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Jiading District in Shanghai, northwest, central location in east longitude 121 ° 15 #39;, latitude 31 ° 23#39;. The region of 458.8 square kilometers, with 14 towns and three streets, a municipal-level industrial area and a quarter. A population of about 486,400.
Jiading Jiading built 10 years since the Southern Song Dynasty (1218), to Nianhao the name of the county administration building in the city practicing Qi (now the Jiading town). October 1992 approval of the State Council, the dismantling Jiading County, built in Shanghai#39;s Jiading District.
Jiading in the Tang Dynasty when the urban and rural areas with Liu, the Jiading and other "Liu City" or "Liu."
Jiading District, convenient traffic. Center City District People#39;s Square to Shanghai, Hongqiao International Airport, the Shanghai Railway Station, Zhanghuabang International Container Terminals are just 20 minutes. A Shanghai-Nanjing Railway, the Shanghai-Hangzhou rail transit, with Nanxiang, Kuang Lane, closure Hamamatsu, Wong Pui, Anting, and other stations. Highway in chief of more than 700 kilometers, the density of 1.5 km per sq km. Hu Jia is the main road highway, Shanghai-Nanjing Expressway and Shanghai to Highway (State Road 204), Caoan Road (State Road 312). There are fairways 22, navigable mileage of 212.5 km, of which Hamamatsu municipal Channel Yun was 19.4 km in length.
Jiading superior geographical conditions, has always been a developed economy. 1989, 1990 county-level fiscal revenue in the nation#39;s top cities and counties. In recent years, Jiading national economy sustained, steady and healthy development of a number of economic indicators in recent years in terms of the Shanghai districts and counties the forefront.
Jiading adhere to the "February 31" the industry development policy. Vehicles and spare parts manufacturing industry Jiading the first pillar industries. Jiading "automobile city", the Shanghai No. 1 sedan and a China-made Santana are in Anting Town, Jiading birth. Automotive electrical appliances, wiring harness, muffler, steering gear, transmission, tires and other automotive parts production and car sales, maintenance and after-sales service, etc., have formed a complete system. At the same time, electronic appliances, textiles and clothing, metal products, high-tech products, and other competitive industries also account for a considerable proportion. Jiading Industrial Zone in Shanghai as one of nine municipal-level industrial zones, private technology-intensive areas as a state-level high-tech park, one of Shanghai#39;s Jiading venture of overseas students studying for the national park staff to start a business up to the park. Jiading District high-tech enterprises and the number of private technology enterprises, foreign trade, foreign exchange earned through exports, the private economy of scale and efficiency in Shanghai are leading position.
Jiading trade, finance, services, tourism and other tertiary industries developed rapidly. Anting car market, the Shanghai textile market, the Shanghai decoration market, the Shanghai Oriental Auto Parts City, and other professional formation of the wholesale market system, the value of radiation east, toward the country. Foreign three-star hotels Shanghai Automotive Industry Centre Blue Palace Hotel, Shanghai Ying-yuan hotel and guesthouse, a reasonable distribution of the Village, Shanghai Golf Club, the United States Dream theme park and other recreation venues and France and China Tower, Temple of Confucius, the ancient Yi Park, and so on a number of spots Shanghai famous monuments.
Jiading the structure of agriculture is becoming reasonable. White garlic, white beans, grapes, strawberries, nursery stock, vegetables and fruit and other agricultural products Mingteyouxin colorful, Jiading Wang Ge, Silkies, ostriches, aquatic products breeding Mingwenxiaer treasures. Hamamatsu closure horticultural market, Jian Hamamatsu characteristics farm, forestry Wong Pui theme gardens, Huating modern agricultural park will become the first choice of urban leisure idyllic tourist spots.
Jiading urban construction gradually formed the Metro - the town centre - the three levels of market towns urban system. Jiading Metro Centre, Bridge Street conservation area, with strong Gufengguyun, full of modern features to attract tourists. Nanxiang famous historical and cultural towns and Anting Automobile City, is yet a long cultural tradition, but also a fully functional modern industrial city.