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Zip code: 0713

Zip code: 438000

total population: 7239500 people

nation: Hans-based, have returned to the diaspora, Zhuang, Man, Tujia, Mongolia, Miao, Tibetan, and other 25 ethnic minorities.

Huanggang City of Xian Xia red-Hill, Luotian, Xishui, Qichun, Huang Mei, the regiment wind 7 counties, Macheng, and Wuxue City 2, Huangzhou, Long Lake Management District. Location: Huanggang in the eastern part of Hubei Province, the Yangtze River middle reaches of the north shore, the middle of the Beijing-Kowloon, south of the Dabie Mountains, north of Henan, Anhui, east, south and Ezhou, Huangshi, Jiujiang across the

Huanggang River in the eastern part of Hubei Province, the middle reaches of Yangtze River The north shore, the middle of the Beijing-Kowloon, south of the Dabie Mountains, north of Henan, Anhui, east, south and Ezhou, Huangshi, across the Jiujiang River, northeast China#39;s Hubei Province is the central city, historical and cultural city.


Huanggang has a glorious history of revolutionary struggle. Back in the early 1920s, the Communist Party of China to create here is the important news, the Agrarian Revolution period, the red, Macheng first ignited E Yuwan border armed revolution against the Kuomintang reactionaries of the fire, held the famous "Jute intifada." During the War of Liberation, in this piece of red soil, composed of a thousand miles leap forward in the Dabie Mountains break through the Central Plains, such as the new chapter of history. In a long-term revolutionary struggle, the Huanggang people have experienced tremendous sacrifices made outstanding contributions. From the first Revolutionary War to the War of Liberation, Huanggang a total of 440,000 outstanding sons and daughters of the Central Plains Blood Ottawa, 55,000 people were recovering that revolutionary martyr. The great revolutionary struggle created a number of proletarian revolutionaries and military generals. In 1955 and 1964 Shouxian two high-ranking officers of the Chinese People#39;s Liberation Army in the Huanggang 103 people.

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Huanggang old times, masters come forth in large numbers. Song print of the inventor Bi Sheng, Ming Li Shizhen Medical San, the founder of Confucianism Cheng Hao, Cheng Yi, academics Hu Feng, an economist Wang Yanan, the patriotic poet, democracy fighters heard more than one, Guoxue master Huang Kan, geology Master Li Siguang, the Chinese Communists "a" on behalf of Dong Biwu, Chen Tanqiu, Bao Huiseng, two former Republic President Dong Biwu (generation) li xiannian, strategist Wang Sheng, Qin Jiwei, etc. More than 230 generals are born in this magical land On.

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Huanggang beautiful natural scenery, cultural attractions many. Huangzhou Chibi battleground is the history of military strategists, but also by the history of Wenrenmoke hang around. Northern Song Dynasty great writer Su Dongpo left a word here, the two conferred, eight poems, and other ancient Mingpian; peak Tiantangzhai Dabie Mountains National Forest Park, Bodao scenic spots has become a false peak tourism is a hot, Huang Mei Zen Buddhism four ancestral temple, Wuzu Temple is a famous Buddhist Zuting, Yuanbo reputation at home and abroad, there are a large number of revolutionary leader in history and celebrities of the cemetery, the Church Museum and revolutionary relics, relics.


Huanggang unique geographical advantages, convenient transportation, the Beijing-Kowloon Railway runs through the city#39;s seven urban counties, and in with a 9, Beijing-Guangzhou railway line links the three countries, and 105,106,318 Zonghengjiaocuo Shanghai and Chengdu expressway, the Yangtze River waterway along the six counties and urban areas downstream, the Jiujiang Bridge, the Huangshi Yangtze River Bridge and the E Huang Fei Jia South and the North Bridge, Huanggang and Jiujiang, Huangshi, Ezhou City, the three are closely linked and into the treasure of .