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JiXian - TianJin

Source: ChinaTravelGood   Author: Alexandra  Date: 07-25 2008  More Attractions
Tianjin, North China, the ancient is a You-yan, also known as Yu Yang, has a long history dates back to Zhou: Yanshan the north, the Bohai South Hope, "recapped要冲northeast of Beijing, the Central Plains and the Bashang-risk Cypriots", as successive military strategists Battleground, "Ji Suoyue East," said.
Jixian unique natural conditions. Habitat domain 1,470 square kilometers, mountains and rivers-and a pleasant climate. High mountains of northern forest, picturesque scenery: Lake in central-Dangyang, water-day phase grounding: The fertile soil of southern and forthright as Di. Here is rich in resources, many products, like clouds Shengji, accessible, to Shanqingshuixiu, R scenery, and materials, Tianbao, a reputation for old times.
the spring breeze of reform and opening up to this ancient land injected new vitality, Jixian people with their diligence and wisdom, writing a new chapter of history. After 20 years of reform and construction, agricultural economies in transition Jixian variant, the green industry overall start: the county and township continuously deepen the reform of the industrial scale, the total rapid expansion: trade flows has become increasingly active, strong momentum in the development of tourism. The county economic development with each passing day, the cause of vigorous development, showing Zhengtongrenhe, businesses are flourishing of prosperity.
Jixian excellent geographical location and rich natural resources, the rise of regional economies, liberal investment environment for domestic and foreign people with lofty ideals to provide a broad stage. Approved in a number of foreign passengers to visit tourism, leisure, business cooperation, investment and development. Flying in all directions "Phoenix", to Jixian这棵"Indus tree," added infinite charm.
Jixian is moving into the world, the world is concerned about Jixian. Ying-open gate far off, the whole world to宾朋Yuyang!