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HuHeHaoTe - NeiMengGu

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Zip code: 010020

position: in the central Inner Mongolia, the Yellow River alluvial plain soil Tumochuan east.

Area: 17,224 square km

Population: 1.977 million people

peoples: the Han, Hui, Manchu, Oroqen, Ewenki more than 10 nationalities

administrative divisions: administered in New City, Hui, Yuquan, Saihan District, Tuoketuo County, Wuchuan County, and Lingle County, the Qingshui River County, Tu Mote Right Banner.

Hohhot, the Mongolian word for "green city", referred to as "Qingcheng," because the response gathered in the temple, also known as the "City called" the motherland is the northern historical and cultural city.


Hohhot is one of the many distinctive ethnic features and landmarks of the city beyond the Great Wall. Unique beautiful natural scenery, and colorful ethnic culture, historical attractions and monuments accumulation deep, Xuanliduozi the Mongolian song and dance, the brilliant Mongolian-style wrestling, where all people are delightful, Liulianwangfan.

Hohhot photos

size of the city has more than 50 temples, south-east have the luxury Yongrong Wu Tasi, the magnificent I tried to call, the momentum Xuanang "silver Buddhist temple" response, the grand scale Halal Dasi outside the North, Xinhua Jie treasures gathered in the East Side Museum, extensive and profound "-Huasi" LAMADONG response…… In addition, in the suburbs there are Zhaojun Mu, and Uzbekistan-response plans, 10,000 Kegon the tower (white Tap), the majestic solemn temples.


Huhhot, the natural landscape is particularly charming, "the cold plateau" Phaeton-Le grassland, "Summer Camp" Gergen Tara grassland, "he called" Xi Lamu-steppe, the Green Grass grass and lakes embellishment, "Cangcang days, the vast field," the prairie is Hisai busy people a good place to relax.