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Area: 132.76 square kilometers.

Keelung in the north of the island of Taiwan, a port city. Exempted seven, seven affiliated islands with a total area of 132.76 square kilometers.

at Keelung Kwu of cages, said that as a result of Keelung mountain named after the shape of cages, and another said that the former residence of Gao Shanzu Kaidakalan people, "cages" are "Kay Da Kalan, "the Taiwanese dialect transliteration. The late Ming Wanli 45 years (1617), Zhang Xie of the "things foreign examination", there#39;s cage, the cage, the cage City, the cages Street, and other records. Table the first year of Guangxu (1875) established the Office of Keelung, before the cages to Keelung, its meaning is "base Changlong."

1626 Spanish colonialists invaded cages, 1642 was replaced by Dutch colonialists, in 1667 was only Cheng (Zheng Chenggong#39;s son) led troops drove them off. Japan#39;s invasion period (1895-1945), a Keelung County Ki Lung Street, and later upgraded to the city, in 1945 the Chinese government to take over the recovery of Taiwan, a provincial cities. Xian Xia Yan Oi, the Lutheran Church, the Chiang Kai-shek, Zhongshan, and happy, warm Hill, Qidu, and other seven districts.

Keelung markets have started in 1723, 1851 and the beginning of foreign trade, the signing of the Treaty of Tianjin in 1860, formally turned into Commercial Ports. 1887 Keelung to Taipei railway construction, commissioning in 1891. 1889 completed the first terminal, the Japanese occupation of Taiwan after Hong Kong to build a large scale, the four completed in 1935, into a modern port, the existing 39 deep-water berths, can accommodate 30,000-ton vessels. After the retrocession of Taiwan in 1945, the Cavity of additional container terminals and special cargo terminal, and Badou Zi fishing port. Keelung Harbor is now second only to Kaohsiung Harbor#39;s second Chittagong. Annual progress, leaving the ship about more than 5,000 vessels, cargo throughput of about 80 million tons. Taiwan#39;s Keelung harbor is an important fishery base in Taiwan and fisheries production and fisheries account for about one-fifth of output. Keelung City in Japan#39;s invasion, have been designated as Fortress, the Taiwan authorities is to the naval base.

Keelung#39;s important industrial and mining are the major shipbuilding. Keelung port in Taiwan#39;s economic construction, plays a very important role. However, due to urban San Mianhuan Hill, the ground is narrow and its development subject to certain restrictions.

in a major Tour of Haiting, Cihang Temple, Fodu Library and systemic Rubai, quite spectacular Buddha-like. There Lingquan Temple, built in 1889, for the most ancient Keelung, the biggest Buddhist temple, a stone statue of Guanyin ranked 33 legislation. Fan Sheliao Island is the word-and Senjojiki sea wonders, in addition to Haimen natural barrier, the Qing Dynasty fort sites, and "Cavity listen tide", 000 Rendui, lion-Fort Mill, the warm water, and other tourist destinations.