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Source: ChinaTravelGood   Author: Sydney  Date: 08-01 2008  
Abbreviations: Kyrgyzstan

position: in the northeastern region in central, east Russia, north of Heilongjiang, Liaoning, even the South, West and the Inner Mongolia phase grounding, the South East and North Korea across the River.

Area: 180,000 square kilometers.

population: the province#39;s population of about 26 million, Chinese, Korean, Manchu, Hui, Mongolian, Xibe more than 40 nationalities.

capital: Changchun

divisions: administered in Changchun, Jilin, and Siping, Liaoyuan, Tonghua, Baishan, Matsubara, eight level Baicheng City, and Yanbian Korean Autonomous Prefecture. 吉林地图

Jilinwula Jilin is the acronym, for the full semantic along the Yangtze River, along the Songhua River that is the meaning. Songhua River in Heilongjiang is the main tributary, the Changbaishan Tianchi from the northwest, is the province#39;s largest river tours, its watershed for the hinterland of Northeast China Plain, Woyeqianli. The upper reaches of rich hydropower resources for power generation, navigation can be the middle reaches, the river is an important industrial and agricultural areas. Songhua River alluvial soil formation of the Songliao Plain, since the extension of the central province to the west, and the Songnen Plain in Heilongjiang and Liaoning#39;s Liaohe Plain phase grounding.

Jilin Province, was lying southeast of the northwest high-low. From east to west in Changbai Mountains in the eastern part of a natural forest, east central hilly secondary vegetation, the Songliao Plain in central, western prairie wetlands four ecological zones. The ecological environment was diverse, systematic and recoverability features, and better protection. The establishment of 29 nature reserves throughout the province, which has four state-level nature reserves, 11 provincial-level nature reserve, nature reserve area of the total land area of 10.3%. Province#39;s forest coverage rate reached 42.5 percent, higher than the national average level of 25 percent. Size of the province more than 200 rivers, belong to the Songhua River, Liaohe River, the Yalu River, the Tumen River, Suifenhe River. Songhua River, Liaohe River Basin area of the two major river systems of the total land area of 78.6%. Watershed management success.

Jilin Province is "black township of land." Arable land area of 4.005 million hectares, accounting for the total land area of 21.1%. 0.15 hectares of arable land per capita, higher than the national average. Central Songliao Plain is flat, fertile soil, known as "golden maize belt," "land of soybean," said, is China#39;s important grain production base. Jilin is China#39;s important bases of Forestry. Non-metallic mineral-rich. Has proven reserves 83 kinds of mineral resources, oil shale, diatomite, wollastonite, magnesium, molybdenum and domestic oil reserves rank the forefront. Jilin is China#39;s "eight major pastoral areas," one. Grassland area of 2.177 million hectares, which is not degraded grassland area of 1.0853 million hectares, is China#39;s commodity cattle and sheep one of the main producing areas. Jilin Province wide range of wildlife, including Changbai Mountain is China#39;s important gene pool of wild species and wild herbs base. Sable precious animals have fur, otters, lynx, Siberian tiger, Jin Qianbao, luxurious velvet animal-source, Tianji, Rana and valuable product ginseng, pine mushrooms, black fungus, mountain mushrooms, such as bracken. Ginseng, mink, velvet is known as the "Northeast Sambo." Ginseng products output ranked first in the country.

Jilin Province, has rich, and the unique advantages of tourism resources, natural landscape Qianzibaitai, human landscape unique. Pleasant scenery of the state-level Changbai Mountains tourist area, "Hill-care Tianchi, Linhai possession rare," world attention is the magical land. Blend of local attractions to Mt Tianchi, the Changbai Qunfeng, Changbai Waterfall, Changbai most famous hot springs. Veins in the Changbai Mountains in the southeastern part of Habitat rolling ups and downs, has been extended to the northern part of the Korean Peninsula. Mt peak over 2,700 meters above sea level, is the highest mountain in northeastern China. Mt surrounded by numerous volcanic sites, Changbaishan Tianchi (volcanic Yanse Hu) is one of the sites.

the Changbai Mountains clock Mau Lam lava plateau was covered with vegetation ranging from more than 600 meters above sea level extended to more than 1,800 meters, is China#39;s forest vegetation better 1. Bingqingyujie Jilin fog glaze with the "winter in the spring" like poetic, started in October to March next year, but the tree linked to "Shujiu cold days" (that is, in late December 1988 to February) when most spectacular, with mountains and rivers in Guilin Yunnan Stone Forest, known as China Yangtze River Three Gorges Project with the four major natural wonders. Bibo Dangyang the Songhua Hu national scenic area, the two sides stack嶂trees, Hu Guang Shan Ying, Mubuxiajie. Huinan 1.30 Longwan, deep water, stunning scenery. Changchun Jingyuetan national forest park, Tanshui clear, the vast forest, plantation of the most堪称Asia. Changbai Mountain Jinjiang Grand Canyon, Lake ski resort in Jilin City of Beijing University, Tongyu Birds Nature Reserve to the sea, Liuhe Romanian-Hill Scenic Area, set the five women-national forest park, Hunchun-defense scenery and sets the Koguryo heritage, the Conservancy Puppet Manchukuo Palace and Puppet "Eight of the" sites, Nong#39;an Huanglong House and other sites like the ancient city of culture for many shining pearl inlaid in Jilin earth. In recent years, ice and snow, forest, wetlands, as the representative of the eco-tourism and foreign tourism to become the border the most attractive tourism products.

superior to the ecological environment and rich resources advantages, for the sustainable economic and social development laid a solid foundation. In 1999 the State Council authorized the State Environmental Protection Administration approval of Jilin Province for the construction of the ecological pilot province.

conventional tourist routes are: Yanji Changbai Mountain winter and summer travel; Yanji, Changbaishan, Tianchi, Jingpohu Tour, and so on the 5th.