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Hongkou District at 121 degrees 29 minutes east longitude, 31 degrees 15 minutes north latitude, is located in the northern part of Shanghai urban Shaopian East, is one of the downtown areas of Shanghai. An area of 23.49 square kilometers. Of the alluvial plain, in the year about 6-8% of the land, within the original aspect into the river network, large and small rivers are still 13.
Hongkou District in the membership population of 82.5 million people, more than 293,000 households. For the vast majority of the population of the Han nationality, 99.4 percent of the total population; minority of the total population of about 0.6 percent. There are 23 ethnic minorities, the Hui to the maximum, 4058, 351 people followed by the Manchu, Mongolian followed by 208 people, 100 people in the other are the following, at least, the Aquarium, Russian, Lao People each one. All 12 streets designated as a town.
Hongkou District transport facilities, land and sea and air transportation hub from far and near affordable.
land transport: from the Shanghai Railway Station only four kilometers, which flows through the region-Link Road Viaduct, an elevated source Lam Road, Wu Song from the Bund along the road Zhaqiao down the Wusong Road, Siping Road and directly connected to the Link , To make Hongkou North Baosteel, Wusong, to Hongqiao West, Xuhui, east of Pudong are very convenient, and to this North-South transport corridor will be within the region Dabaishu business center of Shanghai, Sichuan Road commercial district, the North Bund连成一体.
water transport: is located in Hongkou District of Shanghai Huangpu River and Suzhou Creek Interchange, blessed water transport, Shanghai is known as the "gateway to the sea," said. Pier forest area along the Yangtze River, Shanghai is an important import and export of materials handling, from Shanghai to Hong Kong, Japan, the Shanghai Hongqiao International Terminal, the famous fair way domestic passenger terminal and the upcoming construction of Shanghai#39;s largest passenger terminal - Tilanqiao The Mountain terminals, not only for international passenger services to provide good facilities, but also for domestic passenger north of Dalian, Qingdao, the South arrived in Wenzhou, Xiamen, Guangzhou has created important conditions.
air traffic: the west arch bridge to the international airport about 30 minutes by car, east by the Yangpu and Nanpu Bridge leading to two in the construction of the new airport in Pudong.
Hongkou District Industrial export processing industries, food processing, mainly gold and silver jewelry processing, manufacturing focus on the development of new products, some products have high quality products in the title. With the further development of export-oriented economy, Hongkou District annual foreign trade turnover increased almost 30% above the rate of increase rose stability, and the world more than 50 countries and regions have trade.
Sichuan Road, Shanghai is one of the famous commercial street, adhere to mid-range targeting, shops, features shops, professional store set in one city, the traffic of 1.3 million passengers, 7.3 billion yuan in sales, ranked Centre City of the first, Shanghai is becoming the most prosperous shopping and entertainment center of the most attractive one, has attracted numerous Chinese and foreign guests.
Hongkou District science, education, culture, health and sports a good foundation and municipal facilities year after year outlook changed. Humanities rich tourism resources, Hongkou District has 32 major places of memory, of which the city and the state#39;s key cultural protection unit 7, 40 more than history. Stars more than 13 guesthouses, a four-star, three-star five.
Hongkou District is not only a good investment environment, but also have potential for further development. In recent years, a large number of businessmen at home and abroad to the Hongkou District to invest in the development, the calendar year reached an agreement to attract foreign investment 749 million U.S. dollars, and emerged some outstanding three-funded enterprises, enterprises spot birds, the products sold at home and abroad, such as the Hong Kong Kerry Properties Company Such as more than 10 well-known real estate companies in Shanghai and love thinking luggage travel goods Limited, Kang Peier suit, the Pacific oral hospitals.
Hongkou District is also available in two new development zone, located in the South Jiang Yang Hong north industrial area, will be handling the port, container manufacturing, warehousing mainly the transport sector, vigorously developing the microelectronics, biotechnology and other high-tech industries, to Technology-intensive reorientation and development of production and marketing; Dabaishu area in the Shanghai Trade Centre will develop into a transaction-based industrial, professional and comprehensive, wholesale and retail, the city in the city, the Expo with the transaction, all year round and regular, within Trade and foreign trade and integration of advanced facilities, the information is sensitive, full-featured, first-class management, beautiful environment of the National Trade Centre.