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Source: ChinaTravelGood   Author: Kaylee  Date: 07-09 2008  More Attractions
Jilin is the second largest city in Jilin Province, is China#39;s only province with a Chongming city. Jilin was originally called "Jilinwula," Man is the meaning of the phrase "the城池along the river." Jilin city has a long history, and the city wearing the Songhua River water, Evolved from the ancient peoples and cultures. Jilin City, was named the State Council, "Chinese Historical and Cultural Cities", Class-A open city and the country one of the 32 mega-cities.
Jilin City has a long history and a pleasant climate. Year 14-19 century, Jilin Northeast is a major political, economic and military centres. In the late Qing Dynasty, and in the early liberation, the provincial capital city of Jilin City in Jilin Province is.
Jilin City is a historical and cultural cities, in urban areas have built in 1742 in the northeast#39;s largest Confucian Temple - Jilin Confucian Temple; Buddhism, Taoism, Confucianism and three of the Zarou Beishan temple group; have left the Ming Dynasty Eshenhada Cliff stone; full of mysterious "world#39;s most" stone meteorite Jilin, there are strong local characteristics of traditional ethnic customs.
Jilin is well-known landscapes of north China city. Chengdong has "left the Tsing Lung" - cities such as Mountain Forest Park Longtan Tsing Lung Yilierwo; Story "-White Tiger" - the Qing dynasty emperor of the Changbai Mountains festival look like small Baishan Tigers Yi Yi entrenched; South "before the Suzaku" - scenery Suzaku picturesque mountain ZHONG Ling Yuxiu; north of the city "after the basaltic" - the well-known HUANG Seoul Beishan, Xuan Tian Ling, Yuen Yan Ying Shan Temple. Siyu with the Songhua River, Songhua Hu if Pearl, as the Qing Dynasty Emperor Yong "City Council-Cang smoke on the water, and then Ping Shan tree first." Revolving around the mountains and the river, a "surrounded by water on three sides of Castle Peak, one city Shanse half the city#39;s" natural beauty.
unique natural conditions, Jilin City, with a unique natural landscape and cultural landscape, fullness, Baishan, Hongshi the completion of three hydropower stations, formed a "Jiang#39;s three lakes" of beauty, Songhua Hu was designated as the national - Class tourist area, the Longtan Shan Lu Chang was listed as state-level tourist attractions.
Jilin especially attractive in winter. Show the world alone, the magic of snow and ice landscape even more good fortune at home and abroad guests Xinchishenwang. And a Yangtze River Three Gorges, mountains and rivers in Guilin, China Yunnan Shilin said the four wonders of the Jilin glaze fog, mist glaze during the Ice and Snow Festival in January, Fengqing fog around, Hanjiang Plumbing, spirea shake-lam, Jo Chiung-Hua in full bloom. Shili promenade around the idea of new ice, the vast Jiang-exile in the Stars Cuican He Deng attracted visitors like clouds, people do not think back to the music. There is also the famous Beijing University Lake, Songhua Hu ski resort, to skating Hall, the practice Museum, Speed Skating field composed of large ice sports centre, to organising international competitions snow project.