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location: Jining City, located in Southwest, is located in East China and North China, Shandong Peninsula and the Central Plains region, the Yangtze River and Yellow River Basin with the Ministry of Sulu province at the junction with Yu-wan 40. Geographical coordinates between longitude 115 ° 54 #39;~ 117 ° 06 ˊ, latitude 34 ° 25 ˊ ~ 35 ° 55 ˊ.

Population: 7.56 million population

Area: 11,000 sq km area

distinction between the two areas of Jining Shixia the seven counties the three cities, namely, Central City, the City, Qufu City, Yanzhou Shi, in Zoucheng City, Weishan Xian, Yutai County, Jinxiang Xian, Jiaxiang County, Wenshang County, Si Shuixian, Liangshan County.

Jining City in Shandong Province in the southwest, exempted 12 counties, cities, districts, covering 11,000 square kilometers, the population of 7.56 million, is the eastern mountains, is the central and western plains, depressions and lakes, rivers Zonghengjiaocuo, Traffic is very convenient, the Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal and the Beijing-Shanghai railway, the Beijing-Kowloon Railway longitudinal North-South, Yan Shi Ji railway and the new railway across the East and West, but also a State Road 104 and 327 State Road Interchange, Jining Airport has opened the Jining to Beijing, Guangzhou, Shanghai, Jinan, Qingdao, and other routes, Jining City of advanced communications equipment, the city has achieved a program-controlled telephone network, can be made by dialling the rest of the world.


Jining four distinct seasons, a pleasant climate, the average temperature of 13.3 degrees to 14.1 degrees.
Jining photos Jining old times, abounds in wheat, corn, rice, sweet potatoes, cotton, peanuts, fruit, Guacai, livestock and fisheries products Lake. Wide distribution of mineral resources, species, reserves, mainly coal, iron, copper, lead, marble, granite and other more than 30 kinds. Jining is one of the eight major coal bases, has proven reserves of more than 200 million tons. Rare Earth reserves of more than 1,300 million tonnes. Jining, Shandong Province is the most abundant fresh water resources of the region. Lake-surface 1,260 square kilometers, is one of the top 10 fresh water lake, with the Yellow River North, South of Yangtze River to drink, it amounted to 3 billion cubic meters of water. Another rich underground water resources, freshwater resources account for one sixth of the province.

Jining a 7000 history of civilization. Since ancient times, has been called the "land of Confucius and Mencius, Liyizhibang" reputation. Spring and Autumn period of five saints, the Holy Confucius, Mencius San, Fu Sheng Yan Zi, in St. Zengzi, and silver in St. holes and human Chuzu Fuxi and Nuwa, the Yellow Emperor, Shaohao Dili were born in Jining. The city#39;s existing state-level key heritage preservation unit 7, 50 provincial, municipal hundreds Department. Has a long history and scale of the event, the highest levels of Confucius Temple, the largest man-made ancient Chinese garden - Konglin, known as "Tianxiadiyi Home" Confucian Residence published by UNESCO for cultural heritage in human history. These splendid traditional culture of the Chinese nation, attracting a large number of Chinese people both at home and abroad come to worship, Roots place for ancestral worship.

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Jining City in "a land of Confucius and Mencius," "Suzhou Jiangbei small" is known. Tourism started relatively late, since reform and opening up from the 1980s, and gradually developed, the industry formed a certain scale and economic strength, the number of hospitality and tourism, revenue growth quickly. Travel "line, food, housing, travel, purchase, entertainment," the six elements has been greatly improved, the tourism industry have been making considerable progress, meet the basic needs of tourists.

Jining to the end of 1997, the city#39;s tourist hotels have seven stars, including a three-star, two stars 6. 20 foreign tourist hotels, a higher standard of more than 4,000 beds and 15,000 meals bit, the Ministry of Tourism more than 1,000 vehicles and built a number of higher level of recreational facilities.

recent years have been newly built, renovated and restored more than 40 tourist areas and attractions, with more than 270 foreign visitors the points. Such as "Six Classics City," "The Analects of Confucius landmark Court", "garden of water", "LU Guo#39;s Spirit" and "Confucius essence Park," "Jining Museum", is the building of a provincial-level tourist resort. In addition, there are a number of tourism projects and facilities are in the planning, and gradually formed a urban area, Qufu, Zoucheng, micro-Hill, Liangshan at the core of the scenic tourist area.