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HuangNanCangZuZiZhiZhou - QingHai

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Postal Code: 811300

location: in southeastern Qinghai Province, is located in the Yellow River since the presentation of the West-Minshan, Gan border, counter-clockwise-to bypass the big bend of the Qinghai.

area: 18770.5 square kilometers

Population: 40,600 people

administrative divisions: exempted colleagues Jianzha, Zeku, Mongolia Autonomous County of Henan Province and Lijiaxia Office, 39 township. Of which: 21 township agricultural, animal husbandry Rural 18. Tongren County in the state Longwu town.

Huangnan Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture of Qinghai Province in the southeast, is located in the first nine Yellow River bends, but also because of the Yellow River is located in the South named. It states and the Guoluo, Hainan, Gansu Province, Gannan Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture adjacent, Tibetan, Mongolian, Han, Hui, soil, Sarah, 15 national security, minority of the total population of 92.23 percent, of the total Tibetan population 65.74 percent, the Mongolian of the total population of 13.51 percent, Han nationality of the total population of 7.93 percent, the Hui nationality of the total population of 7.86 percent, the Turkish of the total population of 4.6 percent, Salar of the total population of 0.28 percent. 黄南藏族自治州hspace=95

?? capital of the county seat of my colleagues Dalong town for the state historical and cultural city, the famous art village of Conde, 180 km from the provincial capital, Xining.

Huangnan Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture of low-lying South High North. Southern Zeku, two counties of Henan Green Southern pastoral areas, 3,500 meters above sea level in more than alpine climate; Northern Jianzha, Tongren County, in 1900-4118 meters above sea level, particularly between the foreshore and-long Yellow River valley to the Treasury warm , Adequate water sources. 黄南藏族自治州hspace=95

Huangnan has a long history and splendid culture, with a touch of flavour of the National Customs. As early as the Neolithic Age, human reproduction here on the home, creating an ancient civilization, and left a "Majiayao" and "Qijia" various cultural sites. Practices of all ethnic groups living here have a distinct national culture features, such as the Tibetan "June", the Mongolian "That Damu," Hui "Guer Bang" all goes back to ancient times, fascinating. 黄南藏族自治州hspace=95

Huangnan, rich tourism resources, cultural quality, Qinghai Province is one of the key tourist destination. Yaks, Tibetan sheep, Hequ horse, goat as the main state Xu Zhong, wheat, barley, rape, broad bean as the main crop. Wild animals are the main Tibetan antelope, white-lip deer, musk deer, otters, frozen chickens and other wild medicinal plants mainly Cordyceps sinensis, rhubarb, Xuelian, Ma Bo, and so on. Major natural and human landscape: Jianzha County, Kan Bula National Forest Park, Lijiaxia Power Station dam and reservoir area scenery, famous for HUANG Seoul colleagues historical and cultural cities, hot Gong Ji Nisi Big World Arts and income records of large Juan Zhouhua "China Tibetan Culture and Arts painting Taikan," Tibetan Buddhism temples Longwu Temple, the Temple Nanzong nun, Mr show virgin forest scenery, Zeku and on the stone wall, Henan Sheng Hu and the Green Fairy-South grassland scenery, and so on.