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position: in the central and western Shandong Province, Mount Tai dome north, the south bank of Yellow River. Beiju capital, Beijing, 494 km. Between latitude 36 ° 1 #39;~ 37 ° 4#39;, longitude 116 ° 12 #39;~ 117 ° 44#39; between. North Dezhou, Binzhou City, even the Northeast, Zibo City, east, south and Laiwu City, Tai#39;an City adjacent to the West and neighboring Liaocheng City.

Area: total area of 8,154 square kilometers.

population: more than 500 million population.

Administrative Region of: Jinan, Xian Xia calendar, in the city, Huaiyin, flyovers, Li City, long-6, Pingyin, Shenyang, Shanghe County and three in Zhangqiu City, a total of 54 street Offices, 65 towns and 27 townships, and 487 neighborhood committees, 4,657 administrative villages.

Jinan, east China#39;s coastal economic province - the capital of Shandong Province, located in the central and western Shandong Province, is the province#39;s political, economic, technological, cultural centres and major traffic Hub. Jinan has 2000 years of history, is the important birthplaces of Chinese civilization, one of the leaders of China Yuanshibula - Sun (about 22 century BC) was born and living in the vicinity of Jinan. Jinan, eastern suburb of Chengziya is black pottery to the late Neolithic Age in China to mark the Longshan Culture (4600-4000 years ago) found that the Chinese here found that the most ancient cities of about 200,000 square meters. As a city, Jinan has 4000 years of history. Jinan many heritage sites, cultural sites-sun (22 century BC) Shungeng Hill, a first-Yu Qin Great Wall of the Great Wall (3rd Century BC), China#39;s oldest housing construction on the ground - the Han Xiao Tang Shan Temple Guoshi headstone (1 century BC), China#39;s most ancient pagoda - Liu port Simen Ta Sui Dynasty (7th century AD) and known as "the first plastic Hainei" Lingyansi Caisu Lohan Song Dynasty (11 century AD).


Jinan Shan Ling Shuixiu, talented people, history Wenrenmoke Poly Here, the famous Tang Dynasty poet wrote here in the "multi-Jinan Fellows" Quotes. Like the founders of Chinese science and Bian Que, the yin and yang elements Zouyan school master, the Tang Dynasty (AD 618-907) Famous Official Fangxuan Ling, the famous Chinese writer Li Qingzhao, Xin Qiji, Zhang Yang-ho, Lee Xian, China initiated the Public Library Week Yongnian, a famous architect WEI Xiang, and so on. In addition, Li Bai, Du Fu, Su Shi and Zeng Gong, and other distinguished poets and scholars past, one after another in Jinan life travels.

Jinan Jinan has always been known as "Springs" reputation. Baotu Spring in particular, Powered, five Longtan, Zhenzhu Quan four-chuen, who has long known, has always been there, "every family springs, Huhuchuiyang" reputation. Jinan#39;s springs as many as flow, scenic beauty,独步the world. These vertical and horizontal distribution-chuen, Cuoluoyouzhi, both Ordinance process, Heihu, pearls, five four Quanqun Longtan, another suburb Quanqun, Fitch said 72-chuen. Baotu Spring for the first 72-chuen. Jinan 72-chuen, thousands of years, some new, some destroying, all-chuen, such as jade, inlaid in Jinan on the land, flowing day and night, shining glory. Public-chuen, 10% of the convergence around the Qianfo Shan Siminghu, Wufengshan, Lingyansi Yunshan, and so constitute a "semi-Lake City Shanse" the unique scenery.

Jinan complex and varied terrain, South Taishan Mountain, the Yellow River north, the low-lying South High North. Jinan is located in latitude, is a temperate continental monsoon climate zone. Dry spring weather, hot and rainy summer, autumn days Qishuang high, dry winter cold, the four distinct seasons, rich products, is well-known vegetables, grain, fruit bases.

Jinan China#39;s reform and opening-up policy, Jinan City#39;s economic construction and social development has made enormous progress. Foreign economic and cultural cooperation and exchanges has become increasingly active, have been among the "overall strength of China#39;s economy Top 50" and "China#39;s investment environment of 40 gifted" the ranks of the city. The deadline for the end of 2004, Jinan, the resident population reached 5.9 million people, the natural population growth rate of 3.8 ‰. In China#39;s 56 ethnic groups in Jinan city of 42 nationalities living. One Han population accounts for 98.31 percent, 1.62 percent of the Hui, other minority population less.