shi Chen, "the head Wu Mei", both Wu "Tabb Cirang the legacy" and the "diligence while Xi Xia Yu." Chu and Vietnam, also received more than 100 years the impact of Chu culture. Since the Qin (before 222) county system to implement the Five Dynasties (907-960) before, Jiaxing has been vested Huijiwujun, language is also Wu dialect, is Miss Popular folk customs to the mainstream, Jiangnan Water distinct features, unlike Mountain province, the Mid-Levels. At the end of the Western Jin Dynasty and the Northern Song Dynasty at the end of the second national unrest, the North Du Jiang Yi Guan of the multi-ethnic and South, has brought the Central Plains culture and complement each other so that the integration of the Central Plains Jiaxing Local customs of the ingredients, uniqueness and diversity co-exist.

Jiaxing has good conditions for development and investment environment, the unique geographical advantages. Railways, highways, waterways, ports complete, Northern Zhejiang become the transport hub. Rich agricultural resources, the modern industrial system basically complete and market network pattern has been formed. With plenty of power, in east China is an important energy base. Open economy has developed rapidly, the city has 11 provincial-level economic and technological development zones, foreign-invested enterprises of 2104, total contracted foreign investment 2.7 billion U.S. dollars, foreign capital actually used 1.171 billion at the same time, there are many cultural attractions, provincial, City, county heritage preservation unit 130, rich tourism resources, Chao, lake, river, sea and natural scenery is beautiful, awarded the title of provincial-level historical and cultural city. In the journey of the new century, the diligent and wise people of firm confidence in Jiaxing, and the difficulties and Jin, work for and achieve new leaps forward. We firmly believe that tomorrow will certainly be a better of Jiaxing, a city of the Yangtze River Delta economy, the port wing on Hainan Xinshi, the Jiangnan Water is the cultural city of Hangzhou Bay North Yangqiu rapid rise.