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JiXi - HeiLongJiang

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Zip Code: 158100

code: 0467

population: about 2 million population.

Administrative Region of: exempted three counties (cities) in six districts.

position: Jixi City in Heilongjiang Province is an economic zone southeast of central cities.

Area: total area of 22,531 square kilometers.

Jixi City in Heilongjiang Province in south-east, north, east and Bo Lixian, respectively, connected in Qitaihe City, South Muling City, and Linkou Xian adjacent to the West, East, South East and Russia Junction. Total area of 22,531 square kilometers and a population 1.98 million, the Han, Manchu, North Korea to return to Mongolia, and other 23 people, exempted three counties (cities) in six districts. Jixi City is the first of the rising sun, has now become a complete industry categories, the full economic development, urban services more comprehensive integrated city.

Jixi Jixi City is very rich in mineral resources, has found that 56 ores. Mainly coal, graphite, silicon-Shek, the K-feldspar, marble, gold, platinum, palladium, mineral water, and so on. Jixi Coal widely distributed, complete coal, coke, Qimei, such as seven Feimei coal, the total reserves of 8 billion tons, with an annual output of 30 million tons of raw coal: graphite reserves total 780 million tons, ranking first in Asia, Annual 70,000 tons: silicon-line reserves of 40 million tons, the annual output 3000 tons: marble reserves of 630 million tons, 3.29 tons reserves of platinum, palladium reserves of 5.66 tons, more than five tons of gold reserves.

Jixi photos of Jixi, Tianbao, the beautiful river. The city#39;s total area of arable land 554 1,000 hectares, wasteland area of 440,000 hectares, accounting for the total land area of 19,4%, including prairie marsh area of 220,000 hectares. Wusuli River water system is located in Jixi City, 62 major rivers in the majority of Wusuli River 1, 2, 3 tributaries, the total runoff of 8.94 billion cubic meters. Have blisters lake 569. Muling the largest river in the River, in the 502 kilometer-long track. Groundwater reserves total 98. 400 million cubic meters, the whole area of water resources for the total 539.3 billion cubic meters, the water 434 million mu, a total of 46 small and medium-sized reservoir. Woodland area of the city#39;s 620,000 hectares, the total volume of live tree 45.92 million cubic meters, the harvesting of 426,000 cubic meters.

Jixi City with rich wildlife resources, more than 100 kinds of herbs, SHE 300 species of mountain products, fern, Osmunda japonica, and other Wenmingzhongwai. There are tigers, bears, deer, marten, Inns, and other 39 kinds of wild animals multiply in interest-bearing; 65 kinds of fish, red Kowloon-mouth (a whitefish) for the four Chinese freshwater fish from one of more than 180 kinds of birds, of which countries A protection of four kinds of birds: red-crowned crane, oriental white stork, white-tailed sea eagles and golden eagles: more than 460 kinds of plants, of which two of the nine countries: Hing Kai Song, Hung Yen Hui, such as wild soybean.

Jixi picture

Jixi City in Heilongjiang Province is relatively advantageous conditions for agricultural production one of the regions, in Heilongjiang Province is also one of the key yield. Central water around the mountain in Jixi, Woyeqianli, mild climate, moderate rainfall, a long frost-free period. Soil to white pulp soil, river sediment soil, rice soil, mainly soil meadow. Fertile land rich rice, wheat, corn, soybeans and vegetables, green is conducive to the development of agriculture and specialized agriculture. The city has 11 large state-owned farms, the average annual output of grain more than 1.3 million tons. Since reform and opening up, through the "developing agriculture through science and education" strategy of promoting industrial management, second, third and the pace of industrial development Jixi fast, animal husbandry, aquaculture as the focus of the aquaculture industry into a pillar industry of rural economy, rural economy has changed in a single plant to Lord#39;s traditional pattern. Yijuntuqi township enterprises, the rural economy into the new force and new economic growth points. Planting and forestry, animal husbandry and vice, the ratio tends reasonable fisheries, the agriculture and agricultural characteristics of the pattern of gradually taking shape. Jixi City of green food base has been completed and 12 are nine species, 22 signs of green food products. Green food output reached 600 million yuan. Jixi City, a good ecological environment, characterized by a Sky Blue, and the net, Shuiqing, is on emerging tourist city, with the development of eco-tourism, border travel, the basic conditions for cross-border travel. Jixi City in 2002 received 1.79 million domestic tourists trips, foreign tourists received 236,000 passengers, the tourism industry in national economic development has begun to take shape.