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Source: ChinaTravelGood   Author: Luke  Date: 08-14 2008  More Attractions
To the famous Great Wall for the sector, according to the North Huairou mountains, plains south Wei, Wan arm of Lake Xiushui, is divided into distinct levels deep, shallow mountains, plains three different areas of reform and opening up, hard-working and intelligent people with Huairou Geography, resource advantages, in this ancient land which was closed on creative development and construction, formed a large-scale, wide range, high technology content, the prominent characteristics of industry, agriculture, tourism services three major production system, the 1992 cross-Huairou The overall strength of the rural economy ranks of top 100 counties in 1994, was rated as the well-off counties and Park#39;n Shop Green County.
travel to Huairou, Hong Luosi, Mutian Valley, such as the Great Wall is very spectacular place, but there are many natural scenic areas can go to, and its charming scenery scenery, it is the natural place since the King. Huairou more monuments, the study tour is a good place, the human landscape as a good place to visit.
Huairou County is the old revolutionary base areas, the people of Huairou has a glorious revolutionary tradition. After the 1911 Revolution of 1911, many people with lofty ideals, patriotic general in Huairou left a footprint. In the Sino-Japanese War and the liberation war period, Huairou is the most revolutionary base areas, in June 1938, the Eighth Route Army in the north-Huairou in the mountains of sand-North Yuxiang started against Japanese aggression army#39;s first shot. War of liberation, Hebei, heat, Review of Military Region Command, Special Branch, the logistics department, and other important organs in the mountains in Huairou, Huairou people to national independence and liberation made a significant contribution to the cause. After new China was founded, mountains and rivers for the pro-appearance conciliation, the county seat from the Qing Dynasty Xianling the past described by the "small three counties static", into today#39;s "Pearl suburbs of Beijing."
Huairou County, fresh air, beautiful environment. The city green coverage rate reached 52 percent, the city has spent four seasons with three quarters of Evergreen, was named 1994 National Green PARKnSHOP County. To afforestation and beautification, water Bishan exchange for Green, the WHO air quality to meet international standards, water quality standards to achieve the above two countries. City construction set in a traditional and modern, all of different architectural styles, both show the style of the ancient city of Huairou has national characteristics of the antique building, there are gorgeous elegance, imbued with a spirit of the modern high-rise Dongdong, the integration of urban and natural environment , A pearl of the suburbs of Beijing#39;s beautiful landscape.