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HuangShan - AnHui

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Zip code: 245000

position: Anhui Province is located in the south-east, east Zhejiang, Jiangxi, even the South, North and Xuancheng, Chizhou bordering the two cities.

Area: total area of 9,807 square kilometers

divisions: exempted Tunxi, Huizhou, Huangshan District and Xixian County, Xiuning, Yi Xian, 40 Qimen County.

Huangshan City of Anhui Province in the southernmost tip of the Northeast and Xuancheng Jixi County, Jingde County, Jinghe County phase grounding; Northwest and Chizhou in Qingyang County, Shitai County, adjacent to Dongzhi County; Southwest and the Jingdezhen City, Jiangxi Province, Wuyuan County for the neighborhood, southeast and Kaihua County of Zhejiang Province, Chun#39;an County, at the junction of Lin#39;an County.


Huangshan City has initially formed the largest travel patterns persist in the natural landscape and cultural landscape combination of both development and protection, building hardware and software development simultaneously, a variety of economic components of the operating principles of coexistence, to improve Tourism-effective use of resources for the purpose of strengthening the various tourist destinations, attractions of scientific planning, management and use, highlight the Huangshan Mountain, the natural scenery of the building north-south travel routes and things of historical and cultural tourism, development Qi Yunshan scenic areas, scenic Taiping, Yixian County land area, Tunxi Street, Xixian County historical and cultural city, Huizhou and Guniu Jiang ancient residential area of protected areas, formed Zhongxinggongyue trend. At the same time, launched a comprehensive tourist resort of Huangshan, Jinpen Bay Resort and Huangshan Lvgu development zone construction. The tourism industry from the late 1970s a single-Tour-developed tourism, leisure, school repair, customs, folklore, cuisine, culture, Xungu, adventure tourism as one of the diversified pattern.

Huangshan Huangshan City is the biggest characteristic of rich tourism resources and unique landscape, not only have created the world Wushuang nature of the landscape scenery, but also a large number of Chinese ancient culture show the human landscape. An area of 154 square kilometers of the Huangshan Scenic Spot ubiquitous King, King is not a singular, to Qisong, Guaidan, sea of clouds, hot springs "four no" known the world, Xu Xiake praise: "thin at home and abroad such as the emblem of the non-Huangshan , Then the world without Deng Huangshan Mountain, the concept only just! "Famous for future generations," Wu Yue Guilaibukan Hill, Guilaibukan Huangshan mountain. "In 1985, Huangshan Mountain as the only scenery, was named the country#39;s top 10 scenic spots 1; 1990 were included in the UNESCO World Cultural and Natural Heritage List; Huangshan around簇拥landscape, different styles, like Zhongxinggongyue, beautiful Taiping, "Landscape Gallery" Xin#39;anjiang, and maintain The original outlook of the national "Guniu Xiang" and provincial "Qingliang Feng," two of China#39;s four major nature reserves and Taoist shrines, one of the Qi Yunshan.

Huangshan Huangshan City always adhere to the "protection of the first, scientific planning and rational development, and sustainable use" and the Huangshan Mountain has more than 600 million yuan investment has greatly improved the area of transportation, telecommunications, electricity, for Water conditions. Huangshan scenic area now has become a world-renowned tourist area.

stand in Huangshan in Anhui Province in southern China, Yi said the Huangshan Mountain, the legendary Yellow Emperor Xuan Yuan in this self-Liandan, Tang Tianbao six years (AD 747) changed its name.

Huangshan is the natural landscape features of the mountain tourist resort, Qi Song, Guaidan, sea of clouds, said Huangshan Hot Springs in the "four no", visitors much praise. A few well-known Huangshan mountain in a 72, also have characteristics. One Tiandu Feng, Lotus Peak, Guangming Ding is the three main peak of Huangshan, both in altitude above 1,800 meters. Huangshan is not only a peak of the sea, or sea of clouds, sea of clouds of Huangshan Tourism is one of the focal points, the Huangshan Tour of people think that, the best scenic Huangshan boarded the peak must be appreciated that when the clouds are the best. Huangshan

Huangshan mountains set length of the majestic Mount Tai, Huashan of the critical situation, the Yan Yun Mountain, Lushan Mountain of the waterfall, Yandang of Qiao Shi, Emei is beautiful, a combination of all of Huangshan. Ming Dynasty travelers, geographers Xu Xiake two outbound Huangshan, praise, said: "A World Without Deng Huangshan Mountain, the concept only just!" And left "Wu Yue Guilaibukan mountain, Mt Huangshan Guilaibukan" reputation. Huangshan will be the face of it Xiongqi meet universal guests.

Huangshan can say no-no stone, no stone is not loose, no-not surprising, and Qi Song, Guaishi, sea of clouds, hot springs never known the world 40. Second Lake, Third waterfall, 16-chuen, 24 River Xiangying Zhenghui. Huangshan also both "natural zoo and botanical garden world," the reputation, Huangshan pleasant climate, is unique summer resort. Huangshan not on the people longing for Huangshan, on the Huangshan Mountain Huangshan are more nostalgia. It will make you glad to come, and to the satisfaction.
scenic Huangshan different seasons, Chenhunqingyu, rapidly changing, Huangshan sunrise, sunset, clouds, Kuang Wu Song, and other seasonal landscape and the Deqi Fun, indeed worldly paradise.

Huangshan not only to KIWI n #39;Pretty, Lingxiu scene in the world known for, or one rich in resources, ecological integrity, is of important scientific and ecological value of state-level scenic spots, the World Cultural and Natural Heritage , Has been included in the "World Heritage List." Huangshan Huangshan is now Representatives of China#39;s famous mountains, known as "Wu Yue Guilaibukan Hill, Guilaibukan Huangshan mountain," "Tianxiadiyi Ky Son", and the Yangtze River, the Great Wall, the Yellow River and known as a symbol of the Chinese nation.