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HuBei - China City Guide

Source: ChinaTravelGood   Author: Kimberly  Date: 08-07 2008  
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Area: 180,000 square kilometers

Population: 57.2 million around, lived in the Han, Tujia, back, Manchu, Miao, Mongolia, and other nationalities.

position: in the middle reaches of the Yangtze River area.

About Us: West province#39;s high-lying low in the east, south-east for the Jianghan Plain; many lakes throughout the province, "1000 Lake of the province" reputation.

provincial capitals: Wuhan Hubei map

Hubei Province has a long history, in Yunyang West, Yunyang County, and other places found Changyang The ancient human fossils, some 100,000 years ago proved that there is human interest-bearing. Jingshan County Qujialing painted pottery unearthed in the eggshell, 4,000 years ago have been history. According to literature, in the Hubei, a Shang Dynasty Chu (now Nan Zhang Jingshan), Lu (now the Xiangfan), Peng (now the county), Yong (now Chushan) of the closure. In Huangpi District of Wuhan City today to explore the Panlong town, surrounded by Hangzhuchengyuan, the city has large palace ruins, outside a factory sites and tombs, unearthed a large number of exquisite bronzes, is so far in China#39;s Yangtze River Valley to find the earliest One of the city.

Hubei is the pre-Qin period Chu geographical, cultural and Zhongyuan tied for second largest source of Chinese civilization of the Chu culture in this ancient land孕育. As early as in the pre-Qin period, where civilization has been quite prosperous, Chu made of bronze ware, silk and embroidery, lacquer ware has reached a very fine degree of Chu culture with distinct characteristics of philosophy, religion and art have developed a relatively complete.

today, Hubei hold the large number of artifacts and relics are sufficient tag living in this land of our ancestors were created by high culture. Until today, Hubei#39;s cultural and artistic remains of the Chu culture with deep scars, it is the deep seriousness of the Central Plains culture is different, it is the publicity and gorgeous.

Hubei Province in central China is the more developed provinces, but also is rich in tourism resources, the beautiful natural landscape and rich human landscape constitute the main elements of tourism in Hubei.

As we all know, Hubei is also known as "1000 Lake of the country", which the length and breadth of the lake is the largest ancient times Ze - "Yunmeng Ze" a relic left behind, they scattered like pearls, Interlaced with rivers of the Jianghan Plain of Water Zeguo scenery;

northwest Hubei Province and a famous Shennongjia Wudang Mountain Scenic Area, Permian嶂wins mountain range, river waterfall Congcong, the famous tourist Resort. There are many sites in Hubei, Zhou Yu大败Cao Cao#39;s Chibi, "Baiyun Qianzai air long" Yellow Crane Tower, "Boya throw Kum-known to have been" the guqin Taiwan, Zhou Yu大败Cao Cao#39;s Chibi, The former site of the 1911 Revolution Wuchang military government…… these places are enough to set foot in Hubei Province as a worthy place.