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HuaiNan - AnHui

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Code: 0554

Zip code: 232000

position: in the East China hinterland, the coast of the Huaihe River

Population: 1986000

Area: 2,121 square kilometers

divisions: a total of exempted Tianjia An eight Mountain, Chase Manhattan, Xiejiaji, Panji and the five District Fengtai County

Xia and Shang Dynasties period, the Urban Habitat is a "Huaiyi" land. Packet诸侯the Western Zhou Dynasty, the city of Habitat for the state to the district; late Spring and Autumn Period,诸侯disputes. ZHOU Jing Wang to 16 years (529 BC), to Miss out, the Urban Habitat is a Miss; Chu forces with the expansion in the upper reaches of the Huaihe River Cai forced relocation of the capital several times, for help in the Miss. In order to facilitate the mutual assistance Wucai, Zhou Jing Wang 27 years (493 BC), Cai Wu to help relocation of the capital in the state, to reform the state for the next Cai. The early Warring States Period, Zhou Zhen Wang for 22 years (447 BC), Chu Hui-out Cai, the Urban Habitat is clear. The late Warring States Period, Mr. Wang Czuka 22 years (241 BC) capital relocation in Shouchun, to Shouchun for Ying, the Urban Habitat as the province of the state of Chu. Chu Chu negative five years (223 BC), Qinmie Chu. Emperor Qin Shihuang#39;s 26 years (221 BC), the Jiujiang County (Junzhishouchun), Fengtai County, north of the Huaihe River and the Surabaya-gun. ?


Han Gao Zu four years (203 BC), Liu Bang cloth for Huainan Wang Feng-ying, the first home of the Huainan, 6 (today Lu#39;an), the jurisdiction of Jiujiang, Lujiang , Hengshan, Yu Zhang 4 County. Gao Zu 11 years (196 BC), British cloth convicted Fuzhu, to the Huainan Wang Feng Liu, Shouchun (now Shou County). Xiaowen six years (174 BC), Liu convicted exile, died en route. Emperor Wen closure to the city for the Huainan Wang Yang Wang Liu. Xiaowen 16 years (164 BC), Huainan a country divided into three: Huainan, Hengshan, Lujiang, were closed to Liu#39;s three sons, the eldest son of Liu An successor Huainan Wang, Shouchun. Han Wudi Yuanshou first year (122 BC), Liu An convicted himself, spent Huainan States, for the rehabilitation of Jiujiang County, governance Shouchun. Western Han Dynasty period, the city has a territory of the Huainan, Jiujiang County district, Fengtai County, Cai Xianzhupeijun under. During the Eastern Han Dynasty, the Urban Habitat and are in Fengtai County of Jiujiang County district, belonged to Shouchun County, the county Cai. Late Han Dynasty, and Yuan Shu According to a Shouchun County of Huainan. Wei said the remains of Huainan County, governance Shouchun. Later, Wei Wendi has sealed his son Yong Cao Cao Biao and the younger brother of Huainan Wang, the first year of Mingdi Tsing Lung (233) transfer rule Hefei Metro. Meanwhile, the Urban Habitat and are in Fengtai County of Huainan County district. The early years of the Western Jin Dynasty, moved to the county government of Huainan in Shouchun, the Urban Habitat for their jurisdiction. Yongjia chaos, the Huaihe River valley into the war zone, a large number of Feichi Jianghuai County, North Nanqian people. Eastern Jin Dynasty and the early years of overseas Chinese to a home in Danyang County of Huainan in Lake County, Shixia Habitat home for the Overseas Chinese Affairs of South beam gun. Liu Song Southern and Northern Dynasties period, South Qi, Xiao Liang Xi along the Eastern Jin Dynasty Chinese home County of Huainan in Gangnam, the Urban Habitat has a Yuzhou, such as the Overseas Chinese Affairs beam County home county. Northern Wei, Northern Qi Dynasty, Northern Zhou, Sui, the Urban Habitat rehabilitation for the county district of Huainan, Fengtai County of Xianshuruyin Cai County. ?


Tang home Huainan Road, Huainan City, Habitat is Shouzhou jurisdiction Road, Fengtai Xian Zhu Yingzhou City of Henan Province, Cai County. Five Dynasties and Ten States period of the same name in Huainan Road, Shouzhou, under Cai Wu has to, all the Southern Tang. Northern Song Dynasty home Huainan Road, Huainan City, Habitat is a way Shouzhou jurisdiction. Xi-ning five years (1071) of road in Huainan for two things Road, Huainan City of West Road Habitat Shouzhou district, south of the Huaihe River is Shouchun County, north of the Huaihe River under Cai County. After the Song and reached to the Huaihe River, the Commissioner for casual sector, the Urban Habitat north of the Huaihe River is Jin, Song and the Huaihe River to the south. Yuan, the Urban Habitat Executive Secretariat of Henan Jiangbei Anfeng Road, belong to Shouchun, Cai counties under the jurisdiction. Yuan 28 years (1291) built Huaiyuan County, east of this urban district Huaiyuan County. Ming Dynasty, the Urban Habitat are exempted Nanjing Fengyang House, belong to Shouzhou (including this Fengtai County), Huaiyuan County. The early Qing Dynasty, the Urban Habitat is a Jiangnan Xingsheng Fengyang House, belong to Shouzhou, Huaiyuan County jurisdiction. Yongzheng 1922 (1733) from Shouzhou at home to Fengtai County, is under the jurisdiction Cai County, the city divided. Tongzhi 2003 (1864) Fengtai County, moved to the county government in the next Cai故地(this Chengguan). In the first year (1912) Waste House, the Urban Habitat at the Shou County, Fengtai, Huaiyuan County, including the "three towns in Huainan," said the Tianjia An, Chase Manhattan, nine are Huaiyuan County, Longgang district. ?


1949年1月18日Huainan liberation. March, the CPC Central Committee decision in the East China Bureau of Huainan three towns established on the basis of the Huainan coal mine Special Administrative Region; April, the Special Administrative Region of Huainan coal mine in Huainan Mining Area is set to change. September 1950, the county built in Huainan City. June 1952, the establishment of provincial jurisdiction in Huainan City. January 1977, Fengtai County, assigned by the Fuyang area; November 1999, Mao set the development of an integrated society approved the establishment of experimental zones. This Shixia Tianjia An, Chase Manhattan, Xiejiaji, 8 Mountain, Panji in Fengtai District and the county and the development of an integrated community collection Mao experimental zone. July 2004, the hole Dianxiang, III and townships, and Cao: town, the history of rural homes, isolated rural reactor, YANG Gong-town, Sun Miaoxiang from Changfeng County were included in Huainan City Chase, Tianjia An area Xiejiaji District. ?


in recent years, the city#39;s rapid economic development and social comprehensive progress in all undertakings. Today, the industrious and simple, warm hospitality of the people in Huainan is with a broad mind-Towards universal宾朋.