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HuaiAn - JiangSu

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Zip code: 223000

position: Plain in the hinterland of northern Jiangsu, Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal and ancient Huaihe River Interchange, the five major fresh water lake in the country, one of the Hongze Lake. The city#39;s total area of 10,100 square kilometers, of which the urban area of 3,218 square kilometers.

population: the city#39;s total population of nearly 5 million, of which the urban population of 2.46 million.

divisions: exempted River District, Qingpu District, Huaiyin District (former Huaiyin County), Chuzhou District (former county Huai#39;an City) and Jinhu, Xuyi, Lianshui, 4 Hongze County.

Huai#39;an is a young and the old city, now has 2,200 years of history. February 2001, approved by the State Council, the prefectural-level city was renamed from Huaiyin. Huai#39;an in the central plains of North Jiangsu, Huai#39;an City, 40 counties administered four districts, covering 10,100 square kilometers, the population of 5.18 million, of which the urban area of the building into 75 square kilometers, population 730,000. Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal and the wear Habitat, which set Hongze Lake and strategic location, excellent development environment, has become a national historical and cultural city, Jiangsu Province, an important transport hub, the center of the southern city of North Jiangsu, the emerging industrial base and Nongfu Chan Jiaxiao base. Nanju in Nanjing, capital of Jiangsu Province, 188 kilometers northeast from the Asia-Europe continental bridge bridgehead in Lianyungang City, 135 km. East of Yancheng, Yangzhou City, south, west and southwest to Anhui Province, north of Xuzhou and Lianyungang City and the newly established Suqian City, known as "magnificent first southeastern state" reputation.


Huai#39;an, Alan Huaishui meaning of the name in more than 1,500 years ago in the Northern and Southern Dynasties period. According to "South-of-Gun" record: Emperor Wu Yongming seven years (AD 489), Du straight cut, broken kettle pond east of the town of indecent miscellaneous Huaiyin 100  Huai#39;an photos households buy Huai#39;an County, eastern part of the inhabitants. Huaian see only the name. Huaian celebrities come forth in large numbers. Zhou Enlai is the generation of great man#39;s hometown. Has the history of the birth of the great military strategist Han Xin, Mei Sheng Han Fu everyone, women#39;s hero Liang Hongyu, "Journey to the West," Wu Ch#39;eng en author, patriotic general Guan Tin-pui, "Laocanyouji" author Liu E. Huaian many attractions. A former residence of Zhou Enlai, childhood reading, Memorial Hall, Exhibition Hall remains, I Hill, in Xuyi in a Gaozu Zhu Yuanzhang, Cengzu and grandfather#39;s tomb - Mingzu Mausoleum.

Huai#39;an not only old times, and the beautiful scenery along the Grand Canal, the Central Hongze Lake, can enjoy the natural scenery, but also viewing sites. In 1986 the State Council for Huai#39;an for the state historical and cultural city.

Huai#39;an picture Zhou Enlai Memorial Hall

former residence of Zhou Enlai in Huai#39;an, Ma Xiang Fu. Former Residence of the house two things. Eastern Hospital for Zhou Enlai grandfather#39;s housing; West Lane Hospital A song is "Comrade Zhou Enlai#39;s Life" exhibition, on display nearly 200 pieces of photos and over 90 in kind.

Zhou Enlai Memorial Hall in Huai#39;an North Peach Blossom Park. Memorial Hall at the main hall and Vice Museum. Deputy Hall plane as "people" shaped, vice embrace the Museum main building, a symbol of
Zhou Enlai and the people together forever. There are four main building 11 meters high pillars of the column, a symbol of Zhou Enlai had repeatedly proposed to China#39;s four modernizations.

Huai#39;an lotus finishes in the beautiful
Gaoyou Lake, Lake County is located in the Minhang Town Fair, the Jinhu area, "Dang million mu of lotus" 2.24 square kilometers, San Mianhuan Lake Xiangyong, a beautiful ecological environment. Lotus finishes its unique humanistic background, displaying enticing Fengzi. Tang Wei Zheng prime minister here in the east: left Mobao, Singapore Buddhist Master Cao Chang Heng largest sector in this monk, Song Dynasty poet Su Dongpo Xing-Zhou Yebo this Mid-Autumn Festival, the full moon wine, spirits by the removal, leaving behind "Wang Dang Bridge and the Castle Peak Temple, "" chopped Garonne, "" Temple of Xi#39;an ancient temples in the Millennium "," bounded by straight-monk "," Phoenix Pier "," Tanzi fine "," Ji Ming Dang, #39; "and" Water for Famine Relief state " , And other stories. Lotus has a unique geographical location finishes formed a unique natural beauty and ecological tourism resources advantages. Dang, a mu of farming and fishing waters surface, finishes for uniform interpretation of the world Heou mu sectors-connecting the "Bi-infinite access packages, the reflection of the lotus the morning sun," the poem. Lotus finishes have been completed tourism, and leisure as one of the eco-agriculture areas. Eager to green, return to nature, Yi Shen Yang, lotus ring you back to nature is the best place.

Huai#39;an-Yan Yuen
located in the urban area, northern Jiangsu is the most representative classical gardens, but also the history of China#39;s Water Transport of Grain the only remaining Guanhuan garden, has been 300 years of history. Park built Huai-tang, banana-Yin Hall, Yuxuan to this, Rosa Parks, Qulang, water boat building, Zhai Yu-him, the temple, Mr Park, the Dutch-fang#39;s College, rockery Quqiao, such as antique architecture and beautiful Landscape. Dutch-College Park is the most special
colored buildings, 15 years Qianlong (1750) construction, Jiangsu and Anhui border area administration, Xinhua turned into a library, renovated in recent years, the complex could be called the College-door Like the side: "Do not have a garden world, I wonder if old age." Dutch-around College, during the River of the Governor#39;s Open, has a Beiting and Beilang. From these inscriptions in the Royal system. Flood control can understand the hardships and the Water Transport of Grain, is a group of rare historical data and historical heritage water.