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HongHeHaNiZuYiZuZiZhiZhou - YunNan

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position: in the southern part of Yunnan Honghe Hani and Yi Autonomous Prefecture, East and phase grounding Wenshan Prefecture, northwest and adjacent areas in Yuxi, Simao area bordering the southwest and the northeast connected with Qujing, adjacent to the south and Vietnam.

peoples: the Han, Yi, Hani, Miao, Dai, Zhuang, Yao, such as the Hui.

administrative divisions: Mengzi, Gejiu City, Kaiyuan Shi, Mile County, Honghe Xian, Lvchun County, Lu Xixian, Jianshui County, in Yuanyang County, Shiping County, Pingbian Miao Autonomous County, Hekou Yao Autonomous County, Dai Jinping and Miao Autonomous County of Yao.

Honghe Prefecture of Honghe for this all year round Chuanliubuxi named, Yunnan is the natural and cultural tourism resources-rich region, Yunnan, the lowest elevation, the largest Confucian Temple, the longest Old Bridge, the earliest exit the train are distributed in the Red River In the state. Honghe Prefecture Exempted two cities, 11 counties, Mengzi for Autonomous Prefecture capital, is a Hani, Yi-based multi-ethnic region. In addition to the Hani, Yi, also lived in the Miao, Dai, Zhuang, Yao, back, Buyi and other ethnic minorities, minority population accounts for 52.7 percent of the total population.
Honghe Hani and Yi Autonomous Prefecture in southern Yunnan, Vietnam and adjacent. Chonju terrain northwest, southeast low. Yuanjiang terrain to the community, Yuanjiang River east of the plateau area of eastern Yunnan, Yuanjiang Hengduan Mountains to the west of the Ailaoshan Longitudinal Valley area. The maximum for the state Department of the County of southwest Xilong Hill, 3,074 meters above sea level the lowest in Nanxi river mouth in Hekou County, 76.4 meters above sea level. In the river belong to the Red River, Nanpanjiang (Pearl River) two major river systems. Red River originate in central Yunnan Province, from northwest to southeast racing current. Upstream have East and West two main main stream, the East originate in the trunk stream of Chuxiong, the Green County Habitat, said the East River; West originated the main stream of Dali, Weishan County, said the River. Two rivers in double Chuxiong, in Xinping County of Yuxi sector intersection, the water surge, Gasa said Jiang, Jiang#39;s desert sand. Habitat into the Yuxi Yuanjiang Xian, also known as the yuan Jiang. Into the middle reaches of Hani and Yi Autonomous Prefecture of Honghe, flows through the Red River, Shi Ping, Yuanyang, building water, old, Jinping, Mengzi and Hekou, and other cities and counties throughout the estuary at the county Jiujie after merging with the South River into Vietnam, the Hanoi into the northern South China Sea Bay, formed in the lower reaches of the fertile Red River delta.
Red River cross-strait extremely rich resources, and non-ferrous metals in Yunnan Province is tropical and subtropical crops one of the important bases. Large tin output ranked first in the country. Gejiu City, known as China#39;s "-all." The province has always been important here is the wood base. Wild animals Yishou many rare birds. The state has three plants and animals Nature Reserve, economic crops to sugar cane, peanuts, tobacco-based, grass fruit production in the nation first. Bananas, pineapples, pomegranates for the Autonomous Region of the famous, the history of business is relatively developed. Mengzi County district from the early 1920s, has been a material distribution center in southern Yunnan important.
Red River, many ethnic minorities and their religious beliefs, national construction, clothing apparel, music and dance have characteristics. Hani primitive religious beliefs, live palm the soil, clothing and more for the blue, black, women will embroidery Tiaohua, young women like a Yinlian, silver coins, silver bubble for Xiongshi, Nenggeshanwu, "the Ukraine" is Hani Unique musical instruments. Yi dress can be a difference of nearly 100 species. Red River Yi girls love Jiguan hats, caps on the size of silver bubble, that the stars and the moon, the symbol of a bright and well-being. Yao women spinning good texture, cone-comb hair-and-red scarf, is a sign of married women.
Honghe Prefecture has a long history and formed a large number of human landscape, rich cultural heritage. There are national, historical and cultural construction of water, there are the famous old tin, southern Yunnan political, economic, military and cultural center of Mengzi, a world famous cultural tin, ceramic culture and terrace culture. Central Plains formed by the cultural impact of a large number of historical human landscape, as many as the number of its attractions, the contents of the entire landscape, cultural connotations of the rich and unique architectural style, combined with the Central Plains culture of integrity, as the head of Yunnan. history Talented people, many celebrities. A late Qing economic Teke champion Gu Yuan Jia, world-renowned mathematician Xiong Qinglai, Yi Jia Zhang Chong, and so famous. Red River, many people, colorful ethnic customs. Hani#39;s "October", "Ku Zhazha" festival, "Zhang Jie Dinner," "Mang encouraged by the" Torch Festival of the Yi people, "Popular Series Dance," "A small jump on the" built "Water Festival drama" , Shi Ping "Haicai cavity" constitutes a unique, multi-colors of the national culture landscape. The industrious and courageous people of Red River also created many modern tourist attractions. There are two countries, a port - at the mouth port and the Jinshui He, in cross-border tourism in the Red River, is a major advantage.