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HuaiBei - AnHui

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Zip code: 235000

position: Habitat Su Yu-wan in Huaibei City of要冲the three provinces, lying Huaihai economic zone of the Fuxin

area: East and West-60 km, 108 km long from north to south, a total area of 2,725 square kilometers

Population: 2.02 million population, of which the urban population nearly 800,000

administrative divisions: exempted Suixi County, in mountainous areas, Du set, strong mountain, with two provincial-level development zones and 33 towns and townships

in Huaibei City, Anhui Province in the north, is located in the three provinces Su Yu-wan Junction. Xiao County, North and the adjacent city of Xuzhou, east Su County, Suzhou City, south Huaiyuan, Mengcheng County, Guoyang County, and even the West Wing County, in the Huang-Huai-Hai economic zone of the gold zone. The city#39;s vast plains and hilly embellished the meantime, the broad waters. In this beautiful and fertile land, the life of the Han, Hui, Mongolian, Manchu, Miao, Korean, and other 14 people. Han ethnic compatriots and brothers together, to change the Huaibei "mountains and rivers outlook, economic development, prosperity and culture" to pay the hard work has made important contributions.


Huaibei in Anhui Province as one of nine provincial cities, it is important for Coal City, one of the eight major coal base with a long history of the ancient capital city, the pillow of North Hill, south Beach Water, the city is the seat of government for the city#39;s political, economic and cultural centre.


the Huaibei Plain in the north, are part of the Huanghuai Plains, mainly to alluvial plain, with an elevation of 40 meters around a 15, Pingchuan Hirono is the main features of topography. Most of the major distribution in the hilly city throughout the Northeast and the northern border. Northeast of the border, black stones from the mountains extending southward along the Northeast generally - southwest direction until Mr. Hill, with a hill into the river at Xin#39;an County, Ma district in the native village-type, with Hill at the southeast and southwest Spread in both directions, as an opening of the Laohu Qian, Jiazhi the plain; southeast to the hills, intermittently, Songxuan straight extended to near the train station; southwest to the hills, the beach River, Hebei An expense of small Zhipo In the northern border, but also a Northeast - to the hilly southwest, Zibeiernan by Meng Yuan Village and Township west side, in the hills reaching Xiaoxian, in the small area in the vicinity of Vanuatu Zikou disappeared, and then In the city in the resurgence. The eastern border, a north-south mountain, the highest point of the old Longji, elevation 363 meters, the highest peak in the city.

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in Huaibei City is located north temperate Taiwan is a sub-humid monsoon climate, a mild climate, ample sunshine and four distinct seasons. Growing about seven and a half months. Three cooked crops for two years. Han Liang-based crops, abounds in winter wheat, cotton, soybeans, corn, sorghum, millet, sesame, peanuts, rapeseed, jute, such as red. In a water or irrigation conditions, can be kind of rice. Rainfall of more moderate, more concentrated in the 6, 7, in August, due to the relative concentration of precipitation, and the uneven distribution on, prone to drought, waterlogging autumn and spring did not have the southwest Ganre Feng early summer, high temperatures, strong evaporation , To adversely affect agricultural production. Therefore, the city#39;s water problem is very conspicuous. Water conservation, protection of groundwater resources, is a very important issue. Now, under the leadership of the local government, are stepping up construction of irrigation and drainage infrastructure, rational use of groundwater resources, and continuously expand the irrigated area in order to ensure that the development of agriculture.

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in Huaibei City, the existing 2.13 million mu of arable land. 57 million mu of forests, plantations for the most part, is a temperate deciduous broad-leaved forest and broad-leaved and coniferous mixed forest, many species, valuable tree species "such as Ginkgo biloba blade. There are 3.5 million mu of orchard. Abounds peach, pear, Apricots, apples, grapes, Li, pomegranates and persimmons, and other temperate fruits, Four Seasons fragrance on the Great Plains. Including, the village of grapes, pomegranates and yellow in the prestigious long-Badou apricot. Pasture where 7 million mu, is conducive to the livestock industry Development, livestock are horses, cattle, sheep, pigs. Superiority of the city#39;s surface environment, not only for farmers and herdsmen, such as fisheries industry in creating a better future, more gratifying is that here there are rich mineral resources, Has proven reserves are 13 kinds, of which the largest coal reserves. According to the scientific determination, discipline again and again in the second period, where a mild climate, the seasons like spring, flowers and lush, Gu Mu forest. Lime to the JI, crustal subsidence, here turned into The ocean.


Peter in orogeny, the sea retire, the crust began to uplift, so Yanbohaomiao pseudo-sea and into the land, originally sunk those towering old trees, Over time, it has become today#39;s underground coal. Seam thickness of a large, coal-bearing coefficient, abundant reserves, coal complete, high quality and easy exploitation of Jude Biao superficial characteristics, for coking, metallurgy, chemical industry and power use. In addition, iron, copper, gold, silver, drilling, nickel and other metal mineral reserves are very rich. Iron ore, and with gold, silver, potassium, drilling and other non-ferrous metals. Non-metallic mining limestone, marble and the reserves are refractory clay Is considerable. Limestone around the hilly, with better physical and chemical indicators, not only for life with porcelain, porcelain and glazed tiles for industrial use to provide superior raw materials, but also can be used as plastics, rubber filler and paper coatings. Annihilate a large number of stone coal, Can be used to power generation. F-stone and coal power generation after the fly ash, for the development of aluminum hydroxide, aluminum, glass beads, and other chemical products. Huaibei City, located in key provinces, transportation is very convenient, has now become the northern part of Anhui traffic Hub. Fu folder, Green Fu through the territory of the two railways. Folder at the Longhai line north, the south Jinpu, a straight fast trains direct access to Shanghai. Fu Green Line is the Fuyang, Huainan through the provincial government of Hefei, Wuhu city was well Wannan. Through these two arteries, continuously transported to all parts of the country road connected, the existing 106 National Road, dart through the city. With the development of the tourism industry, opened in Huaibei to Qufu, Mount Tai, Lianyungang, Nanjing and other scores Remote departure cities. Qinglongshan have navigable river ports, and is expanding on the near future, Qinglongshan sent from the vessel will be the new Pei River, the Huaihe River through Hongze Lake and Yangtze River, which will greatly facilitate and Jianghuai in Huaibei, the Jiangnan region The exchange of goods, effectively promote the economic takeoff in Huaibei City.

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in Huaibei City location and convenient transportation, moderate and pleasant climate, unique underground resources, great development potential. days , Geography, with spring breeze of reform and opening up Rongrong, the richest civilization in Huaibei, will be the charming style new look, standing on the land in Huaibei!