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Zip code: 313000

position: the Yangtze River Delta in the Hangjiahu Plain, east of Shanghai, Hangzhou, south, near Nanjing West, North and at Taihu Lake in Suzhou, Wuxi sea, the city#39;s total area of 5,737 square kilometers.

Population: 2.51 million, of which the urban population of 1.05 million.

divisions: exempted Nanxun, Linghu two non-formed district and Deqing, Changxing, three in Anji County.

the south bank of Taihu Lake in Huzhou is famous National Rural silkworm, the world is one of the birthplace of civilization silk, silk Lake, Song Jin-Huzhou, double-Lin Ling silk Wenmingzhongwai. Huzhou, with elegant style of Jiangnan Water Village, with its natural landscape, "Landscape Qingyuan," Kyo. "Cangshan North Zhi, Shanxi Yi Qun, Sungai folder flow, Jiao Ting Wang Che, the video landscape, salt and repair", a general description of the Huzhou landscape characteristics. Central China#39;s Taihu Lake in Huzhou is the only lake named for the city. It is located in the northern part of Zhejiang Province, east of Shanghai, Hangzhou, south, near Nanjing West, North and Suzhou, Wuxi Taihu Lake at sea, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Anhui, Shanghai and the three provinces and one city adjacent to a major distribution center for goods and surface transport fortress . Shixia Huzhou City, Nanxun Qu Ling Hu, Deqing, Changxing County, and Anji County, a total area of 5,737 square kilometers, population 2.51 million. Huzhou is Yangtze River Delta region important to the outside world cities, the State Department identified the convergence of Pudong "advance planning, advance the development of" one of 14 key cities. Since reform and opening up, the city#39;s rapid economic development, sustained and healthy development. Agriculture, industry, transport, post and telecommunications, commerce, finance, science and technology flourish, all social undertakings results significantly. Huzhou has been called the "Silk of the House, Yumizhixiang, relics of the state," said. Since the Warring States period (333 BC), Chu Chun Shenjun Zizania latifolia City has been built, Huzhou 2,300 years of history have been. Many city landmarks, and monuments all over. Huzhou is the birthplace of one of the world#39;s silk culture. Yang Shan in the outskirts of money repatriated site unearthed silk fabric, is by far the world discovered the oldest silk fabrics of a 4700 history.

Huzhou silk not only has been "Guanjuehainei" and the Silk Road by the "Lake silk clothing world" reputation. History was classified as "Wenfangsibao" the head of the Lake T also produced in Huzhou.

Huzhou is a typical Jiangnan subtropical monsoon climate. A mild climate, four distinct seasons, abundant rainfall. Annual average temperature of 16 degrees Celsius, the average rainfall for the 1240 mm.

Huzhou is the landscape Qingyuan, stunning scenery of the city, near Taihu Lake Haomiaoyanbo North, West Metin Head Cangshan Zhuhai, Xiamen city forest floor, fresh outlook, rural water bridge, picturesque scenery. Huzhou has a long history and ancient culture, municipal security unit above 105. In 248 BC, Huang Chu Chun Shenjun Zizania latifolia break under construction near the city has been the history in 2300, under Zizania latifolia has been well-preserved city wall, for domestic rare ancient city ruins. Huzhou history of the old times talented people, Tang Lu Yu hide with respect to the Huzhou "could be the" Wenmingzhongwai become the first tea monographs; creation of the Northern Song Dynasty educators Hu Yuan stability College, known as "MR"; arts master Zhao Meng, Wu Changshuo open up "Zhao of" book, "Wu" paintings, art in the history of China and the world left a far-reaching implications. These, together with silk culture, T culture, tea culture, food and culture together constitute a unique charm of the humanities Huzhou tourism resources. Huzhou West Reliance opened Head, North Foreshore Taihu Lake, things Shao River and canal water system throughout the turbine, especially in the natural landscape, "Landscape Qingyuan" known. Area there are beautiful mountain scenery and ancient landscape of the Water Village, has mountains, rivers, lakes, springs, five-sale. Huzhou many points of the Tour. How are urban-based carved the British towers, is unique in the Jiangnan Tie Fosi, quiet village Jingya Lotus Park: there are far too little of the lake, "Stone Zhongru Hall" - Huang Yonggungsa, South Xun, a town in Zhejiang Three books in one of the floor, Tong Ka Yip Collection House, Deqing the Mogan Shan has long been negative, "cool in the world," the famous summer resort, the Anji Longwangshan, Changxing Guxu the Spring and Autumn Hill also good at all, visitors are often Liulianwangfan. With the development of the tourism industry, has initially formed a three tourist routes with their own characteristics.