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JiYuan - HeNan

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Code: 0391

Zip code: 454600

Location: Henan Province in the northwest

Area: 1,931 square kilometers

Population: 640,000

administrative divisions: exempted JACKIE water, the North Sea, Shuangqiaoshan, the Temple of Heaven four neighborhood offices, grams of wells, Wu Longkou, Zhi City, for the stay, the Shao, Potou, Lei Lin, Tai Yu eight towns, Asia Bridge, Sili, Wong Uk, under the rule of four townships, and a total of 536 village (residents) the Committee, 3,556 village (residents) the group.

River in Jiyuan City Jiyuan Southern Province northwest, is the home of the legendary Yu Gong. According to the North too, Wong Uk two mountains, with the Yangcheng County, Shanxi Province, Jincheng ride; south Yellow River, and the District of Luoyang City and Geely Mengjin, Xin#39;an county across the West and Yuanqu County, Shanxi Province, bordering East and Qin Yang, Meng Zhou adjacent to the two cities. Urban area of 1,931 square kilometers domain, the main urban area of 28 square kilometers, the mountain area of hilly area about 88 per cent of the city, is an emerging industrial cities. Jiyuan due to economic named after the birthplace of water, water and ancient Jeju Yangtze River and Yellow River, Huaihe River that "Sidu." From the latest archaeological discoveries show that as early as the late Paleolithic and Neolithic early, that is, since 10,000 years ago, mankind has been in this growth, interest-bearing. Here was the capital of Xia Dynasty and the Han Dynasty to the Warring States period, "Zhi town" to the world-renowned wealth. Sui Kaihuang 16 (AD 596) for the county, the county built in 1988 dismantling the city, the provincial implementation of the 1997 system, Henan Province, is one of 18 provincial cities. For the Central Plains Historical and Cultural Cities.

Jiyuan Shixia JACKIE water, the North Sea, Shuangqiaoshan, the Temple of Heaven four neighborhood offices, grams of wells, Wu Longkou, Zhi City, for the stay, the Shao, Potou, pear-lam, Dayu 8 Town, Asia Bridge, Sili, Wong Uk, under the rule of four townships, and a total of 521 village (residents) the Committee, 3,635 village (residents) the group. The city#39;s total population of 65 million people.

warm zone is located in Jiyuan continental monsoon climate zone. Because of the topography and the impact of the monsoon, light, heat, water time and space differences Obviously, the spring warmth of windy, hot and rainy summer, autumn day high Qishuang, less dry and cold winter snow. Temperatures were in dry plain areas 14.4 ℃, shallow mountain hilly region 13.2 ℃ -14.3 ℃, North, West Bank too, Wong Uk mountain less than 10 ℃.

Jiyuan of Jiyuan, Tianbao, rich in resources. After years of geological survey and prospecting, has identified various metals, non-metallic, energy, water and gas, and other 41 kinds of mineral deposits, has proven reserves of 19 kinds, development and utilization of 16, mainly coal, iron, steel, aluminum Vanadium soil, quartz stone, refractory clay, and so on. The city#39;s total of 89,000 hectares of forestry land, including forest area of 80,000 hectares. Lush forest habitat for the breeding of animals and plants provided a natural home. The city has 697 kinds of animals, 44 species are listed as national key protected animals, 38 were classified as second class protected animals. A variety of 1,760 kinds of plants, is a national and 34 provincial-level protection of plants.

Jiyuan Shanqingshuixiu, R scenery, in the mountains, rivers, hills, plains making the other more beautiful, heritage and cultural sites across the country, ancient wooden building Habitat highest in the province, up to 64 units of heritage conservation. After strong development and construction, has taken shape into the natural landscape and cultural landscape as one of Wong Uk Shan National Scenic Area; Yellow River culture and Xiaolangdi project as the main characteristics of the Xiaolangdi Yellow River Three Gorges area; Xunyou exploration consisting mainly of nine wins in the ditch scenery ; Natural landscapes and to watch the monkeys, and hot mineral spring convalescence based Wu Longkou Scenic Area; to worship the Millennium Ji Ji Dumiao water main urban centres Resort.
Jiyuan has a good advantage in location and transportation advantages. Jiaozhitielu across North and South, electrification Pipeline has been completed and operational, Hou Jiyuan in the railway and Jiaozhitielu track to become the Jiyuan North and South, East and West two major rail lines of "small" word channel. Road transport accessible. 207 State Road North, arrived in Jincheng in Shanxi Province, Zheng Luo south highway and 310 National Road. JACKIE new highway links the east Xinxiang 107 National Road, west of Shanxi Yuanqu. Formed in the urban area as the center and main highway for the skeleton, a rural road as the basis, industrial zones, tourist areas, Qinbei Power Plant, the Xiaolangdi Water Control Project on all sides of the road as the focus radiation and stretches of highway network.

Jiyuan Jiyuan coordination of industrial and agricultural development, economic prosperity. Agriculture as the foundation of a solid, rich grain, cotton, oil and tobacco, there are mountains date, Hongguo, persimmon, walnut, such as tou Hericium. Jiyuan the 1950s on the "five small industries" Wenmingquanguo. Since reform and opening up, give full play to its advantages in resources Jiyuan, a lot to attract foreign investment, the implementation of grafting, has now formed energy, built the village, metallurgical, chemical, machinery, electronic appliances, food and beverage, medicine and other G8 system, Yu-emerged, JACKIE Steel, Yu source, Ben, the giant Kang, Ji medicine, Kam Czech Republic, a group of large and medium-sized backbone enterprises, and other products sold at home and abroad. In recent years, with the Xiaolangdi Water Control Project in Jiyuan in the construction, Qinbei Power Plant, and so on a number of key national projects have been started, to further accelerate the economic development of Jiyuan. The city#39;s gross domestic product, revenue, the per capita net income of farmers and other major economic indicators rank the forefront of the province. Has access to "advanced culture in the country", "advanced the National Sports City", "advanced science and technology work in the country", "National Health advanced cities", "China#39;s outstanding tourist city", "National Basketball City", "provincial-level civilized city" Such as the honorary title.