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Zip code: 154000

Area: total area of 32,700 square kilometers.

Population: 2.4 million.

position: Jiamusi City in the northeast border of the motherland, located in Heilongjiang and Wusuli River and Songhua River convergence of the Sanjiang Plain hinterland.

divisions: administered forward, Xiangyang District, the east, the suburbs (Yonghong), with Jiang City, Fujin Shi, Huachuan County, ask the county, Huanan Xian, Tangyuan County.


located in Jiamusi in Heilongjiang, Songhua River and Wusuli River confluence of the hinterland of the Sanjiang Plain, 340 km long East and West, North-South 190 km wide, at the Heilongjiang , And Russia across the Wusuli River, 580 km-long border line. China is the easternmost city, is second only to Harbin, the third largest city of Qiqihar, known as "Oriental City," said.

Jiamusi photos Jiamusi City, east Shuangyashan City, the West by Harbin, Yichun City, south of Mudanjiang, Qitaihe, Jixi City, north Hegang City. Border (industry#39;s) line-General 449 km east at Wusuli River, north of Heilongjiang and Russia at the哈巴罗夫斯克(Peter force) across the border. As a result of this special geographical location, the "Oriental City."

Jiamusi in the existing 441 kinds of plant resources, can be divided into the use of medicinal plants, wild mountains, fruit plants, fiber plants, nectar source plants, green plants, and other 15 major categories. Hill vegetable and edible fungus varieties are: fern, Osmunda japonica, thorn tender vegetables, cucumber incense, the monkey legs dry vegetables, flower matsutake, Hazel#39;s mushroom, oil mushrooms, mushroom, and so on the Green.

Jiamusi City, contains abundant underground treasures. Found that the non-ferrous metal, ferrous metals, precious metals, metallurgical auxiliary materials, construction materials and other non-metallic mineral more than 50 species. Useful elements and minerals are the main raw materials: iron, manganese, titanium, copper, lead, zinc, nickel, cobalt, gold, mercury, silver, pyrite, phosphorus iron ore, the snake mosquito Diao, clay, silica, mica and kaolin , Marble, bentonite, graphite and coal. Found the deposit, mining, the number of mineralization 310 points.

Jiamusi picture

Jiamusi City, the forest is rich in resources, concentrated in the eastern part of Zhang Guangcai Ling, Xiao Hinggan Mountains and the northern part of Wandashan Yumo. Run a woodland area of 863.9 hectares, and forest industry, the farm system has woodland, the city#39;s forest coverage rate to 20.7 percent.

the vast grassland in Jiamusi City, Heilongjiang Province is the second largest natural grassland. Grass variety of grass Fengmei, for the development of animal husbandry has provided excellent conditions.

Jiamusi annually held here in June in the Sanjiang International Tourism Festival to Jiamusi is the best season of tourism.
Jiamusi tourism resources to the "three Jiangkou" as representatives of diverse landscapes, beautiful scenery. The surging river, and two yellow color, clear boundaries, east of dollars, rather than mixed flow, become a spectacle. Street-mouth, Yishanbangshui, the scenery pleasant. Diaoyutai Wu Li River, Heilongjiang Bibo Trinidad, fishing boats shuttle. Sanjiang Plain in winter an oasis in a snow world for visitors to hunting, skiing, over the summer MAI Hai, rice flower fragrance, stacked嶂mountains, rivers aspect.

the Sanjiang Plain in winter an oasis in a snow world for visitors to hunting, skiing, over the summer MAI Hai, rice flower fragrance, stacked嶂mountains, rivers aspect. Jiamusi is now open to h, Birobidzhan, a total of Qingcheng, the one-day Moscow and other cities, Erri You, 4 YOU, 8, and so on a number of outbound international tourism routes. Jiamusi also opened up to folk customs with the Hezhe Jiang Yu; Huachuan, Fujin, Tongjiang, Fuyuan Heritage Tour; Honghe farm agricultural Tour; Tangyuan-River jungle scenery Tour; Huanan forest steam locomotive to watch Tour.