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HongQiaoQu - TianJin

Source: ChinaTravelGood   Author: Henry  Date: 08-20 2008  More Attractions
Hongqiao District of Tianjin is one of six urban centres, Tianjin City in north-west, across the Ziya River because of the large Hongqiao named. Hongqiao District and the South East Hebei, Nankai intersection of the two districts, the Northwest and West Green, Mr Michael Tien, the two adjacent areas. Area of 21.31 square kilometers the whole region. Exempted 10 neighborhood offices, the total population of 539,000 people. Hongqiao District is a multi-ethnic located, with the exception of the Han nationality, there are 17 ethnic minorities, including the Hui 40,000 people, the city#39;s Muslim population accounts for about a quarter of the total.
Hongqiao District of Tianjin is the birthplace. North Canal, Ziya River, the intersection of South Canal region, the formation of the mouth Sancha, a history of the North South grain transport and water transport hub. After the Yuan Dynasty, densely日盛, which was "to have the mouth Sancha, a Tianjin-after" a reputation.
Hongqiao District of Tianjin is one of the important commercial areas. Since the Qing Dynasty, Beijing University, Tianjin customs area has become the first Commercial Ports, Tianjin Guyi Street is ancient and long renowned silk, cotton cloth, Nerong market, merchants gathered, business is booming, so far not bad. The region of existing commercial enterprises and emerging industries of the third over 4200 households and commercial outlets the length and breadth of the market prosperity and active circulation. Not only the Swiss Chimingzhongwai Fu-cheung, Cheung Yi-him, and with the rise, Bao Xiang Lin, Tianyi Square, and other老店is located here. Tianjin "Sanjue" one of the "Goubuli", "Er Duoyan Zhagao" also originated here, and a number of new modern hotel is located in the region prosperous region. Xiao Baihuo the alley wholesale commercial buildings, Wilson mall days, Tianjin are licensed mining Gangnam, radiation Three North, and the national and regional countries such as Russia, North China has become the largest wholesale distribution center for small commodities.
Hongqiao District, has a long history, the region#39;s three-nation North China industrial region is the cradle. Since the Third Plenum of the 11th since the regional economy by the rapid development of a comprehensive, region registered more than 1,600 industrial enterprises, many product categories, industry-wide, has formed a considerable scale of the production system. There are currently more than 10 industries, nearly 1,000 kinds of products, developed a number of backbone enterprises and high-quality products.
Hongqiao district education and scientific research, capacity-strong, gathered in institutions of higher learning, Hebei University of Technology (formerly the Northern University), School of Business, and other key national institutions, various research institutes 393, the wide field of scientific research involving industrial, construction, Electronics, chemicals, communications, and other categories.
Hongqiao District, urban construction, facilities improving. Hongqiao District is the most important tasks of city Weigai urban. Over the past few years, through the efforts of builders of the region, the region has experienced tremendous residential landscape changed. Up to now, the region removal risk Lou cottage 1.1253 million square meters of new residential 2.5721 million square meters, 32,951 residents moved to resettlement. Deng Xiaoping, Miles and other central leading comrades here in our region Xianyang Road-yard area residents to visit. Widening the mustard Park Road, 3 Road, widen the four roads, glorious Road, such as the Memorial Hall Road, an important road. Updated water, electricity, gas, heat, communications and other infrastructure, the region of the heat rate of 42.77 percent, 24.76 percent rate of afforestation. Vigorously pursued greening, environmental management of small streets, the Garden of small, small green spaces throughout the region.
Hongqiao area of cultural tourism is rich in resources, the development of the past formed a unique history of civilization. The famous cultural monuments are: Qing Emperor Qianlong of the Tao Huayuan boarding Tianjin, north China four times in the Bi West Water Garden Zhuang sites, national heritage conservation units Lvzu Boxer Uprising Memorial Hall, dedicated to the county of Muslim worship in the first Muslim Dasi and the Northern Hall, Tianjin Wei One of the three-bell Court, Beiping-Tianjin Campaign Memorial Hall, with Luanhe-Tianjin works etc. Hongqiao District in the northeast of Xigu Park to green trees and more than the highest rate of the city#39;s major parks first.
Hongqiao District of various social undertakings. Cape region of the rapid development of the cause, a total of primary and secondary schools, kindergartens by the hundreds, northwest corner Hui primary school is the first city primary schools, secondary schools in Tianjin is the third city the first public high school. Schools of all types of interface between the region and complement each other and promote each other, including national education system in the city#39;s unique, a complete education system. The region formed a relatively sound preventive health care, health services network. Cultural and sports facilities complete, fully functional, cultural centers, entertainment centers, sports arenas, swimming pools, libraries, theaters of the region. "Autumn of culture", "Xiao Xiana cooler evening" activities has become traditional. The region has achieved community service network. Establish and improve the elderly, the disabled, Youfuduixiang and convenient services to help the system and various service facilities. Was rated as exemplary of the motherland and supporting the military zone. The district-level community service centers, the elderly activity centre, the disabled centre, the mentally handicapped children#39;s rehabilitation centre facilities. Has now become the perfection of the social services network.
old times in the Hongqiao this fertile ground, in the new historical period, Hongqiao people united as one, good governance and give full play to Hongqiao District of Tianjin Commercial Ports ancient advantages, with a high-speed, high-quality to the whole region into the first Three industry developed, advanced industrial, urban functions, improving people#39;s lives comfortable highly open, prosperous, civilized, harmonious New City.